Open Letter to Tim Cook of Apple about my experiences with the iPhone 4S Battery Life

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Thursday, 08 December 2011

Open Letter to Tim Cook of Apple about my experiences with the iPhone 4S Battery Life



December 8, 2011

Mr Cook,

I have owned Apple products since the Apple ][ and have owned just about every Apple product since then.  Everyone in my family owns an iPhone 4 and Mac.  I have been an Apple stock holder since the stock was $22.  I love Apple.

I upgraded to the iPhone 4S from iPhone 4 the day I was able to place a pre-order and I got the 64GB/Black/AT&T iPhone 4S on launch day.

I have never been so disappointed in an Apple product, the battery life is horrible on this device (ie BatteryGate).  I am on my 2nd 4S, I have tried everything suggested multiple times and made my smartphone into a dumb phone by disabling everything.  Still getting horrible battery life. Still wasting a ton of time trying all the fixes that don't work. Yesterday, I was trending around 25% - 30% an hour.  I am going on a business trip 2nd week in January and a vacation in March and very concerned I have to bring something that I can use all day.  It really saddens me that Apple hasn't fixed this or communicated with its customers.

My NDA prevents me from talking about unreleased stuff - but lets say that fixes coming - don't seem to fix either.

I have wasted so much time on trying to get this to work, I am close to throwing in the towel - is there any hope for my iPhone 4S??

Michael Ginsberg

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