Peplink InControl 2.0 Cloud Management is now available

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Peplink InControl 2.0 Cloud Management is now available

Today Peplink announced official availability of InControl 2.0, which allows you to easily manage your Peplink or Pepwave devices directly through the cloud. It doesn’t matter how many devices you have either, InControl 2.0 can manage 1,000’s of devices on your network. All you need to do is register an InControl 2.0 account and make sure your Peplink or Pepwave box is running 6.1 firmware release. In addition to the new cloud management platform 6.1 firmware gives you AP Controller support for Pepwave Access Points, VLAN support, Captive Portal support and more. Below are some of the highlight features of what InControl 2.0 will offer you:

What can InControl 2.0 do for me?

  • Device Dashboard - Quickly see which devices are online or offline
  • Aggregated events - View events as they occur like a WiFi user connecting to an access point
  • Detailed device information - Quickly check specific devices for uptime, configuration history and client lists
  • GPS Location Mapping - BR1/HD2/Balance 30-LTE embedded products feature real time GPS tracking to see exactly where your fleet drivers are at and how fast they’re traveling
  • Live bandwidth reports - Check real time throughput, daily, weekly and monthly stats with a breakdown on a per device level
  • Device reporting - Check your client totals per day as well as identify what type of equipment they’re using
  • WiFi Management - Manage all SSID networks and configuration settings quickly
  • Firmware Management - Create a scheduled firmware update or quickly flash firmware for multiple units
  • SpeedFusion/PepVPN configuration - Quickly enable VPN connectivity between your main office and branch locations
  • Fleet Management Control - Track a vehicle in real time with speed reports to flag any drivers going over your maximum speed limit defined

How much does InControl 2.0 cost?

One of the best things about InControl 2.0 is the platform is available at no cost! As long as your device is under warranty the service is free to use and has no limit on the number of devices you can associate to the portal. This is especially nice for government agencies or school systems using grant money that don’t factor in recurring service costs. Comparable management services through other manufactures can easily run over $30 annually per device, which makes Peplink or Pepwave equipment really attractive if Cloud Management is something your business needs.

(GPS Tracking Screenshot)

(Device Monitoring)

(Firmware Management)

(SpeedFusion Management)

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