Problems Activating your EVDO Data Card

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Saturday, 25 June 2005
You got your new EVDO data card (PC5220, Sierra AC580, Novatel V620, Kyocera KPC650), you installed the software, and during the installation process, there is a step called activating the card. During this process, you get a message that indicates your activation has failed.

What does this mean?

Not in a coverage area?

This means that you are NOT in coverage area. Usually this means that you are not in EVDO (BroadbandAccess) or 1xRTT (NationalAccess) areas. We usually do NOT see this type of problem, however, the last customer that this happened to, WAS in the EVDO (broadbandaccess) area, according to the latest coverage maps, however, they were in a very hilly area in southern California. Bringing the laptop to work, did solve the problem and the card was able to activate.

If you are getting a Verizon card from an authorized location, you will have up to 15 days to return the card and get out of your contract (you will be billed directly from Verizon for the days used). So, try out the card in all the locations that you want to check for coverage. IF your important locations are not in a coverage area, make sure you find out within the first 15 days. Also, understand, that the coverage is ALWAYS expanding, so an area that doesn't have it today, may next week. Finally, a booster antenna can also greatly improve your signal and improve your coverage.

Verizon Data Entry Error?

If you are in a known coverage area, (your software may even show signal strength) there is another possible problem. During setup of your account, Verizon enters the wrong ESN number for your account and that will also prevent your card from activating.

Here are the steps to make sure this is not the problem.

  • On your Verizon Contract, look for your phone number that is attached to your account
  • On your Data Card, look for your ESN (Decimal) Number

  • PC5220 = first number under P/N
    Novatel V620 = ESN -DEC number
    Sierra AirCard 580 = first number under P/N
    Kyocera KPC 650 = under first bar code, next to letter D:

  • Call Verizon Wireless Tech Support @ 1-866-788-9387 and confirm that your ESN number of your card, is entered correctly for your account

If the ESN number that is entered in the Verizon system is NOT the same as the one on your card, your card will NOT be able to activate. This happened to someone today. They purchased a Novatel V620 from us and the card wouldn't activate. Sure enough, after calling Verizon, they fixed the ESN number and then the card activated immediately!
Authentication Error?

If you are connecting and you see an Authentication Error and you are NOT able to connect on your first try, please contact us, as we may be able to help with that (note, we only help those that purchased their cards from us). You can still give Verizon a call, as they will be able to determine if your account is setup correctly and if your card has the correct phone number for your account.

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