Cradlepoint Firmware Release 3.5

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cradlepoint Firmware Release 3.5

Yesterday Cradlepoint released firmware version 3.5 for their NetBSD based Cradlepoint routers. This update is designed to support newer 3G/4G modems, adds 4G LTE stability and offers some exciting new features on the business grade routers. The update is found by navigating to and clicking on "System Settings" and selecting "System Software." Click the "check for updates" button and you should find that 3.5 firmware is available to be automatically downloaded through the router. This update is available on the following Cradlepoint routers:

Features added exclusive to (MBR1400, CBA400/450, CBR600/650):

  • Internet -> WAN Affinity. You can create policies for mapping traffic from LAN to WAN networks. You can, for example, set all port 80 traffic to go over a wired WAN connection and all port 500 traffic to go out a modem. You can also apply failover rules to WAN connections, so if the WAN connection goes down you can select if the traffic will be blocked or redirected.
  • Network Settings -> WiPipe QoS. A significant number of changes to the QoS system have been made, and the UI has been redesigned. Both Upload and Download bandwidth can be managed. Bandwidth rules can be set to a percentage of the available bandwidth and can also be set to borrow from higher priority rules if they have spare bandwidth.
  • Internet -> Connection Manager has buttons to enable/disable all devices for Load Balance and Enable settings.
  • Network Scheduling. Network Settings -> WiFi/Local Networks -> Local Network Editor -> Schedule has been added to allow a user to control when a Network will be available. This is meant for Hotspot administration, but can be used in other situations.
  • GRE over IPSec can be configured.
  • A Second RADIUS server has been added for WPA/WPA2-Enterprise configuration.
  • Device Alerts have been added to report if the router has been rebooted and if a configuration change has been made to the router.
  • System Settings -> Hotspot Services -> “Disable Service if Ethernet Threshold is met” has been added. This setting allows the user to set a threshold and if that threshold is met then Hotspot use of the WAN will be blocked.
  • Network Settings -> Firewall Configuration. Additional protocols (like GRE and ESP) have been added to the filter rules.
  • VPN/IPsec and GRE: In the past, VPN and GRE would only run on the primary WAN, or the next Failover WAN. Now you can also select which WAN the service will runs on. However,
  • once the WAN is selected for that service, it will not Failover. Only one WAN can be selected at a time.
  • System Settings -> Hotspot Services -> {Simple or Radius} -> Bandwidth Upload and Download : Per client data rate limiting for both the upload and download direction. If using RADIUS mode, these settings will only be used if the RADIUS server does not override them with one of its attributes.
  • System Settings -> Hotspot Services -> Allow Hosts : Allow domain or sub-domain whitelisting by using a wildcard. For example, to white list everything under '' you should enter '*'


This update also gives all Cradlepoint NetBSD routers the ability to do more in depth status logging. You can now create a log to an attached USB stick, extensive modem logging and create custom support logs with additional information for troubleshooting. The update also fixes some VPN related issues with anonymous tunnels and an issue with issue with isolation between configured LAN networks. Be sure to visit EVDOForums and input your results to our Cradlepoint firmware 3.5 [Success/Failure] thread. 


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