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Thursday, 13 October 2005
Qualcomm 3G Roadmap

3G Technology is great and has an exciting future. We will discuss the EVDO roadmap. We are currently at EVDO Rev 0. That is the current EVDO that is available from Verizon and Sprint. So, what does the future hold?

The next version of EVDO is currently called EVDO Rev A. WIth this version the download speeds will jump up 25%, the upload speeds will jump 4000% and the latency will be much lower. We estimate that you will be able to get EVDO Rev A PCMCIA Cards and USB devices within 1 year. We are guessing that it will take the carriers longer to deploy EVDO Rev A. So, don't expect anything until possibly 2007 with EVDO Rev A.

So, what can we expect after EVDO Rev A, is that it, are we at the fastest that we can go? NO! After EVDO Rev A, we will see something called Scalable Bandwidth EVDO.

With Scalable Bandwidth EV-DO, we will see 46MB download speeds and 27MB on the upload speeds. WOW!

The great thing about EVDO Rev A and Scalable Bandwidth EVDO, is they are both backward compatible with existing cards and chipsets. This means, as new technology is deployed to the towers, your existing EVDO cards and equipment will still work. They will not work at the faster speeds, BUT the older cards will still work at the speeds they currently work.

Here is a 3G Roadmap from Qualcomm:


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