iOS 7 Battery Life

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

iOS 7 Battery Life

With every IPhone update there is an underlying fear, a specter over everything that people who enjoy Apple products feel that they just have to learn to live with: battery drainage. With each new iOS comes new and different ways of turning your phone into a paper weight in the time it takes you to get from your house to your car. iOS 7 can do all sorts of exciting new things, but a lot of the new features and apps are big-time battery killers. We've compiled some quick and easy tips for iOS7 users that will let you get the most out of your phone's battery while still enjoying your favorite new iOS 7 features and functionality:

First, there are many apps running in the background that you can easily turn off with one flick of your finger. The worse offenders live within the "System Services" section of the "Settings" app. Tap the "Settings" app on your phone to open it up, then scroll down and tap "Privacy." From here, select "Location Services," then scroll all the way down and tap "System Services":


"System Services" contains several apps that constantly run in the background, sucking down precious battery, and really aren't needed by most users. "Location-Based iAds" allows pop-up ads from local businesses to get pushed to your phone when you're nearby — for example, as you pass by Best Buy an ad may pop up telling you about their cellphone accessory sale. Interesting, but not necessary, so we recommend turning it off! "Popular Near Me" shows you which apps in the App Store are most commonly downloaded by users in your area, which is also somewhat interesting but definitely not necessary. The "Traffic" app is great when you're driving or planning a route, but it's certainly not necessary while you're at work all day or sitting around at home, so turn it off to save some juice!


"Frequent Locations" and "Improve Maps" are two more location-based services that use up a lot of battery. To turn these off, go to "Settings," then choose "Privacy," and then "Location Services":

You can also turn off location-based services for individual apps. You'll need to decide for yourself on an app-by-app basis whether enabling location-based services is worth it for that app's functionality, but one app that most users can disable location services for is Passbooks. While the app is cool thanks to its ability store coupons, membership cards, and event tickets all in one spot, it uses a lot of battery constantly checking GPS to see where you are so it can show you your relevant memberships/tickets/etc based on where you're at. During beta testing, this proved to be a HUGE drain on the battery, so unless you absolutely love that feature, we recommend disabling location services for Passbooks. You can turn location services on or off for each app by going to "Settings" and choosing "Location Services".


Another battery-draining iOS 7 option that most users can do without is the "Reduce Motion" function. This option is typically used by people with visual impairments or those who become nauseated by looking at the screen because of the parallax effects in iOS 7, and most users don't need it. You can turn this off by going to "Settings" and choosing "General" and then "Accessibility":


Many users don't realize that when they're multitasking and toggling between various apps, the apps continually refresh in the background, wasting a lot of battery. To prevent open apps from continually refreshing in the background while you're doing something else, you can set your phone to NOT refresh any apps running in the background (they will refresh only when you toggle over to them). To switch this setting, go to "Settings" and select "General" and turn "Background App Refresh" off: 

Finally, remember that little things like disabling WiFi and Bluetooth when you're not actually using them can help a lot (so your phone isn't constantly searching for a WiFi network when you know there isn't one to connect to anyway). You can also change your email notifications to only check for mail once an hour (or only when you tell it to) instead of fetching new emails automatically.

These little changes may not seem like much, but when added up they can change your phone from that thing that you want to throw through a window to the thing that you love slightly more than life itself.


*** September 22, 2013 Update ***

After updating your iPhone to iOS7 (or your iPhone 5s to 7.0.1), make sure that you don't have any background apps running that are causing your phone to never standby which will severly impact your battery life.  Notice the picture on the left, see how the Usage and Standby times are identical?  This is only OK, if you are constantly using your phone and never putting it to asleep.  If you are not using your phone it should go to standy mode and that will save battery.   Notice the screen below on the right, it actually went into standby mode after a hard reset was done on the phone and the battery life is WAY IMPROVED.  View your usage by goint to  Settings -> General -> Usage

There are 2 things you can do to fix this issue

1) Quit all running apps (Double click home button, slide up each of the running apps)

2) Do a hard reset on your phone (press home and sleep button and keep pressing until you see the Apple logo on your screen) - this will quit any process that is running that is never allowing your iPhone to rest and give you better battery life


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Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 September 2013 )
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