Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wilson MobilePro 45db SmarTech III Repeater Kit (460113) Now Available - FCC Approved

wilson mobile pro

In anticipation of the upcoming FCC changes*, which will require cellular amplifiers to meet certain criteria (including only being sold in kits) and to be registered with the cell provider, Wilson Electronics has released a new FCC-approved version of their popular MobilePro amplifier: the MobilePro SmarTech III Repeater Kit (460113). The MobilePro works for 800/1900mhz cellular networks, which includes most voice and 3G providers in the US and includes accessories for use both at home or in a vehicle. The MobilePro can boost the signal for multiple phones/modems at the same time, as long as they are within about 5 feet of the amplifier.

mobilepro installation
The 460113 kit includes both AC and DC power supplies as well as a window mount for the magnetic mount antenna so the kit can be used in a vehicle or at home

Features & Benefits:

  • Installs in minutes
  • FCC certified to 2014 technical specs
  • Boosts voice & 3G data signals for all major North American cell carriers
  • All needed components included in package
  • DIY installation
  • Extends cellular signal range
  • Fewer dropped calls & lost connections
  • Faster data downloads
  • Clearer voice calls
  • Longer battery life for cellular devices

The new MobilePro is available now at 3Gstore at an introductory price of $178.99 (MSRP $199.99). See the full specs and order the Wilson MobilePro SmarTech III (460113)

*It is important to note that users of currently available amplifiers that do not meet the upcoming new FCC regulations DO NOT need to worry - all amplifiers sold before the switchover date (May 1) will be “grandfathered in.”

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Android Found Vulnerable To Heartbleed Bug


It seems every day since its April 7th public release date, more information is coming to light on the Open SSL "Heartbleed" vulnerability. "Heartbleed" is the name given to a flaw found in certain versions of the OpenSSL software. Lookout Security, a major provider of Android security software, said Android phones and devices running version 4.1.1 are open to attack. While this is an older versions of Android, a little more than 30% of all Android devices are still on version 4.1.1.

The Android exploit works by injecting malicious traffic into the web browser and pulling information from the memory of any other open browser tabs. This can include secure usernames and passwords for sites like e-mail and online banking. Fortunately the way Android is developed there is no way to pull information from outside the browser, but this still opens up tens of thousands of handsets to attack.

Lookout has developed a free Android application, Heartbleed Detector, which users can install on ther Android devices. The app will scan for vulnerabilities related to Heartbleed and let you know if your device is at risk. It is recommended that anybody with Android devices running version 4.1.1 use alternative means of logging into secure sites until updates are available that fix this bug.

The Heartbleed Detector in action
More information will be updated as it becomes available.

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Simplexity / Wirefly files for Bankruptcy 


Years ago, had teamed up with Simplexity/ Wirefly to do mobile broadband activations. Unfortunately, this partnership did not last long. As many of our customers know, we pride ourselves on customer service - something Simplexity/ Wirefly did not. So, when the news came in about them filing for bankruptcy, we were naturally not surprised.

Checkout the details on the bankruptcy report below.



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Thursday, 10 April 2014

OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability discovered




On April 7th there was a serious security flaw discovered with OpenSSL and the problem is being called “Heartbleed”. Some major companies have been affected by the security flaw including Google, AWS and Rackspace, which plan to release patches quickly to fix the issue. Any company that uses OpenSSL to terminate SSL connections could find themselves facing issues with Heartbleed. To be proactive to the growing news we’ve received statements from Peplink to inform customers that their routing platforms aren’t affected by the Heartbleed OpenSSL Flaw:

Peplink/Pepwave Statement:

“On April 7th, a serious security issue called "Heartbleed" in OpenSSL was made public. We have since reviewed our products and online services for the impact.

Peplink has verified and confirmed that all of our products are not affected by this vulnerability - including Balance, MAX, FusionHub, AP One/Pro, Surf, Device Connector families.

As for the online services, they are either unaffected or we have been able to apply mitigation to fully resolve the issue.

There is no customer action required on your part.

Thank you for your attention.

The Peplink Team“ Statement:

We have ran internal tests to check for the OpenSSL security vulnerability and passed the check. 3Gstore remains PCI Compliant and is unaffacted by the security flaw! When you shop with 3Gstore you can ensure that your data is safe and you'll experience a smooth transaction and speedy delivery of equipment. 

Cradlepoint Statement:

In response to the critical security vulnerability discovered in the OpenSSL cryptography software library (CVE-2014-0160), nicknamed “Heartbleed,” CradlePoint has taken steps to incorporate the OpenSSL version 1.0.1g into its latest firmware and Enterprise Cloud Manager. The purpose of this email is to inform you of the vulnerabilities and the steps necessary to remediate this issue.

If exploited, this vulnerability could allow attackers to monitor all information passed between a user and a web service or decrypt past traffic they’ve collected. More details can be found here:

Affected Products

CradlePoint recommends immediately upgrading products to the upcoming firmware versions (available 4/14/14) in order to mitigate this vulnerability. The following are affected products (with firmware versions 4.2.0 and later):

  • AER 2100

  • ARC MBR1400

  • MBR1400

  • MBR1200B

  • ARC CBA750B

  • CBA750B

  • COR IBR600

  • COR IBR650

  • CBR400

  • CBR450

  • MBR95


On WAN interfaces routers were only exposed to risk under the following conditions:

1) Remote access is enabled (setting disabled by default)

2) AND remote administration access control is not enabled (setting disabled by default).



On LAN interfaces routers were only exposed under the following conditions:

If the network allows Admin Access, which is the default for the Primary LAN. Guest LAN default settings do not allow Admin Access and are not exposed to this vulnerability. Admin Access can be checked using the Network Settings / WiFi / Local Networks tab, listed for each network in the “Access Control” section.

PLEASE NOTE: Product firmware is still affected by this bug and CradlePoint recommends firmware upgrades for all affected products.

Products Not Affected

  • CBA750 (prior version to CBA750B)

  • CTR35

  • CTR250

  • CTR350

  • CTR500

  • CX111 (Juniper)

  • MBR90

  • MBR800

  • MBR900

  • MBR1000

  • MBR1100

  • MBR1200 (prior version to CBA1200B

  • PHS300

  • PHS2000W

Firmware Patch Available 4/14/2014

  • 5.1.1 – AER 2100, ARC MBR1400, MBR1400, MBR1200B, ARC CBA750B, CBA750B, COR IBR600, COR IBR650

  • 5.0.4 – MBR95

Download the latest firmware (new versions available 4/14/14).


Update: You can use this website to check any server to see if they were inpacted by Heartbleed -

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Tuesday, 08 April 2014

Sprint to shut down WiMAX network by end of 2015




Sprint was the first official carrier to launch 4G service but opted to go with WiMAX instead of LTE. Unfortunately for Sprint WiMAX ultimately failed due to poor in building coverage and LTE on lower frequency bands took preference by the majority of consumers. Recently Sprint filed a 10G form with the Securities and Exchange Commission stating they’ll shut down 4G WiMAX by the end of 2015. “As a result of the Clearwire Acquisition, we expect to continue to migrate from Clearwire’s wireless broadband technology to LTE technology through the deployment of Network Vision utilizing the 2.5GHz spectrum acquired,” Sprint said in the paperwork, also mentioning they’ll be shutting down 4,300 cell sites that won’t be needed after the switch to 4G LTE.

Tuesday, 08 April 2014

DynDNS Free Service Shutdown




Dyn, Inc has offered DynDNS for several years and announced on Monday that their free dynamic DNS service will be disabled on May 7th, 2014. Newer customers won’t notice a change because DynDNS has been charging new customers for dynamic hosting for the last year, but grandfathered older customers that had previously signed up for free accounts. Below is a copy of the notice that is going out to long time customers still getting free DynDNS service:

“Subject: Important info about the future of your Dyn account

To our Dyn free hostname users:

For the last 15 years, all of us at Dyn have taken pride in offering you and millions of others a free version of our Dynamic DNS Pro product. What was originally a product built for a small group of users has blossomed into an exciting technology used around the world.

That is why with mixed emotions we are notifying you that in 30 days, we will be ending our free hostname program. This change in the business will allow us to invest in our customer support teams, Internet infrastructure, and platform security so that we can continue to strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience for our paying customers.

We would like to invite you to upgrade to VIP status for less than $20 -- a 25% discount good for any package of Remote Access (formerly DynDNS Pro). By doing so, you'll have access to customer support, additional hostnames, and more.

Here's how you get this done in two easy steps:

- Login to

- Click here to add Remote Access to your cart at the 25% off VIP rate. The discount will be applied upon checkout.

We thank you for your usage of Dyn through the years, and hope to continue to support you through Dyn Remote Access or other products for years to come. Visit our FAQ page or this blog post for more information.”

DynDNS was one of the most popular services for 3G mobile customers to route to IP Camera systems with a Dynamic public facing IP. Now that most customers have switched to 4G LTE dynamic hosting simply didn’t work because of the private (10.) range assigned to wireless devices. Still, for customers on older 3G accounts this means they’ll need to start spending money on DynDNS to continue using it, or look at a free alternative like for their routing needs.

Monday, 07 April 2014

ATT U-Verse Nationwide Outage 4/7/2014


AT&T U-verse service is experiencing an outage across the country. The outage began at 11:20 am EDT. The issue affects TV, Phone, and Internet Service. AT&T is working on a solution they attribute the issue to “Power related issue triggered by a third-party at our video hub, U- Verse customers may be experiencing a loss of national channels. Technicians are working to resolve”.


Last Updated ( Monday, 07 April 2014 )

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