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Tuesday, 18 April 2017


MDG Services
MDG Computer Services, parent company of wireless and cellular online retailer, is pleased to announce our suite of fulfillment and management services for retailers and resellers. Whether your company has an existing online presence that you are looking to expand upon or streamline, or if you are brand new to eCommerce, MDG Services has a product to help.

MDG was formed in 1988 and in 1997 we created a brand new eCommerce development platform that had a variety of advanced features, allowing many businesses to have an online presence in the early days of online stores. By late 2004, our business started to focus on wireless technology, which led to the launch of

For over a decade, has been a leader in wireless sales and support, winning over countless customers big and small with our friendly website, comprehensive support portal, and dedicated staff. Equally impressive, though, is what goes on behind the scenes. MDG Computer Services has created the most streamlined, customizable eCommerce platform that allows for the management of every aspect of an online store, from purchasing to billing to customer leads. On the logistics side of the business, our inventory management and shipping systems are incredibly efficient and leave virtually no room for human error, meaning every customer receives exactly what they ordered, every time. In 2013, MDG Computer Services began offering these same services that have made such a success to other companies, partnering with a variety of unique businesses to provide eCommerce and fulfillment services.

With the official launch of MDG Services, we are excited to help even more companies make their online presence a success. Our services include:
  • eCommerce: utilize the one-of-a-kind platform that is used to run and other popular stores. Other eCommerce solutions offer basic product catalog and order record tools, but our system goes well beyond the basics. Below are just a few of our unique features:
    • Product pages can be tailored to your unique offerings - add drop-down menus to let customers choose various options, hide pricing on restricted items, link products with similar items, and more.
    • Customer tracking and management
    • Quoting and custom pricing tools to accommodate special relationships with customers
    • Support for non-stock products (backorder notifications, drop ship and special order handling, customizable messaging and displays, etc)
    • Support for a variety of payment and checkout methods, including credit card (, Cybersource), PayPal, Amazon, and purchase order 
    • Inventory management, tracking, and reporting
    • Intelligent and customizable “smart search” 
    • Full integration with FedEx, including tracking updates and automatic delivery audits to find and flag missing or delayed shipments
    • Huge assortment of reports available on demand and pushed automatically (Vendor POS, Product Audit History, RMA Report, Shipping Report, Period Sales Report, Customer Search Log, URL Referral Report, Sales by Account Manager and many, many more!)
  • Fulfillment: outsourcing fulfillment to MDG Services means you can focus on sales and customer relationships while we handle the shipping. We can provide dedicated warehouse space to store and organize your inventory, and each order is shipped via our efficient automated process that virtually eliminates errors (every item on the order must be accounted for via barcode scan before our system will even print a shipping label!). And thanks to our experience and long-standing relationship with leading shipping carriers, we can save you money on packaging and delivery charges.
  • Activations and configurations: if what you sell is more than “just a product,” our activation service is right for you. Our pre-shipping services allow you to offer activations and custom configurations so your customers receive a device that is 100% ready to use. Whether you need us to work with a carrier representative to activate data service or configure a router with special settings, our system and specially trained team can handle the job.
  • White label failover and other managed services: 3Gstore’s unique failover product can be “white labeled” so you can custom-brand and offer it directly to your customers, while utilizing our management platform. Our platform can also be adapted to accommodate other managed service offerings, allowing you to sell, manage, and bill customers all in one place. With everything fully integrated, every aspect of the sale can be managed together, from setting up available stock to accepting a sale to automatically billing the customer each month.

All MDG Services include expert training and documentation from our experienced staff, as well as responsive support. Best of all, everyone on our team knows our systems, tools, and services inside and out, because we use them ourselves every day! We look forward to sharing our expertise with you - contact us to learn more!

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