FusionHub Speed Tests

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

FusionHub Speed Tests

Since its early beta release, 3Gstore has been deeply involved in the testing of FusionHub. What is FusionHub? As a summary, it is a new Peplink Virtual Appliance that serves to add SpeedFusion and PepVPN capability to any virtual PC. Uses for FusionHub include creating an easy to manage unbreakable VPN , saving money by eliminating high cost fiber and MPLS lines, and combining the bandwidth of multiple WAN connections to create a single, faster network. Below you'll find the results of our testing when combining bandwidth through FusionHub. The main router we are using is a Peplink Balance 380 , which runs the day to day operations of the 3Gstore warehouse.

The first speed test was run on our primary Comcast connection. You can see it has good download speeds, and a reasonable upload.


The second test was our backup connection from AT&T, reasonable download speeds but weak upload. This means that when we would fail over to AT&T if Comcast had an outage, we were limited in what we could do because of the slower speeds.


The final test is combining the bandwidth of both Comcast and AT&T through FusionHub. You'll see a notable improvement in both the download and upload speeds. Because SpeedFusion is bonding at the packet level, if one of our two connections was to go down, traffic would immediately switch to the other with zero interruption. When you bond two connections with SpeedFusion, there is a 15% overhead reserved for the instructions for how to recombine bandwidth. Traffic splits over the two connections here at the Balance 380, reaches and recombines in the cloud through FusionHub, and then is sent to its final destination. 18 Mbps + 11 Mbps - 15% = 24.65 Mbps, meaning in our testing we were getting the full performance out of our connections.


If we needed more bandwidth, why not just go with a fiber or leased line? Well we certainly could have. The down side of that is the price is higher than the combined price of our less expensive Comcast and AT&T connections. The other down side is we would still have a single internet connection, and a single point of failure. With SpeedFusion and FusionHub, even if one connection drops we are still online like nothing happened, with the exception of reduced speeds. With the right hardware, you can combine the bandwidth of up to 13 WAN connections creating an always on, cost saving, unbreakable intenret connection for your business.

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