Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Important Notices for Cradlepoint Enterprise Cloud Manager Users  June 20, 2017 
1st Notice

Service Name Changes 

 Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) Name Change to NetCloud Manager
On July 17, 2017, Cradlepoint will officially rename ECM to NetCloud Manager (NCM). This is a name change only, the Part Numbers, or "SKUs", will not change.

We will begin to implement the name change across our website, collateral and other systems on July 17 and will take several weeks to fully complete. There will be minimal changes in the NetCloud Manager UI. 

• Router Firmware Name Change
Beginning July 17, 2017, Cradlepoint will officially name our router firmware as Cradlepoint NetCloud Operating System (NCOS). This change will be rolled into the software UI with the release of NetCloud OS 6.4 in August.

NetCloud Email Messaging
On July 13, 2017, NetCloud Alerts currently generated from Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) will be updated with the name change to NetCloud Manager. Automated systems that consume this information may need to be updated accordingly.

For detail of exact changes click here

API endpoint calls, NCM .CSV file exports fields, and NCM reports will be unchanged. 

CP Secure Threat Management Terms of Service Update
CP Secure Threat Management Terms of Service will be updated to reflect the NetCloud Manager name change. Users will NOT need to re-accept the terms for the change.

Destination IP address used for NetCloud OS (firmware) upgrades is changing for routers not managed by NetCloud Manager (NCM)
Cradlepoint routers that are not managed by NCM (formerly ECM) check for:
- Router software updates (now called NetCloud OS
- Modem firmware updates
- New IPS signatures for CP Secure Threat Management
Through the local Router UI by connecting to a server FQDN,

In Q4 2017 this addressing is changing and firewall rule changes may be required.

The server’s static IP address,, will change to a dynamic IP address in Q4 2017. Customers who have configured a firewall rule to whitelist egress traffic to will need to either change their rule to reference FQDN or configure their router to use a proxy server.

This change does not affect customers managing routers with NCM. The change will affect very few customers as the actual firmware downloads and IPS signatures will continue to be hosted at a CDN. 

For questions regarding these important notices, contact your Cradlepoint Support Representative: 

Phone: +1.855.813.3385 (8 am to 8 pm EST) 

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Sierra Wireless Announces mangOH Red Open Source Hardware Platform




Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW), the leading provider of fully integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), along with technology providers including ARM, Bosch Sensortec, MediaTek, Orange, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Talon Communications, today announced mass-market availability of the mangOH™ Red open source hardware platform.


Targeted at the industrial IoT and maker communities, mangOH Red is the most feature-rich, lowest power open source enablement platform on the market. Smaller than a credit card, it includes all of the building blocks needed to prototype and test ideas in days instead of months, with minimal investment. mangOH Red designs can then be modified and repurposed for mass production using its industrial-grade components and applications developed in the Legato™ open source Linux platform.

Read the full press release here.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Peplink & Pepwave InControl App for iOS Now Available!


• Your Network, InControl: Check the connection status of any device, the clients they are connected to, and all activity affecting the group.

• Monitor Multiple Organizations: Easily switch between your different organizations.

• Customizable Push Notifications: Receive push notifications for important network events. Fine tune your notifications by group and network event type.

• Convenient Access to Favorites: Save your most commonly accessed groups across all organizations on the favorite screen.

Learn more about Peplink & Pepwave at 3Gstore!

Download now on the app store!

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Introducing the SureCall Force5 2.0



The SureCall Force5 is a self-contained five-band cellular signal booster. An alternative solution to a DAS system at a small fraction of the cost and modular in design, each Force5 provides enhanced cellular and data reception for areas of 20-25,000 square feet with up to 100 users. The Force5 combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands with LTE and AWS frequencies for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile for a complete 2G-4G voice and data reception solution. Now available, the Force5 2.0 builds on this impressive system!


The major upgrade the Force5 has received is built in remote monitoring via SureCall’s Sentry software. Previously the Sentry was an add on unit that was plugged into the Force5 allowing for remote monitoring, notifications, and automatic gain adjustment. The Force5 2.0 INCLUDES a built in Sentry which not only saves money upfront, installers and business owners will save money on truck rolls to adjust the booster down the line. With the new Sentry application for iPhone and Android, as well as the desktop software, management couldn’t be easier.



The Force5 2.0 has a maximum downlink power of 17dBM, but will NOT reduce output power even if the network signal is too strong. This means you’ll always have great coverage regardless of carrier changes! The Force5 has also received LTE and VoLTE certification from V-COMM, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) testing and certification lab for wireless carriers. This is the first VoLTE certified consumer cellular signal booster, and testing revealed excellent performance with a higher LTE data rate than any other booster on the market.


The Force5 2.0 comes in a variety of FCC certified kits with different antenna combinations to fit any installation. Supporting 100+ simultaneous users, this can improve signal coverage up to 25,000 sq. ft. in typical conditions, or up to 100,000 sq. ft. in ideal conditions (outside signal of -50dB and open inside areas). A standard 3 year warranty and available 5 year warranty provides peace of mind knowing your amplifier will work for years to come. Read the full SureCall press release here.


Learn more about the Force5 2.0, available this month at 3Gstore!

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Wednesday, 07 June 2017

Critical Peplink & Pepwave Security Announcement - Update Now!


A third party research lab has informed Peplink and the CVE of several vulnerabilities found across Peplink hardware. These vulnerabilities affect devices running firmware 6.3.3 and 7.0, the most recent firmware builds available for Peplink equipment.


CVE-2017-8835 ~ 8840 cover the various vulnerabilities found which include SQL injection attacks, remote command execution, and more. Below are links to the CVE site with full details on each vulnerability found.










CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) maintains a collection of names and identifiers for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. CVE identifiers make it easy to share data across various databases and tools to provide information on vulnerabilities and to allow organizations to quickly identify potential threats as well as fixes.


Vulnerabilities were found in the Balance, MAX, MediaFast, and Surf SOHO product lines. Surf On The Go, AP series devices, and the Peplink Switch, are not affected. The current resolution is to upgrade the firmware of your router to the latest version (7.0.1 or 6.3.4 depending on your hardware version) as soon as possible. Below are the links for firmware downloads for various models.


It is critical to identify the hardware version of your device to determine which firmware version is compatible!


How To Find Your Hardware Version




1. Connect a computer to one of the LAN ports on the Peplink Balance device via an Ethernet cable.

2 .Open a web browser and access your web admin

3. Default IP Address of Peplink Balance/SOHO Web Admin Interface: "".

4. Default IP Address of Pepwave MAX Web Admin Interface: "".

5. Go to Status > Device, the serial number, firmware version, and hardware revision number are shown on this page.

The below devices are compatible with firmware version 6.3.4 only! Firmware 7 is not available on these devices. Other devices in the Balance, MAX, MediaFast, and SOHO families are compatible with version 7.

- MAX BR1 HW1 - MAX BR1 Pro HW1 - MAX On-The-Go HW 1 - Surf SOHO HW1 - BR1 and BR2 IP55 HW 1 - Balance 305 HW1 - Balance 380 HW3-5 - Balance 580 HW1 - Balance 710 HW 1-2 - Balance 1350 HW1

Firmware 7.0.1 RC4


Balance 20, 30, 30 LTE, 50

Balance One

Balance 210, 310 HW2-3

Balance 210, 310 HW4

Balance 305 HW2, 380 HW6, 580 HW2-3, 710 HW3, 1350 HW2, 2500



MAX Transit

MAX Hotspot

MAX On-The-Go

MAX 700 HW1-2, HD2 HW1-4

MAX 700 HW3, HD2 HW5

MAX HD2 Mini




MediaFast 500

MAX HD2 with MediaFast

MediaFast 200 HW1

MAX HD4 with MediaFast

MediaFast 750


FusionHub Firmware 7.0.1 RC
FusionHub Binary Package for Installations
Upgrade for existing FusionHub installations


Firmware 6.3.4


Balance 20, 30, 30 LTE, 50

Balance One

Balance 210, 310 HW2-3

Balance 210, 310 HW4

Balance 305 HW1, 380 HW1-5, 580 HW1, 710 HW1-2, 1350 HW1

Balance 305 HW2, 380 HW6, 580 HW2-3, 710 HW3, 1350 HW2, 2500



MAX Transit

MAX Hotspot

MAX On-The-Go

MAX 700 HW1-2, HD2 HW1-4

MAX 700 HW3, HD2 HW5

MAX HD2 Mini





Please note, firmware 7.0.1 RC4 and 6.3.4 are both early release firmware files as of this notice. You should weigh the risk of running non GA firmware against your need for security protection. If upgrading to one of these early builds, it is advisable to upgrade to a GA build as soon as it is available on the Peplink support site. If you are not upgrading to one of these versions, you should consider the below security steps.


Additional Security Steps


1. Switch Web Admin Access from LAN/WAN to LAN Only (System>Admin Security) - Most secure. Alternatively, limit the “Allowed Source IP Subnets” to known safe WAN IPs that you could administer the router from.

2. Because one of the vulnerabilities provides access to the devices serial number, is it recommended to create an InControl 2 account and add all of your devices to your account even if you do not intend to use InControl 2 management. This will prevent your devices from being added to an attacker's account where they could access your network.


Download the InControl 2 User Guide before setup!


Remote Device Upgrades


If you have Peplink equipment that is out in the field and you have access to InControl 2 (device must be in warranty OR have an active support package) you can push this file to your devices remotely. You’ll copy the URL of the applicable firmware file and log into your InControl 2 account. Click on the Group your devices are assigned to, select Settings, then Firmware Policy. Select the products you wish to upgrade and for the firmware version and select Custom, then paste in the URL.


3Gstore would also like to recognize Peplink and the sheer speed in which they had fixes available. Within just a few days of the CVE posting, beta firmware for current hardware as well as previous hardware versions is available. Many companies would have left the older hardware devices without a fix and simply suggested upgrading, but Peplink developed a firmware fix for EVERY device that needed it showing their commitment to their customers and doing what is right. 3Gstore has stood by Peplink year after year and this is one more reason why. Here is Peplinks forum post about the subject.


3Gstore has already sent out e-mail alerts to all of our customers who have purchased hardware in the affected product families, including those who purchased through 3Gstore directly as well as on 3rd party marketplaces such as Newegg, and E-Bay. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers on top of providing top notch technical support on every hardware purchase. We know a lot of other 'box pusher' companies out there will not be alerting their customers, which is why we are posting this publicly.

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Thursday, 01 June 2017

Sierra Wireless Wins May 2017 3Gstore Support Award for Returns & Support Stats

Going forward, 3Gstore will be publishing our winner for returns and call length by manufacturer we support. Included in this chart is Peplink / Pepwave, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, NetComm Wireless, Nextivity / Cel-Fi, Wilson / WeBoost, SureCall, MobileMark Antennas, Panorama Antennas, and the IP Switch. The winner is based on RMA%, which is the total number of returns for the manufacturer in the month, as well as the average support call duration. It is important to note that the RMA column includes returns on products that we list on Amazon, which typically have a higher return rate, and not all manufacturers are sold on Amazon. Antennas typically have lower support calls and RMAs because they are as simple to install vs a router which requires configuration as well.

This month, the winner is Sierra Wireless! With ZERO RMAs this month, and an average support call duration of just 20 minutes, they are the winner along with MobileMark Antennas as they had virtually no support calls! Sierra routers like the GX450 and AirLink MP70 are feature rich while still being easy to setup and use for our customers, meaning they get out in the field and start working right away!



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Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Do you own an eCommerce site? Have you noticed an increase in chargebacks from your online sales? As chip and pin become the standard for credit and debit cards, it is much harder for fraudsters to steal from brick and mortar stores, so they are turning their attention to stealing from online stores. The bad guys use the internet to trade and sell stolen credit cards, share schemes that work, and discuss which online stores are easy or difficult to steal from. Online credit card fraud is on the rise, and store owners have to be more vigilant than ever to protect themselves.
Now there is a resource that can help online businesses learn about and prevent online credit card fraud. Introducing, a new tool from MDG Computer Services, Inc. (parent company of
MDG’s online fraud tool not only educates on how to prevent fraud (including information on the latest fraud schemes in use), but also features a custom-built tool that online store owners can use to spot fraud orders BEFORE you ship them, saving time, money, and inventory.
Access to is FREE for online merchants. To prevent the information from being shared with credit card fraud perpetrators, access to is only available to online store owners and representatives - all users must complete a quick free validation to gain access to the site. Once logged in, users will have access to our fraud resources, including best practice videos, tips & tricks, and info about the latest fraud trends. Additionally, all users can utilize our exclusive Fraud Order Checker, which allows you to input information from your order to evaluate the fraud risk. All users can use the Fraud Order Checker to check up to 20 orders per day for FREE, and API integration is available for users who need to check large numbers of orders.
Our fraud module was developed in 2011 and has been revised and fine-tuned over the years to help us identify fraudulent orders. Most eCommerce sites consider 1-2% to be an “acceptable” and expected rate of fraud. Thanks to our fraud module, the rate of fraud orders at has been 0.0001% for the past several years, despite the increase in fraud attempts throughout the online shopping world. We are sharing this service with online merchants for free - we just want to help fellow online stores not get hit with fraud orders. If you like the fraud rating tool that we built, we will have available an API that allows those with technical experience to automate our tool with your ecommerce backend (contact us for rates and more info). MDG Computer Services is committed to stopping online fraud and looks forward to helping your business see less fraud!
If you are a provider of fraud services and would like to introduce your tools or resources to a much larger audience, contact us to discuss partnering with All you have to provide is free use of your service up to 20 times per day. For customers that integrate with our API, they will be able to purchase service from you directly and enter in credentials to access - no additional API development will be needed since we handle that!
About MDG Computer Services, Inc.: MDG was formed in 1988 and in 1997 we created a brand new eCommerce development platform that had a variety of advanced features, allowing many businesses to have an online presence in the early days of online stores. By late 2004, our business started to focus on wireless technology, which led to the launch of
For over a decade, has been a leader in wireless sales and support, winning over countless customers big and small with our friendly website, comprehensive support portal, and dedicated staff. Behind the scenes, MDG Computer Services has created the most streamlined, customizable eCommerce platform that allows for the management of every aspect of an online store, from purchasing to billing to customer leads. On the logistics side of the business, our inventory management and shipping systems are incredibly efficient and leave virtually no room for human error, meaning every customer receives exactly what they ordered, every time. In 2013, MDG Computer Services began offering these same services that have made such a success to other companies, partnering with a variety of unique businesses to provide eCommerce and fulfillment services.



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