Cradlepoint and Peplink Propose Merger

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Tuesday, 01 April 2014

Cradlepoint and Peplink Propose Merger


In an industry shaking turn of events, Cradlepoint and Peplink have called off their ‘Wireless War’ and instead decided its time to work together. Yesterday morning top representatives from each company met to discuss terms on a merger that would see Cradlepoint and Peplink dissolved in favor of the creation of a new company, “Cradlelink Technology.”


A spokesperson representing the new ‘Cradlelink’ company stated that each company wants to better serve their customers by providing a more focused product line with greater compatibility for cellular modems and technology. A wide focus from consumers, small businesses, large enterprises, and m2m deployments, will be possible with the combined knowledge of each company.


While all of this sounds great, current Cradlepoint and Peplink owners and distributors have taken to the internet to protest this merger. #bancradlelink is the most popular hashtag across all of Twitter for the last 24 hours. A new Facebook group, Anti-Cradlelink, started less than 24 hours ago, already has over 100,000 followers. The main reason for the protest? Product name confusion.


As an example, Cradlepoint has the COR IBR 600LE-VZ, while Peplink has the Max HD2 IP67. Cradlepoint also has a cloud management platform called Enterprise Cloud Manager, and Peplink has InControl2. Understanding what these products do is sometimes confusing as it currently stands, while ‘Cradlelink’ could very well end up selling the “CORMax IBR600LE-HD2 IP67 with PepPipe.”


Another argument to the merger came to light earlier this morning when ‘Cradlelink’ posted an image on its newly created Facebook page. Dubbed the “ARC MaxHD6 2500-LEVZAT-SP-4X with SpeedPipe” this product could be ready to hit the shelves as early as next week. One Facebook user has over 50,000 likes when he had this to say about the new product, “Its just too many antennas, and what does it even do?”


Proposed ARC MAXHD6 2500-LEVZAT-4X with SpeedPipe


The FTC is expected to step in and prevent this merger from ever coming to light, with a press release stating “..the benefits of a Cradlelink merger are eclipsed by these lengthy and confusing product names. It simply can not be allowed.”


Keep an eye on EVDOinfo as we update this exciting story as it develops.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 April 2014 )
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