How Much Bandwidth does Gaming Use?

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How Much Bandwidth does Gaming Use?

(MW3 Gaming on real time chart with Peplink/Pepwave Routers)

There is a common misconception that 'gaming' uses a ton of bandwidth, and users like 3G/4G wireless customers can't game because of bandwidth constraints. The vast majority of multi-player video games don't use very much data when you're physically playing the games online against your friends. If you're a gamer living on a bandwidth cap you'll want to be more careful with game updates, patches and demo downloads. We ran some testing to see exactly what type of bandwidth gaming uses. In the video below you'll see real time data usage on Modern Warfare 3:

In our tests with MW3 we found the game used approximately 30MB per hour, which translates into the following for tiered wireless customers:

  • 5GB account = 170 hours @ 30MB/hr
  • 10GB account = 340 hours @ 30MB/hr

It's important to note that every game will use a different amount of data, but the vast majority of multi-player games don't use nearly as much data as you'd think they do. If you're curious about how much bandwidth your using, Pepwave/Peplink routers offer advanced bandwidth monitoring allowing you to easily keep track of all your data used. If you have multiple consoles and other devices on the network, you can get a detailed analysis of how much bandwidth each of your devices consume. Cradlepoint does offer a scaled down bandwidth monitoring feature in their NetBSD routers, however, aren't quite as advanced as Peplink/Pepwave equipment. If you want to manage your bandwidth and make sure you don't go over your cap these routers will allow you to know exactly where you stand!

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