CloudCam, Now with Dropbox Support and New Mac Software!

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

CloudCam, Now with Dropbox Support and New Mac Software!

Have you ever wanted to use a remote camera, but have been concerned with how difficult the setup may be? Now, imagine a camera that you can have up and running in a few minutes anywhere in the world! There is nothing else on the market that offers a hassle free setup like you get with a CloudCam. You don't need ANY networking knowledge to setup a CloudCam and can easily deploy them anywhere you have internet access, with virtually any router! You can even use the CloudCam with cellular internet providers without the need for a costly static IP address!

cloudcam dropbox.jpg

(CloudCam HD Pan/Tilt)

The CloudCam has always been capable of recording to multiple different video sources. The options until today included: SD card recording with the built in card reader, recording to a PC with the free CamView software, manually recording to an iOS or Android device with the mobile application, or sending files over the LAN to a NAS (network attached storage). With the latest firmware updates to the CloudCam, automatic video recording to Dropbox is now possible!

Dropbox is an online, cloud based storage provider. From anywhere in the world you have an internet connection, you can log into your dropbox to view or share files of any type. Creating a Dropbox account is free, and you get 2GB of free storage with options to pay for more. Once you have created your Dropbox account, you’ll need to ensure your CloudCam is running on the latest firmware.

Once you've upgraded, log into the CloudCam web interface and sign into your account. Set how you want the camera to record, circular recording or scheduled, and you are set! The CloudCam now uploads video in 5 minute blocks for easy viewing! Once on the cloud you can download and play with the CamPlay software for PC, or play with other media players like VLC and Windows Media! Limits can be assigned to how much storage can be used on Dropbox as well.

(Dropbox Cloud Storage settings)

There are a few things to consider though while using the new Dropbox feature. Free accounts on Dropbox again are only 2GB in size. You can set the camera to circular record where it is constantly deleting and overwriting the old video to overcome this, but you don’t have any longer term records this way. Also, if you are using the CloudCam HD models, the video files are MUCH larger in size. At its maximum resolution, the CloudCam HD records files just over 700MB per HOUR. On a land line internet connection, DSL may struggle to keep up, but high speed cable shouldn’t be a problem. CloudCam users though who have a cellular internet connection… unless you have unlimited and great bandwidth, this should be avoided. In barely half a day, a 5GB data plan can be used. You can of course adjust the camera resolution and frame rate, but with that you sacrifice quality which may not be desirable depending on use.

cloudcam dropbox bandwidth

(1 hour data usage on the CloudCam HD uploading to Dropbox)

Also on the list of CloudCam upgrades is the Mac CamView software. With a fresh new interface that mirrors the existing iPad application, CamView for Mac just became a lot more user friendly. Simple menus to access camera settings and controls, the option to add cameras (without confusing hidden keyboard shortcuts), and stability improvements for the newer HD models are all included with this new version. Each camera has simple 1 click buttons to turn the video feed on and off, record video, take snapshots, and enable and disable audio on compatible models.

(CamView for Mac, with a major software overhaul)

3Gstore has created new Tip Sheets for our online Support Portal detailing the instructions on how to update your CloudCam firmware, as well as how to enable and use the Dropbox feature. Existing and new customers can log into the Support Portal from, by clicking the ‘Log In’ link at the top of the page. Don’t know or forgot your password? Just hit the ‘Forgot Password’ link and we’ll e-mail you a temporary password right away!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.53.15 PM.png

(3Gstore CloudCam Playlist)

Overall the new Dropbox feature is a great addition to the already impressive recording options that new and existing CloudCam owners can use, and the recording options are just a small selection of the much larger feature set found on the Cloudcam. For more information on the CloudCam, visit 3Gstore . To see the CloudCam in action, visit our YouTube channel for an overview of the different models, side by side video comparisons, and a look at the mobile application.


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