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Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Kit Customer Review


The Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Kit is a point-to-point antenna system that allows you to wirelessly extend a network from one location to another location up to one mile away or more. It consists of two antennas: one installed at the primary location connected to the LAN of the existing network, and a second at the secondary location to pick up the signal and feed it into a network switch, router, computer, camera, etc (whatever you need to provide internet to!). The kit comes pre-configured, so no difficult setup or networking knowledge is required. Just mount the two antennas using the included hardware, aim them at each other, and connect them to their respective devices!



Below is a recent customer review that we just had to share!


Date Added: 01/21/2016 by Michael M. (Maryville, TN)

I purchased the invisible ethernet bridge from the 3Gstore and love love love it. I swear a monkey could setup and install this kit. And it does exactly what it should. I have wifi at my house and needed Internet access at my shop (about 1000' away). I installed the kit (super easy) and BAM!!!! Internet at my barn. I can stream movies, download, upload, whatever I want to do just as if I was inside my house with my wifi. I was a little worried how it would do in snow and cold and rain weather, etc. So far I have encountered all the weather conditions and haven't lost a bit of signal or had any issues. I know it's a little more costly than some other bridge kits online, but with this product coming preconfigured, and the wonderful customer service from the 3Gstore, it's a much better buy. I would buy it over and over again and recommend to anyone. They say it will send a signal a lot further than what I'm using it for as well. It's a great product!!!!


This first video below goes over the bridge kit components in detail, along with mounting options and different ways it can be used.



The second video is a quick overview of the bridge kit, followed by a real world demonstration of the kit at long range.



The Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge can be used in multiple different environments where sharing network and internet access is needed. From sharing internet access between a house and an outbuilding to connecting two office buildings together, the options are limitless. The Bridge Kit isn’t just for outside use either. Have a large indoor space where WiFi just doesn’t reach, like an open warehouse? Use the indoor mounts and quickly bring network access where there wasn’t any before!


Learn more at!

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Thursday, 04 February 2016

OpenSignal Finds T-Mobile to Have the Fastest 4G Network

Here at, we help all types of customers with their mobile broadband needs (among other things of course!). Most of the questions we get from those new to mobile broadband are typically, “Who has the best coverage” and “Who has the fastest speeds?”

In most cases, Verizon would be at the top of that list, followed by AT&T. T-Mobile boasts that it’s always expanding its coverage, though they still tend to fall short in more rural areas. Sprint is still trying to recover from its WiMax fiasco, but both certainly remain in the running and should be considered.

If you watch TV, it’s likely you’ve seen the recent commercials from Verizon and Sprint with the colored balls. Cellular networks always seem to be in a state of flux with their network optimization, whether they’re trying to expand coverage or upgrade the technology to allow for more users and faster speeds. This is why these tests, among countless others, are conducted annually in effort to answer these questions for consumers.

Most recently, OpenSignal performed some tests to grade the four major US carriers. The big surprise winner was T-Mobile. While Verizon still beat out the rest in coverage, it was a close call for average 4G download speeds between Big Red and the Uncarrier. Aside from that, T-Mobile also won 2 other awards - 3G Latency and 3G download speeds (results below).

OpenSignal collected data from more than 376 million tests, which were performed with a publicly available speed test app used on more than 180,000 smartphones. In their report, they said, “Nationally both operators are averaging 4G connections of 12 Mbps, and in a speed comparison in the 11 largest U.S. cities, T-Mobile just barely edged out Verizon. AT&T and Sprint hardly even factored in the contest.”

Some may think that surveys like this - that use crowd-sourced data - are a bit misleading. Think about it - First of all only users with the app are taking part. And what about when you can’t reliably connect to a network? Obviously, there’s no way to measure its performance or speed. OpenSignal does address this on their website, saying that the results include “an inherent bias” due to the crowd-sourced nature of their surveys. Naturally, a Verizon spokesperson commented on the OpenSignal tests saying, “Most respected, impartial third-parties that use actual testing equipment rate the Verizon Wireless network as fastest and most reliable – in fact, in four national studies in a row, Verizon has won RootMetrics awards for best overall performance, reliability and speed.”

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Monday, 01 February 2016

The IP Switch - How to Remotely Restart Your Wireless Router




The 3Gstore IP Power Switch is a simple product that automatically power-cycles any device when internet connectivity is lost. All you have to do is connect the included ethernet cable from the 3Gstore IP Switch to your router, and then connect the power cables of the devices that you want to be power-cycled when internet connectivity is lost, like your DSL modem and router. Once you have everything connected, press the "UIS" button, and everything will be up and running. The 3Gstore IP Switch automatically pings five different targets (which you can specify), and when it is unable to ping the specified targets, it will power-cycle any devices that are connected to its power source.

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors recently wrote an article titled 'How to Remotely Restart Your Wireless Router' and offered some excellent advice. Things like router placement, age, and firmware are discussed, along with the unreliable nature of consumer routers. For remotely rebooting your router, Ken recommends the 3Gstore remote power switch.




Setup of the IP switch is simple and it works for both separate modem and routers, and modem/router combination units. For more information on the IP switch, contact the experts at 3Gstore or visit

Learn more about the 3Gstore IP Switch

Friday, 29 January 2016

How NASA Used the SureCall Force5 to Solve Poor Cell Reception

Getting a good cell signal can’t be rocket science, right? You may be surprised that even NASA scientists have trouble with this common issue. We recently discovered this article regarding NASA’s experience with cellular boosters - the same ones you or I may use at our home or business. The team at Goddard Space Flight Center found they were having too many problems with cell reception inside their work areas.

They reached out to the wireless experts at DAS Worldwide for a solution and were recommended the Force5 - a consumer level wireless repeater kit from SureCall. In just 3 days, with no down time at all, the system was installed with a single amplifier and 4 inside antennas. Joe Comizio, the business development executive for DAS Worldwide, had a great comment, “You might think that with all their intelligence and access to technology, NASA engineers would develop their own solution for in-building cellular reception...But their approach is, why reinvent the wheel?”

Continue reading article at Commercial Integrator.

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Vectu GPS Trackers and RV Use


Now available at 3Gstore the new Vectu line of personal and vehicle GPS trackers offer a new way to track people, possessions, and vehicles. For a long time our customers have been asking us for a true GPS tracking device that is not only easy to use, but also affordable. We’ve been testing all of the new Vectu trackers over the last few months to make sure these lived up to our high standards, and in this article we’ll cover just a few of the many ways that RVers can take advantage of the Vectu.



With a trip to Florida on the horizon, it was a perfect time to get some real world, long term testing under way. I loaded up the car, grabbed a Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker, and headed out. The Portable Vehicle GPS Tracker is a battery powered device without any installation requirements. Simply power on the tracker and place it in the vehicle of your choice. The Portable Vehicle Tracker will reports its location every 60 seconds while your vehicle is in motion. The web portal and mobile application will provide a historical view of vehicle location and automatically organize these locations into set trips you can view. Through the web portal or in the mobile app, you can see the real time device location and and location history.

Through the web portal, I logged in and grabbed some screenshots of the first evening of driving. Starting off just outside Chicago and driving a little south of Louisville was plenty for one night, especially for leaving late in the day after working. The Vectu was powered on with its battery and left in the glovebox for the trip. Throughout the trip, there was no issue with tracking accuracy and we had signal the entire time. The Vectu does have two ways it can track location, GPS and GSM. GSM is location by cellular network so in a situation where GPS wasn’t available, less accurate location tracking is always available.



The above screenshot shows the first day of driving before stopping for the night. The web portal and mobile application both have access to the Histotrack function of the Vectu. Histotrack lets you select a day, and then select a trip from the day. A trip is considered a start point and a stopping point. As you can see from the first map, we did a solid 5 hours without any breaks, so that is considered Trip 1. The trip distance is reported as 322 miles, and the map shows the exact path that was traveled. The map can be zoomed in or out, or switched to a satellite view depending on your preferences. The second trip was a quick stop off for food and fuel, and because of the time sitting at the restaurant and gas station, that is considered a starting and stopping point. The last two screens were shorter distances with a stop between and also accurately showed our exact path.

The Vectu brings a lot to the table for RVers who want to keep a record of their journeys in any way. You have location history, dates, times, miles driven, all available online or through the mobile application. The location history is stored for 90 days, leaving plenty of time to access the data as needed. Histotrack is the historical view of trips, but you can also look at the web portal or tracker and see its real time location. With the share feature, you can give location access for your device to another person. Say you have an RV network you belong to or travel with, each with a Vectu in their possession, now it is easier than ever to keep track of people. Take note of a friend who is traveling nearby and have an impromptu meeting.



If you want to have even more in depth location history, look at the Heatmap option in the web portal and mobile application. Heatmap is the location history each minute as the vehicle was in motion along with the reported speed and battery level. This gives the most detail in a simple and easy to read layout. You can see the green dots for each 1 minute interval the device reported its location. Clicking a green dot expands the details. You can see driving into the Disney parks I was doing 55mph (a little over the speed limit but the kids were excited)!



There are also the Vectu PRO models which are perfect for the full time traveler or RVer. The Installed Vehicle Tracker with Internal Antennas can be completely invisible once positioned inside a vehicle. With a hardwire harness to the vehicle's battery you have a permanent power source, and a tamper proof way to monitor a vehicle's location at all times. The Installed Vehicle Tracker with Internal Antennas has the same functions as the Portable tracker, with Geofences, speed alerts, an Arm feature, and location updates every 60 seconds while the vehicle is in motion. The installed vehicle tracker uses an extremely low 0.2mAh of current while in its standby mode. Many new vehicles and RVs have a constant 20-400mAh of drain on the battery with the vehicle off, so this installed tracker is almost insignificant to the normal vehicle battery drain, and will remain powered on for weeks at a time without any measurable effect on the battery. This ensures that even if the RV is stolen you’ll have location information available at all times. What if the vehicle battery is disconnected? The installed trackers have internal batteries that will also stay powered on for days at a time providing real time location updates. The Vectu is less expensive than a LoJack or similar system with an easier installation.



What if you have an RV that doesn’t get great GPS signal like an Airstream, or a larger motorhome that blocks GPS? Instead of built in antennas, the Installed Vehicle Tracker with External Antennas includes dual SMA connectors. The included cellular antenna would mount to the unit, and the included GPS antenna has a length of cable so it can be mounted under a windshield or on the roof depending on the vehicle. This is a magnetic mount GPS antenna so it is simple to install, but can be easily moved or tampered with, and is an issue for fiberglass roofs.



3Gstore carriers a number of cell/GPS antenna options with more permanent mounting hardware as well. The 2-In-1 GPS/GSM antenna is a through roof antenna solution. This small antenna has two lengths of cables, one for GPS and one for GSM for cellular locating. With 20’ of pre attached cable, mounting and routing cables to the Vectu is easy, and allows for a completely clean installation with no wires or tracker visible.

All of the Vectu GPS Locators and Trackers are accessible via a web administration portal as well as through a mobile application. You can create an account and add devices, manage contacts, view location history for the last 90 days, view tracking, set a Geofence or speed alert, and more. Vectu trackers all include the first year of service when ordered through 3Gstore, and require just a low yearly fee for use after that: the Personal Emergency tracker costs $24/year, while the On-Demand and Vehicle trackers cost $36/year. Setup of all devices is simple. Just download the mobile app or login to the web interface, create an account if you don’t have one already, and add the Vectu using the serial number on the device or bluetooth pairing (specific models). You can even share the Vectu with other users so multiple accounts can access and track the same devices. What about international use? The Vectu works in every country with the exception of Japan and North/South Korea. All of this puts the Vectu beyond any other solution we have seen or tested at 3Gstore.

Read our full Vectu review here.

For more information visit or visit the links below.

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Republished from Martin Langmaid

When deploying IoT sensor networks in the enterprise things can get complicated fast. In this post I take a look at how Peplink Products and Technologies can act as the perfect enterprise IoT Connectivity Platform to simplify IoT Sensor network deployment and management.

Peplink as an IoT Connectivity Platform

Peplink devices and technologies can act as a complete connectivity platform for networks of IoT sensors as they are deployed both inside and outside of the enterprise. The platform enables secure, centrally managed, isolated IoT sensor overlay networks to be installed on top of existing physical network infrastructure.



These overlay networks which are managed and monitored centrally using the InControl 2 cloud management platform, provide the network layer abstraction required to secure and isolate IoT traffic seamlessly over local and wide area networks.

Use any and all network connectivity

Each location where IoT connectivity is required has a peplink device installed that connects to whatever network connectivity is available locally. This might be the local corporate wired and wireless LAN infrastructure, direct connection to an existing internet access gateway or dedicated wired and cellular internet connectivity provisioned for the IoT network's use alone.
The Peplink device then acts as the IoT network's internet access gateway, securing traffic in and out of the IoT network as well as connecting it reliably to the internet and other IoT sensor and reporting networks within the corporate LAN/WAN.


Combined multiple WAN links for resilience

All Peplink devices support failover between available connected WAN links, allowing the use of cellular and wifi as WAN, and any other wired network connection that is available as a failover link - providing highly available, resilient connectivity. Some Peplink devices also support SpeedFusion VPN Hot Failover which allows them to seamlessly move live sessions from a failed WAN to another one that is in a hot standby mode, maintaining VoIP calls and Citrix Sessions even when a WAN link fails.



WAN Bonding

Peplink Multi-WAN devices that are SpeedFusion enabled can also bond all available health WAN links into a single logical point to point connection. Providing integral hot-failover of traffic but also aggregating bandwidth too.



Use PepVPN for secure connectivity between devices

When acting as the gateway for each IoT sensor network, the Peplink device can not only route IoT traffic directly out to the internet (whilst isolating it from the corporate LAN), but it can also create secure point to point VPN connections to other Peplink devices.

Those devices might be located locally on the same physical network segment (within a single building for example), or they could be geographically distant and globally distributed, but so long as they can route traffic to each other (over the corporate WAN or via the public internet) all devices can connect securely to create an isolated distributed overlay network (or in other words a virtual secure network on top of other networks).



Manage, Monitor and Control all devices using InControl 2

As the number of IoT sensor networks increase, so does the complexity of the data networks they use to connect to each other and out to the internet. This is compounded further by the need for complex security configurations to provide IoT sensor network isolation on the corporate LAN and WAN.

What is needed is a centralised management point, from where all devices can be monitored and managed securely.

InControl 2 is Peplink's cloud based management and monitoring platform. As a dedicated platform for all Peplink devices, InControl 2 provides a single view of your entire device estate, logically organised into parent organizations and usage groups.

Device and Wi-Fi Management


Using InCOntrol 2 you can check the status of all your devices at a glance, and monitor client volume and bandwidth usage across your entire estate of devices - wherever they are deployed. With real-time bandwidth usage and historic reporting you can spot usage anomalies for each live device and drill down to a client view to see per client data usage. This is perfect for IoT device monitoring and network capacity planning as the number of IoT sensors increases throughout your organisation.


Firmware Management
Keeping any network secure and supporting new deployment options requires tight firmware management policies and procedures. InControl 2 provides complete firmware management and new firmware rollout scheduling. You can see the current firmware version in use, and set automated firmware upgrade policies to make sure your network is always up to date.



Automated Configurations
InControl 2 automatically creates a history of device configurations, so that previous configurations can be restored in the event of user error, or when a device has been factory reset or upgraded / replaced.

New devices can fresh out of the box using default configurations and once connected to the internet they will download and install the latest configuration as well as upgrade to the latest firmware version with all processes driven by automated policies set at either the group or device level.

Fully Automatic SpeedFusion VPN Configurations



As the number IoT sensor networks increase, configuring and visualising the complicated VPN configurations required to secure and isolate them becomes a resource intensive process if performed manually. InControl 2 allows complicated VPN configurations to be setup using InControl 2's easy setup wizard. The VPN configurations can be assigned to groups of devices so that group membership controls inter device communication over VPN. When VPN changes are required they are pushed to the devices immediately - with live SpeedFusion status and notifications displayed on screen in realtime.

Remote Device Administration
When IoT sensors are deployed deep within existing corporate networks, managing their access gateways can be a challenge especially when you need to traverse multiple DMZ's and perimeter firewalls to get to their web administration interfaces.

InControl 2 allows for secure access to the remote device web administration portals using a dedicated on demand remote web admin tool built into InControl. Access any of your Peplink devices - wherever they might be, with a couple of clicks.

Intelligent Notifications
Get notified on important events and coordinate email notifications between administrators with two stage escalation.

Beautiful Reports
Really understand your network and how clients are using it. Spot potential bandwidth capacity issues before they become a problem. Identify the heaviest bandwidth consumers.

MSP Ready
As a managed service provider, you can have visibility of all of your customer networks whilst restricting each customer's view to their own devices.

The right device - whatever the requirement

Peplink has the broadest product range available, with tiny devices (like the BR1 Slim) that support a single active WAN and 150Mbps of throughput, right up to the datacenter level Balance 2500 - Multi-WAN hardware designed for 8 Gbps of throughput, as well as virtual appliances for cloud deployments too.

Whatever the requirement, wherever it needs to be deployed, Peplink is a perfect fit, and all products are enterprise ready and managed in one place using InControl 2.

Peplink Enables The Ultimate In Agile IoT Networks

Using Peplink devices as the internet gateway for IoT sensors and networks - in combination with SpeedFusion VPN to secure and isolate the traffic from other corporate and public networks, provides real enterprise grade network agility.

Not only can IoT sensors be securely deployed anywhere - using any available WAN link, but IoT network capacity can be increased at any time too by adding additional WAN links of almost any type.

This allows for IoT networks to be deployed in rural locations over cellular, in factories using WiFi and even in the middle of the ocean using satellite, as well as more traditional locations such as homes and businesses using fixed line connectivity with cellular backup.

With centralised and automated network configuration from InControl 2 - Peplinks cloud based management platform, even complex network overlays can be easily managed, visualised, monitored and maintained.


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Cradlepoint Announces Rebates for AER3100, AER3150, IBR1100, and IBR1150

cradlepoint aer 3100

Cradlepoint has announced mail-in rebate promotions for two of their popular router series this winter:

1) Small Branch Networking Promotion: Purchase an AER 3100 or 3150 between 1/20/16 and 6/15/16 and receive a $75 mail-in rebate! If you ALSO order an additional MC400 modem, the rebate is $125! Download the AER 3100/3150 rebate form

2) In-vehicle Networking Solution Promotion: Customers purchasing an IBR1100/1150 and a 3-year subscription to both ECM and CradleCare between 1/20/16 and 3/31/16 are eligible for a $100 mail-in rebate. Download the IBR1100/1150 rebate form

Is is the customer's responsibility to submit the rebate form and any other necessary items to Cradlepoint by the date listed on the form. Offers valid in US/Canada only. See the rebate forms for full details.


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