Microsoft Moves Windows 7 from Mainstream to Extended Support & What It Means For You

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Microsoft Moves Windows 7 from Mainstream to Extended Support & What It Means For You  


Windows 7 loyalists everywhere will be disappointed to learn that free support for their operating system will be coming to an end in January, 2015. This will move the product from the 5 year “mainstream support” period, to “extended support.” Extended support means that security fixes will still be included, but all other updates will require payment to obtain. However, Windows 7 support may be worth the money for some who are less willing to switch over to Windows 8.

Some of the biggest complaints of Windows 8 when compared to its predecessor have been that it’s trying to do too much. People are overwhelmed by the “Metro” interface that makes the operating system seem more aimed towards mobile platforms than desktops. In Windows 8.1, Microsoft attempted to rectify this issue by including an option to boot straight to the desktop to avoid the interaction with Metro entirely. However, even after this change customers are experiencing dissatisfaction. There have also been complaints of Wi-Fi driver interaction, and a couple of bugs with the operating system that cause issues while gaming.

For Windows traditionalists, this feeling may be familiar. When Windows Vista was released, XP users were forced into a similar choice between the old reliable system, and the newer product. Windows 7 lovers can find hope in the fact that the popular Windows XP lasted 12 years before support was completely halted in April 2014. Perhaps Windows will make another exception and extend the support for Windows 7 even further when the time comes.

Ultimately, the end of this mainstream support doesn’t mean the death of Windows 7, or the old desktop feel. Windows 7 is only half way through its support “life,” and those who feel compelled to switch to Windows 8 can experience its transformation into a more desktop friendly operating system.

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