Wilson SignalBoost DT Video Demonstration

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Wilson SignalBoost DT Video Demonstration

At we talk to a lot of people who are in areas where they have very poor cellular signal at their homes. Many of them have multiple cellular devices such as cell phones and mobile broadband devices that they want to improve the signal to - for example, to prevent dropped calls on their cell phone and also increase speed & reliability for their mobile broadband device. While we typically recommend a traditional antenna directly connected to the device for users who are just trying to improve the signal to their mobile broadband device, these antennas can obviously only be used with one device at a time, so folks who want to improve signal to multiple devices need another option. Additionally, many newer cell phones as well as the hotspot mobile broadband devices like the MiFi 2200 & Sprint Overdrive don't have antenna ports, making the traditional directly connected antennas not an option. If you have a device that doesn't have an antenna port or if you have multiple devices that you'd like to boost the signal to, a wireless repeater system like the Wilson SignalBoost DT is often the perfect solution!

The Wilson SignalBoost DT system uses an amplifier and two antennas to wireless boost cellular signal in your home or office. The external antenna, mounted outside or in a window, draws in the cellular signal from the tower, the amplifier then boosts it and rebroadcasts it through the internal antenna. All of your cellular devices within range of the internal antenna (typically 1-2 rooms with the DT) can then benefit from the boosted signal, without being physically connected to any antennas or amplifiers - like having your own mini cell phone tower in your home! Of course, keep in mind that wireless repeater systems can't magically create a signal in an area where there is no coverage at all as there needs to be at least a weak signal for the system to amplify. Before purchasing a wireless repeater system, we recommend that you perform a site survey to determine if a wireless repeater system will help you.

The SignalBoost DT includes everything you need to set up a repeater system in your house: the external antenna, amplifier, internal antenna, cabling, power supply, and mounting hardware. The external antenna included with the DT is semi-directional, meaning it needs to be pointed in the general direction of the cellular tower in order for it to work properly. It's not quite as picky as a Yagi antenna, but you will need to either know where the tower is or spend some time tweaking the antenna during installation to make sure it's pointed in the optimum direction. The internal antenna is also directional, meaning you can point it in the direction where you want to have boosted signal.

The SignalBoost DT comes with everything you need

Like most wireless repeater systems , the DT requires that there is sufficient separation between the indoor & outdoor antenna in order to operate properly. If the two antennas are too close to each other it will cause oscillation, which basically means that the outdoor antenna is receiving the signal that the indoor antenna is broadcasting instead of receiving the signal from the cellular tower. Each wireless repeater system has a different separation distance requirement depending on how powerful it is and what type of antennas are being used. In most environments the Wilson SignalBoost DT system requires at least 20 horizontal feet OR 12 vertical feet of distance between the two antennas, but some environments may require additional separation depending on the structure of the building etc. You'll also want to make sure the indoor antenna is pointed away from the external antenna - that will help a lot in reducing the amount of separation you need. For more information on the installation process you can view the Wilson SignalBoost DT installation instructions.
3Gstore has helped thousands of customers select the right wireless repeater system for their specific needs, and as a result we've had thousands of customers who were impressed with the signal gain that their equipment provided. One of our customers purchased the SignalBoost DT in order to boost the signal to his MiFi in his home, and had this to say about the results: "Order arrived on time. Wilson signal boost DT is rather tricky to set up (requires some experimentation and proper placement), but once it gets going, the results are amazing. We had no bars at all on MiFi without it. With it, we have five bars and DLS/Cable speed. Best possible outcome. Instructions are clear and well illustrated. I recommend this product."

That customer's experience wasn't unique - the DT is a very effective piece of equipment! We've also created a video to demonstrate just how much of an improvement the Wilson Signal Boost DT can provide, even in fringe areas where you may find yourself having to stand in just the right spot to pickup a sufficient signal:

Of course, the DT isn't the perfect solution for every application. Before buying any signal boosting equipment, we strongly recommend doing a site survey so that you can confirm that an antenna or amplifier WILL help your situation, and if you're considering a repeater we recommend reviewing our Wireless Repeater FAQ to get started.

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