Friday, 28 November 2014

Pepwave AP One AC Mini Review


Pepwave already has an impressive line of Access Points (AP), featuring multiple SSIDs from a single device, captive portal, bandwidth limiting, WDS, and much more. Keeping up to date with the bleeding edge of technology, Pepwave has just revealed its newest AP, and it doesn't disappoint.



The AP One AC Mini is a compact, yet very powerful device. This 2x2 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n AP supports SIMULTANEOUS dual-band WiFi. This means you have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi from a single device giving you complete flexibility in which devices you are using on your network. Older devices that may not support 5Ghz, or the more powerful 5Ghz wireless AC standard, will still be able to connect to the standard 2.4Ghz WiFi network. Previously Pepwave APs only supported 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz separately, so to get the maximum benefit of your devices you would have to run two APs.

In terms of power, the AP One AC Mini has a WiFi transmit power of 24 dBm on 2.4Ghz and 21 dBm on 5Ghz. What does that translate to for real world performance? About 300’ of WiFi coverage in all directions indoors through walls. In more open indoor spaces that range will be significantly improved. Though this new AP is compact, it is not lacking in power. And it isn't just a long range AP either. It doesn't do any good to cover that much area if you can only support a small number of users. The AP One AC Mini will run a maximum recommended 60 concurrent users! Now you can have your coverage, and use it too.


Plenty of Options, Easy to Setup

Talking about all this 5Ghz and wireless AC seems great, but what does it actually mean? Well for one, 5Ghz WiFi is less prone to interference from other networks. Say you are installing this AP in a busy office complex or apartment building with a number of other wireless signals. Typical WiFi runs at 2.4Ghz and you'll get a lot of interference from it. That interference translates into reduced WiFi range and speeds, and poor performance from your network. Even things like cordless phones and baby monitors run at 2.4Ghz causing more interference. 5Ghz doesn't have these issues and won't be bothered by other WiFi networks near as much. Wireless AC is the new standard for wireless devices. As WiFi has evolved over the years, new specs have been released from wireless a/b/g/n, each providing new benefits like more speed or coverage. AC is the next progression running multiple antennas for greater throughput.

How fast is this AP One AC Mini?  Ready? Over 866 Mbps while connected wirelessly with an AC compatible device! Wireless N APs from Pepwave and many other manufacturers could only run at 300Mbps, a few hitting 600Mbps. With this 866 Mbps and up throughput you'll be able to have more connected users (up to 60) without one or two devices slowing down the whole network. Businesses that transfer large files over the LAN normally rely on wired ethernet since it has been traditionally much faster than WiFi, but running cables all over the office can be a burden, expensive, and isn't always pleasing to the eye. With an AC device connected to the AP One AC Mini, large file transfers over WiFi are a breeze. Home owners can take full advantage here as well, with streaming media becoming more common in every home, sending a HD video from PC or phone to a TV will no longer be a strain on your network, and higher definition with less compression is possible.


Includes AP One AC Mini, Power Supply, Mounting Bracket, and Hardware

To round everything out, Peplinks impressive InControl2 cloud management platform now supports their line of APs. This means you can remotely manage all your APs anywhere in the world from a single login. You can push configuration updates via the cloud, update SSIDs, flash firmware, and monitor usage in real time with a quick glance over your entire network.

In order to test out the AP One AC Mini for ourselves, we set it side by side with the Pepwave AP One. Instead of doing large file transfers (which the AC Mini would easily excel at thanks to its more powerful radio and AC standard) we wanted to see how it stacked up in a simple internet speed test. Is the AC Mini a just a faster access point overall? Could you use the AC Mini at home with any router, and get better performance than the built in WiFi?

The video below is both an overview of the hardware, as well as our speed test results. Admittedly we were more than impressed with the capability of this little access point. A simple swap to the AC Mini, on the exact same router as the first, resulted in a boost in throughput from a reasonable 22 Mbps, to a very quick 36 Mbps download speed. If getting the most out of your internet connection is important, the AC Mini makes that easy.


All of this must be nearly impossible to configure through, right? Not the case. The AP One AC Mini has an interface that mirrors the time tested UI from the Peplink Balance and MAX routers. This means you have a simple dashboard screen, well laid out settings, and an easy to understand client list for managing wireless connectivity. Impressive as it is, the UI is designed to configure, fast. You won’t spend much time here aside from the initial setup of the device. The AC Mini is designed to run uninterrupted without any hand holding, and in our time testing it, this was certainly the case.

To learn more about the AP One AC Mini and its specifications, or to place an order of your own, head over to 3Gstore. Not sure if the AC Mini is right for you? Contact the experts at 3Gstore and we’ll ensure you are getting the right hardware for the job.

The AP One AC Mini is now available from 3Gstore for just $129

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Wilson Mobile 3G Amplifier (460102) and Sleek 3G (460106) on Sale Through 12/31/14!

From November 25 through December 31, Wilson and 3Gstore are offering some special deals on two of Wilson's popular SmarTech III amplifiers:sleek

Sleek 3G cradle amplifier (460104) (right): MSRP $119.99, SALE PRICE: $89.99. The Sleek works for 800/1900mhz cellular networks, which includes most voice and 3G providers in the US and includes everything you need to boost the signal to a single phone or hotspot in a vehicle (a home/office accessory kit is available for use indoors). One of 3Gstore's best-selling and highest-rating amplifiers!



Mobile 3G 50db vehicle amplifier kit (460102) (left): MSRP $329.99, SALE PRICE: $269.99. The vehicle kit can boost voice and 3G signal to multiple devices within a few feet of the interior antenna - perfect for a car, truck, or RV. Versatile and easy to install!


No coupon or promo code is necessary - just place your order by midnight CST on December 31 to take advantage of the savings!

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Black Friday/Cyber Monday at 3Gstore - Big Savings & Free Shipping

3Gstore 2014 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

It's that time of year again...time for great savings for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 3Gstore is celebrating by offering some amazing deals on some of our favorite products, including our best price ever on the Trakdot Luggage Tracker (just $49.99, which includes a year of service - a $19.99 value!), discounts on Surecall's direct connect amplifiers (including the new Verizon and AT&T LTE models!), Pepwave's powerful AP One 300M dual-frequency access point for $236.99, and awesome introductory pricing for the new Indoor Day/Night HD CloudCam ($119.99!)....and more!

We've got you covered for shipping, too: standard shipping is FREE for orders over $99, and just $3.99 for orders under $99 (contiguous 48 states only)!

Don't miss out on these great deals: the sale ends at 11:59pm CST on Monday, 12/1!

View all of 3Gstore's Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials

*all pricing and offers are valid for NEW orders only

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

FCC makes T-Mobile make throttling practices more clear


Recently the FCC made an announcement that requires T-Mobile make throttling practices more clear. As of right now T-Mobile doesn’t have any overage charges like Verizon, AT&T or Sprint, but throttles users all the way down to 64/128Kbps for the remainder of the billing cycle if they hit their usage limit. Until now it was difficult for T-Mobile customers to know what the reduced speed looked like because T-Mobile exempted popular speedtest sites from getting throttled like traditional websites or video services like YouTube. With the next 60 days T-Mobile must do the following to make their throttling practices more visible to customers:

  • Send customers a text message once they hit their monthly high-speed data allotment linking to a speed test that customers can use to determine their actual reduced speed;
  • Provide a button on customer smartphones linking to a speed test that will show actual reduced speeds;
  • Modify the text messages it currently sends to customers once they hit their monthly high-speed data allotment to make it clear that certain speed tests may show network speeds, rather than their reduced speed. The modified texts also will provide more information about the speeds that will be available after customers exceed their data cap; and
  • Modify its website disclosures to better explain T-Mobile’s policies regarding speed test
  • applications and where consumers can get accurate speed information.

Poor T-Mobile Reception? Get a wireless repeater to boost reception

Thursday, 20 November 2014

iBoot Cloud Setup Guide

iBoot cloud setup guide. Use to setup your iBoot with the IBCS server to centrally manage all your iBoots from a single login.

Pages: 4

Download iBoot Cloud Setup Guide (only available for 3Gstore customers who have purchased one of the products below)


Dataprobe iBoot-DC Network Power Switch, Dataprobe Expansion Unit for iBoot-G2+, Dataprobe iBoot-G2 Network Power Switch, Dataprobe iBoot-G2+ Advanced Network Power Switch

Thursday, 20 November 2014

iBoot Hands On Review


Now available at 3Gstore, the iBoot is a powerful way to remotely manage critical systems without the need for expensive truck rolls and service calls. Available in multiple versions to best match your unique installation, the iBoot can fit into any environment where equipment downtime equals lost revenue or productivity.

(iBoot G2+ Model Pictured)

Design and Build


From any direction, the iBoot is a good looking piece of hardware. For end users who will be installing these in ATM machines, digital signs, etc. this isn’t a major concern as it will be hidden from view. However, users who’ll be installing the iBoot in locations where it is visible, there is no reason to try and hide it away. The iBoot looks like a professional device that won’t look out of place next to the high end hardware that it will be powering.


(iBoot G2+ Front)

Fortunately, it doesn’t just stop at good looks. The iBoot is also an exceptionally well built device. Holding the iBoot in hand, it’s obvious that great care went into making a switch that will hold up to the high stress environments that is is designed for. Even aside from the main unit, the included power cables are up to the same standard. Nothing here feels cheap or poorly made. The iBoot can function in temperatures as cold as 32 degrees, up to 122 degrees fahrenheit as well.


Web Browser Power Control - Simple and easy to follow GUI (graphical user interface) that works with any web browser. Doing the setup from a mobile browser on a phone or tablet? The GUI will automatically adjust itself and scale to the proper screen size.



(Web GUI)

Automatic System Restore - AutoPing (All Models) and Heartbeat (G2+ Only) will detect an equipment outage and cause the iBoot to automatically take action to restore the connected device. Heartbeat provides a much closer look at Windows based systems through an installed service application. The G2+ will talk with that application and attempt to bring the system back online before falling back to a Graceful Shutdown or hard power cycle.

Graceful Shutdown - (G2+ Only) Windows platforms (desktop computers, workstations, servers) can be sent a shutdown or restart command, instead of a hard power cycle. This preserves system data, prevents hardware damage, and allows the device to power back on without user intervention. This is an extremely powerful option for those running windows servers who can not afford downtime.

Expansion Ports - (G2+ Only) Add one or two iBoot-EXP units with their own independent controls and AutoPing. If you aren’t using EXP units, the input/output can be used to general I/O operations or as a manual power control.


(Lower Left, EXP1 and EXP2 Connectors)

UL Listed - This is a MAJOR feature! UL Certifications mean that the iBoot will pass most installation requirements, and it bears the UL logo on each device. The peace of mind knowing that the iBoot that is protecting your valuable equipment is UL listed goes a long way.

USB Port - (G2+ Only) Connectivity for Graceful Shutdown as well as simple serial commands for status and setup.


(AC Input, Ethernet, and USB Connection)

Device Management Utility - (Windows Only) The free utility software can automatically scan a network and discover attached iBoot devices. The utility allows users to discover iBoots, set IP addresses, load new firmware, or return a switch to factory defaults.

iBoot Cloud Services - Currently in beta, iBCS allows users with the iBoot G2 and G2+ the ability to manage all of their remote devices from a single web based login.


(iBCS Main Screen)

Other features include: dual password protection (admin and user), 10/100 networking, direct TCP and software control, 110/220 VAC operation, and 12 amp switching.

iBoot Models

iBoot G2+ - The high end model which includes all of the features listed above.

iBoot G2 - A basic iBoot that offers everything except for support for the EXP modules and I/O operation, USB access, Graceful Shutdown, and Heartbeat monitoring.

iBoot DC - Same features as the G2 model. This model however has the ability to switch 5 - 48 VDC. This is ideal for a number of DC installations including the control of solar systems, control pumps, and more, up to 5 amps.

iBoot EXP - Only compatible with the G2+, two EXP units can be connected to a single G2+ for independent control and AutoPings. An effective 3 outlets can be controlled from a single IP address and GUI.


Final Thoughts

With multiple models, there is an iBoot configuration for every situation. Do you have a router/modem that you need to reboot if it locks up? The iBoot G2s AutoPing is a perfect match. What if there are multiple workstations that need to be online 24/7? The G2+ and EXP unit and their Graceful Shutdown feature makes it easy. Controlling a solar system or other DC device? The iBoot DC will do the job.

The simple web GUI and easy to understand setup mean an iBoot can be quickly deployed without any special training or advanced knowledge of the hardware.

The iBoot will pay for itself the first time it is used in most cases, and then save money every time after that. Almost all service calls or truck rolls solve hardware issues with simple reboots, and the iBoot makes that easy. In our testing the iBoot has proven to be an exceptionally stable, well made, and highly configurable remote power switch.

For more information on the iBoot and to see how it can work in your installation, contact the experts at 3Gstore.


The iBoot is Now Available at 3Gstore!

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

T-Mobile network ranks # 1 in Boston


Bellevue, Washington – November 20, 2014 – On the heels of recent LTE upgrades in Philadelphia and Connecticut, T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) today announced that Wideband LTE has landed in Boston, MA. Already the fastest, T-Mobile has made mobile speeds even faster around Beantown by upgrading its LTE network to Wideband LTE, bringing up to a 50% increase in mobile speeds to LTE customers. In addition to Boston, customers in surrounding areas – including Springfield, Worcester as well as Providence and Warwick, RI – are all experiencing super-fast download speeds, making access to their favorite content seem almost instantaneous. Already in November, T-Mobile customers in the greater Boston area have observed download speeds as high as 94 Mbps.

Wideband LTE doubles the bandwidth and increases the capacity of T-Mobile’s LTE network to help deliver faster peak speeds. It is like adding more lanes to a freeway for all LTE customers to speed along in. With T-Mobile’s Wideband LTE, customers can download a full 90 minute HD movie to their phone or tablet in three and half minutes or a whole album in just nine seconds with theoretical peak download speeds of 110 Mbps. 

With the average download speed in the Boston area clocking in at 24.1 Mbps, T-Mobile customers are seeing speeds faster than AT&T, one and a half times faster than Verizon and two and half times faster than Sprint.

“Our T-Mobile customers in Boston are going to love the speed boost that Wideband LTE is bringing to their lives,” said Tom Ellefson, Vice President – Engineering, T-Mobile. “Whether posting to Instagram at a Celtics game, downloading the latest movie, checking in to Boston Harbor on Facebook or online shopping, every one of our T-Mobile LTE customers can immediately take advantage of this network upgrade on their mobile device or tablet.” 

Boston is just the latest area to get a speed boost, as the Un-carrier™ continues to expand coverage and enhance performance of its 4G LTE network. Wideband LTE has already been rolled out in the following areas:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Greater Bay Area, CA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Boise, ID
  • Columbus, OH
  • Connecticut
  • Dallas, TX
  • Detroit, MI
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Houston, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Mobile, AL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Greater Philadelphia Area, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Upstate New York Area

Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 November 2014 )

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