Virgin Mobile Removes $40/mo Plan, Introduces $50/mo Plan with 2.5GB Cap

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Virgin Mobile Removes $40/mo Plan, Introduces $50/mo Plan with 2.5GB Cap

Last year Virgin Mobile introduced a wireless service operating on the Sprint 3G network billed as "unlimited" for $40/mo. We did an initial comparison between Sprint and Virgin and noticed that Sprint devices seemed to get network prioritization over Virgin, and consistently yielded better performance. To some users this wasn't a big deal because they had unlimited access to the network, which made up for the difference in performance. In January Virgin announced that they would be doing away with truly unlimited service, instead providing customers with a 5GB allowance and then throttling users to 256kbps after they reach the threshold.

Today, Virgin has announced a new pricing structure that involves a rate increase as well as a decrease in monthly data allowance. Virgin customers will now be required to pay $50/mo and only be able to use 2.5GB of data before having their speed throttled. They will then be throttled down to 256kbps or lower according to their new terms. This change is certainly going to make Virgin Mobile less appealing, considering a customer can purchase DataJack prepaid device that also uses Sprint's network with 5GB of data for $49.99/mo or get a new 3G/4G Verizon device with 5GB of data for $50/mo with better 3G coverage.

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