Configure Verizon UML290 USB for use on Mac Computers - Tip #70

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

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Configure Verizon UML290 for use on Mac Computers

UPDATE 2/01/2011: Verizon has released a version of VZAccess Manager that adds official UML290 support for Mac OS X. More info at: Verizon Officially Adds Mac OS X support for UML290

UPDATE 12/22: Many users have problems using their UML290 on a Windows computer after configuring it for use on a Mac. Read this warning before following the instructions in this article: Verizon UML290 Mac Configuration Warning & Fix

When Verizon launched their two 4G LTE-capable modems last week (the LG VL600 and Pantech UML290), many potential users were disappointed to find out that neither device was Mac-compatible. While the version of VZAccess Manager (the connection manager software used to activate the modems and manage the connections) used for the two 3G/4G modems is not Mac-compatible, it IS possible to use the UML290 modem on a Mac computer with Apple's built-in WWAN support. Crafty Mac-users figured out the settings necessary to use the UML290 with a Mac and kindly shared them in the EVDO Forums (thank you, t6821hn!); we have put the setup to the test ourselves and confirmed that the below instructions will indeed allow you to use the UML290 with a Mac computer!

Before moving on to the directions, a few caveats/disclaimers:

  • We cannot guarantee that these instructions will work for all users or for all operating system versions. Our test was done on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.8
  • You will still need to use a Windows computer with VZAccess Manager to do the initial activation of your UML290! Alternatively, you could use a program like VMWare or Boot Camp to run Windows on your Mac computer.
  • Unfortunately, these instructions do NOT work with the LG VL600 - that device remains incompatible with Macs for the time being!

If your UML290 has already been activated in a Windows computer, you can follow the below directions to get it up and running with your Mac:

1) Connect the UML290 to a USB port on your Mac.

2) Open the "system preferences" application and click on "network" from the "Internet & Network" section.

3) The Pantech UML290 should show up in the left sidebar as an available connection. Make sure it is highlighted/selected, and then make the following selections for the settings:

  • Enter your device's phone number in the "phone number" field (no spaces or dashes)
  • In the "account name" field, enter "" (replace the words "your phone number" with your device's phone number, without spaces or dashes - for example,
  • Enter "vzw" as the password
uml290 mac settings

4) Click on "Advanced" and make the following selections in the advanced settings window:

  • For "vendor", select "generic"
  • For "model", select "GPRS (GSM/3G)"
  • In the "apn" field, enter "vzwinternet"
  • "CID" should default to "1", leave that as is (if it doesn't, enter 1)
uml290 mac settings advanced

5) Click "OK" on the "Advanced" page, and then "apply" on the network settings page.

6) Hit "connect" and enjoy!


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 February 2011 )
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