EVDO GPS WebCam Mapping

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Wednesday, 23 March 2005
This tip falls into an EVDO Technology preview. Last week we did a 2 Way Video Chat at 60 MPH, then we did a VOIP call over EVDO, this time we use our PC 5220 card, along with our Bluetooth GPS receiver and mapping software to show in realtime, exactly our location, speed, altitude, overview on a map and a realtime view out the window. WOW!

This technology preview is now a reality. See this thread on for more information and our recent test. Also, read more about the StompBox.

In the picture below, the car icon Image moves along in realtime (thanks to GPS), on the map. We have a camera and web cam software that is looking out the front of the car and showing what we see. Finally, the mapping sofware and GPS report back the speed, direction and altitude of the car.


The only thing missing, is a piece of sofware that captures the screen and FTPs it up to a server, every so often, that would allow some very cool new things. This is were the EVDO part of this article comes into play. We will be developing a program for Windows and Mac OS X that does exactly that. It will take a screen shot and upload the screen to a FTP server and repeat based on your settings.

Two ways to watch video - download QuickTime Movie (5mb zip)
(thanks for hosting the movie) or get copy from iDisk.

iDisk Directions:

Image Finder -> Go -> iDisk -> Other User's Public Folder -> evdo_guy -> drag 'evdo_gps.mp4' to your hard drive.

Image Download the iDisk Utility and then grab the movie from our Public Folder.

Down the road

While what you are about to see is available today, using technology that is available today, it probably isn't very usable in the real world, however, for some, it probably is just fine.

Possible Uses

  • Family Vacation Updates/Location in real-time
  • Mobile Security - park the car, aim the camera, setup to email or start quicktime movie when there is motion
  • keeping tabs on transportion vehicles
  • Keeping an eye on that 16 year old that just got their license, "Hey son the speed limit is 35, you are doing 45, slow down please!"
  • Fire and Police cars
  • broadcasting family events for those that cannot attend

Products Used:

  • GPSCity GR230 BlueTooth GPS (although this is discontinued, there are many newer models available)
  • Route 66 Mapping Software (available for Windows and Mac OSX. This is the software that shows the map and if you have a GPS receiver, shows you location in real-time on the map
  • EvoCam (there are many different WebCam software for Mac and Windows - this one is for Mac).
  • PC 5220
  • EVDO Antenna

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