Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Announcing the CradlePoint AER 3100 / AER 3150 Advanced Edge Router

Announcing the CradlePoint AER 3100 (and the AER 3150 without WiFi) advanced edge routers.  The Cradlepoint AER3100 features dual modems for wireless-to-wireless failover or augmented bandwidth to optimize support for high-performance applications—like employee/guest WiFi, digital signage, point-of-sale systems, and surveillance—to meet the growing needs of small and micro branch networks. Cradlepoint’s AER portfolio is the only line of 4G LTE network solutions to offer dual-modem multi-carrier support, Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities, and the industry’s most robust cellular WAN management application platform, Enterprise Cloud Manager.

AER 3100 advantages over AER 2100:

  • 12 X 1/10/100/1000 Ethernet configurable  ports as LAN/WAN
  • PoE on 4x ports
  • Ip to 8X memory to run more services with faster performance
  • Higher performance with 1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • 802.11n/ac 3x3 dual WLAN radios
  • Cloud-enabled security with CPSC and Zscaler
  • Improved 2.4G WLAN with beam-forming and improved Cb1/Ch11 band edge performance
  • SD Card slow for additional FLASH storage option
  • True 1U height for rack mount
  • Redundant internal fans for reliable cooling
  • WiFi antenna connectors moved to Ethernet side for accessibility and isolation
  • improved locking power supply connector
  •  “Ribs” protect power switch from accidental bump

For more info, visit the product pages below:





MSRP / Retail






AER3100 for Verizon


AER3100 for AT&T


AER3100 for Sprint


AER3100 for generic

(T-mobile and Canadian Wireless Carriers)






MSRP / Retail






AER3150 for Verizon (no WiFi)


AER3150 for AT&T (no WiFi)


AER3150 for Sprint (no WiFi)


AER3150 for generic (no WiFi)

(T-mobile and Canadian Wireless Carriers)

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Peplink Firmware 6.2.1 Important Notice




Today Peplink has e-mailed out a newsletter with some important information regarding the recently released firmware 6.2.1. Stay tuned for more information as we work with Peplink to find out about the availabilty of firmware 6.2.2.

Important Notice For Firmware 6.2.1

After receiving your feedback, we have discovered some known issues in Firmware 6.2.1:


  • After a period of usage, PepVPN will become unstable.
  • The Surf SOHO, MAX BR1, and MAX On-The-Go are unable to reset their bandwidth quotas after going through a cold power cycle.
  • The captive portal will not respond to some mobile devices.

To fix these issues, we're working hard on Firmware 6.2.2. In the meantime, if your deployment involves SpeedFusion, bandwidth quotas, or captive portals, please wait until we can get you Firmware 6.2.2 so you can have a smooth deployment.


Monday, 20 July 2015

Option Releases Firmware 2.48.0 & 1.48.0 for CloudGate Products


Option has released another set of firmware updates for their 3G and 4G CloudGate routers. Just like the last release, they have included a 1.x.x and 2.x.x version for both models.

According to Option, “The 2.X.X firmware implements new features for developers. Unless you are using a developer application that was developed using a 1.X.X Software Development Kit (if you don’t understand this you probably are not) we recommend that you use the 2.X.X firmware versions.”

This week’s release includes support for P1 interface on KNX board of 115200bps. As well as SDK support for timed wakeup on CloudGate LTE. The serial number will now be cached in UCI.

For these firmware releases and more, be sure to login to the 3Gstore Support Portal or your CloudGate Universe account!

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Save $50 off weBoost Drive 4G-S at 3Gstore Through 8/1

drive 4g-s

From 7/19 through 8/1, the weBoost Drive 4G-S Cradle Amplifier (470107) is on sale for $149.99 (regular price $199.99). If you've been considering a signal booster for your phone or hotspot, now is the time to make the purchase and take advantage of the savings! No coupon is necessary - simply place your order at by 11:59pm CST on August 1 at the discounted price. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Stronger cell signal in your vehicle
  • Fewer dropped calls & lost connections
  • Faster data downloads
  • Longer battery life – up to 2 hours more talk time
  • Boosts voice & data signals
  • Charging port
  • Works with all cellular carriers
  • All needed components included in kit
  • Works with all smartphones & mobile hotspots
  • Simple installation
  • Optional accessory kit (sold separately) allows indoor use

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Apple Shoots for a New Universal Standard for Embedded Sim Cards


apple esim


Talks have been going on for a while now about Apple creating a standard for universal embedded sim cards. This ‘e-sim’ would allow consumers to switch phone carriers on-the-go and easily without having to unlock phones.

Apple joined these talks and hopes to release phones with such capabilities sometimes in 2016. These talks have included: AT&T, T-Mobile US parent company Deutsche Telekom,Telefónica, Hutchison Whampoa, Orange, Etisalat, and Vodafone.
Whether or not other carriers join in the talks remains to be seen.

Reports have also found that Samsung plans to explore its options with the new e-sim technology. The potential for the e-sim technology seems likely that if successful, the technology would become a new standard for Apple and Android users.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Making the Switch from Clear to Sprint - What Device Should I Choose?


Last year Sprint announced that they would be shutting down their WiMAX network and therefore Clear/ Clearwire service along with it by November 6, 2015. Even though WiMAX was one of the first 4G networks available, it never quite took full flight like LTE. This was mainly due to its deployment never making it nationwide. In addition, customers saw issues getting good reception indoors due to the high frequency (WiMAX operates on 2500MHz), which also didn’t help with interference in locations using 2.4Ghz for WiFi.

Here’s the message Clear/ Clearwire sent to their customers:

Dear Valued CLEAR/Clearwire Customer, You are receiving this notice because our records show you are subscribed to services on the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network or Clearwire Expedience network. Sprint is in the process of implementing major enhancements to the Sprint 4G LTE Network, including the deployment of Sprint Spark, an enhanced LTE network capability, by repurposing the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network. As a valued customer, we are providing you formal notice that Sprint will cease operating the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network on November 6, 2015 at 12:01AM EST.

What this means to you:

  • Sprint will no longer support CLEAR 4G WiMAX and Clearwire Expedience devices or services.
  • Your CLEAR 4G WiMAX and Clearwire Expedience devices and services will no longer work, including your ability to contact 9-1-1.
  • You should not return your device(s).

To discuss your options or learn more, please call 1-888-888-3113.

Thank you for your business.


CLEAR/Clearwire Wireless

This begs the question - “What device can/ should I upgrade to?” And what about the data plans? Nothing appears to have been said directly about whether or not Clear customers are going to be able to keep their existing plans, or if they’ll need to get a new data plan with Sprint. However, according to the statement on Clear’s website, one can assume the latter. If this is anything like the Millenicom and Verizon Wireless switch, that’s a safe assumption.

To help Clear/ Clearwire customers in their transition to a Sprint device, we wanted to share some solutions. We’ve broken them down by what typical users may consider - consumers (i.e. home, travel or simple office use), small business/ M2M, and enterprise.


  • USB modem 
    • If you only have a computer that you’d like to connect to the Internet, this is the simplest solution for you. This would be similar to using Clear's "Series S" 4G+ device. Just plug the USB modem into the USB port on your computer and use the built in software to connect to Sprint’s network.


  • Mobile WiFi Hotspot (aka. MiFi) 
    • These are intended for multiple WiFi users and is comparable to the ClearSpot Voyager  hotspot. In some cases, these can also be tethered via USB to a computer. Most hotspots have a user limit (10-15 on average) and a max WiFi range of around 30ft. If you need to connect more users and/or need more WiFi range, a WiFi as WAN capable router can be used to repeat the WiFi signal (just be aware that the bandwidth speeds typically get degraded with WiFi as WAN). 


  • USB modem + compatible router

Small Business/M2M:

  • Cellular Broadband Adapter/ Gateway
    • These are also types of embedded routers, but can be used if you simply need to incorporate a cellular Internet connection into your existing network. They support a feature typically known as IP-Passthrough, which allows the router to disable NAT and pass the WAN IP address from the cellular modem through the Ethernet LAN port to another device.



These solutions are certainly not limited to the types of users we list. We recommend using our router advisor and router feature comparison chart to find the best solution for your specific needs. If you’re still stuck, give our 3Gstore team a call!

Not sure if USB or embedded is right for you? Check out our Embedded VS USB Cellular Routers article.

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Thursday, 02 July 2015

Cradlepoint Rebates Available for MBR1200B, CBA850, AER 2100


cradlepoint aer 2100


Cradlepoint has announced mail-in rebate promotions for three of their popular routers this summer:

1) $50 mail-in rebate for MBR1200B: Purchase an MBR1200B between 7/1/15 and 9/30/15 and receive $50 back from Cradlepoint! Download the MBR1200B mail-in rebate form

2) $50 mail-in rebate for CBA850 with ECM Prime: Purchase a CBA850 or ARC CBA850 along with a subscription for 3 years of ECM Prime between 7/1/15 and 9/30/15 and receive $50 back from Cradlepoint! Download the CBA850 + ECM rebate form

3) $100 mail-in rebate for AER 2100 with MC400: Purchase an AER 2100 router along with an extra MC400 modem module between 7/1/15 and 9/30/15 and receive $50 back from Cradlepoint! Download the AER 2100 + MC400 rebate form

All three of the above promos are valid through September 30, 2015. Is is the customer's responsibility to submit the rebate form and any other necessary documenation to Cradlepoint by October 31, 2015. See the rebate forms for full details.


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