Pepwave Max HD2 In Stock

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Friday, 06 April 2012

Pepwave Max HD2 In Stock

After what probably seemed like a long wait for many anxious customers, the Pepwave Max HD2 is now in stock at 3Gstore and available for purchase! The Max HD2 is the first mobile router to support multiple 3G embedded modems powered by a Gobi 3000 chip. In order to activate service with Verizon or Sprint all you need to do is call them with the device IMEI number and you'll be up and running in no time. If you plan to use a GSM provider like AT&T, T-Mobile or something internationally all you need to do is insert the sim card to establish connectivity.

Fast Facts about this Product:
  • This router is best for: Enterprise users wanting to load balance and/or aggregate between several wireless internet connections (aggregation/bonding requires the Max HD2 and a Balance 210 or higher router).
  • Form Factors Supported: 2 WAN, 1 USB, WiFi as WAN (view full compatibility chart)
  • Number of Ethernet ports: 2 WAN inputs, 4 LAN outputs
  • Embedded Modems: 2 x Embedded 3G Modem (Gobi 3000)
  • WiFi Standard: 802.11 B, G, N
  • Load Balancing: Yes
  • Failover: Yes
  • Advanced VPN: Yes
  • Size: large - 1.56" x 10.24" x 5.66"
  • Bonding: SpeedFusion Bonding Technology


(GPS and Antenna Ports on the back of the Max HD2)

Internet Load Balancing and Automatic Failover:

Arrange the connections to any priority you want. With the same priority connections will be load balanced and allow you to increase network speed. When a connection fails due to signal or coverage issues the lower priority connections automatically kick in, backing up your failed Internet connections and giving you reliable and high speed Internet access.

Dual Long Range Wi-Fi Radio Built-in:

The Pepwave MAX's Wi-Fi WAN can be used as your incoming connection by connecting to wireless networks from access points you have access to. Once you are within the Wi-Fi network coverage the MAX can automatically switch to the Wi-Fi. The second Wi-Fi radio is dedicated to your local Access Point, giving you the best Wi-Fi experience.

Bandwidth Usage Monitor for Avoiding Unexpected Usage Bills:

Most mobile connection has usage allowance which causes extra data transmitted over the allowance to incur expensive charges. Pepwave MAX bandwidth usage monitor will help you monitor your usage and automatically cut off the connection when the cap is reached. You can browse the Internet freely without the worry of paying extra.

Military Grade VPN Encryption:

The MAX is ideal for public safety and sensitive private communications. Our revolutionary VPN engine allows you to use all available Internet links to load balance and failover your traffic through 256-bit AES encrypted VPN tunnels. Since our VPN engine is designed from the ground up for multiple Internet connections you can be assured that you will be securely connected wherever you are.

Extreme Temperatures, Vibration, Voltage? No Problem:

The MAX is specifically designed for reliable operation no matter what your mobile environment throws at it. Its industrial grade components can withstand extreme conditions ranging from a hot summer trunk to a cold winter night. The Pepwave MAX also features surge protection, so the device-killing ignition is no longer an issue. The included rack mount, or the optional rugged mount, is perfect for mobile environments. Worried about your 3G cards coming loose? We also have a card protector bracket to make sure your various 3g adapters will stay securely in their slots.

No Software, No Middleware, No Hassles:

The MAX has the unique ability to manage multiple Internet connections and security policies all from one device. You don't need expensive software packages or confusing connection managers to be installed on all of your computers. Simply setup your Internet connections and security policies and you are ready to go. With the MAX you will enjoy robust mobile communications without bringing any of your IT staff along for the ride.

Connectivity for Everyone:

The MAX keeps you connected and allows you to share the connection with other devices and computers. The MAX includes a built-in DHCP server, a Wi-Fi Access Point, and a 4-port Ethernet switch, allowing you to share seamless and secure connectivity with any nearby users.

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