“Virgin Mobile Custom” Brings Flexibility to Data-plan Market

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014



“Virgin Mobile Custom” Brings Flexibility to Data-plan Market

For data-plan shoppers, it can be a challenge to find a package that has everything that is needed. Usually, the available options are either too expensive, not enough data, or lacking a reasonable overage policy. Virgin Mobile’s solution to this problem is a fully customizable option for select smartphones called “Virgin Mobile Custom”, that will allow customers to choose exactly which and how much of each data type is needed.

For example, a customer who needs an emergency phone for one-a-week phone calls can get a bare-bones voice only plan for a specific amount of call time. Alternatively, somebody who maintains multiple social media accounts can create a plan specifically catered to that. Interestingly, Virgin Mobile will offer the option of “add-ons” for customers who know exactly what they need, rather than charging by the Gigabyte. For instance, one will be able to purchase a Twitter specific add-on for a fixed monthly charge, that will allow for unlimited tweeting.

Virgin will further demonstrate the theme of flexibility by allowing customers to alter their plan mid-pay cycle. This will be a useful feature allowing customers to “test drive” a plan before changing to one that best fits their needs. It can be difficult to know exactly how much data, or which add-ons you will need until a pay cycle is completed. Whether or not there will be a charge for altering a custom plan is yet to be seen.

Currently, Virgin Mobile Custom is planned for only three Android phones for its launch, but Gigaom reports that more will be unlocked in the future. This plan is expected to be available beginning August 9th of this year, and will only be available through Walmart stores.

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