Verizon Launches Roaming on Cruise Ships

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Friday, 19 May 2006
Effective 5/15/2006, Verizon Wireless will launch roaming service on select cruise ships, beginning with the Carnival Conquest, for $2.49/minute.

Maritime Communications Partners (MCP), joined with Carnival Cruise Lines to launch a combination of: Satellite, GSM and CDMA wireless services on-board cruise ships. Wireless Cruise Ship Service will replace select cruise ships' existing ship-to-shore service.


- All customers will need to utilize a VZW tri-mode or All-Digital handset with the latest PRL.

- All customers with an Over The Air / OTA capable phone should dial *228 while in the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area prior to leaving the U.S. to update the phone with the most recent PRL.


Wireless Cruise Ship Service will initially be offered on the Carnival Cruise Lines aboard the Carnival Conquest as the Conquest sails to its various ports.

- When the Conquest is in port, customers will roam on the local roaming network if avalable.

- When the Conquest is out of range of land-based mobile phone networks (out at sea), Wireless Cruise Ship Service becomes available for voice calls.

- The Carnival Conquest sails from Galveston, TX to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel. Customers will be billed per their Calling Plan while in Galveston, TX until they reach international waters (12 miles from coast)

-Calls in progress when leaving a port will be dropped when entering international waters. Calls in progress when entering a port will be dropped when the land-based service is detected.

-Wireless Cruise Ship Service offers voice service only. VerizonWireless services and calling features such as:Text Messaging, Caller ID, etc., are not available with Wireless Cruise Ship Service.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 September 2006 )
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