EVDO Booster Antenna

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Tuesday, 04 April 2006

Tired of spotty service or dropped connections? Use the booster antenna to enhance your wireless service!

Each Booster Antenna comes with a cable specific to your device. If you have more than one device with an antenna port, you can use the same antenna, but you will need to purchase a different cable for each device.

Included in the package is:

  • Booster Antenna
  • Antenna stand to allow the Booster Antenna to stand vertically
  • cable which is 3 feet 7 inches long - specific to your device
  • 2 suction cups to attach to the antenna (not required to use, good for mounting in a car windshield)
  • includes EVDO Data Card Adapter cable for (KPC650, AC580, 620, 5220) (not compatible with PC5740 - since it doesn't have an antenna port)

The cable length is the manfacturer's optimum length for best performance.
(We do sell an extender, but with each additional foot of cable there is signal loss!)

Improves signal strength for both 1xEVDO (BroadbandAccess) and 1xRTT (NationalAccess).

How big is the booster antenna?

4.5"(height) x 3.3" (width)x 0.4"(depth)
The base portion detaches and the antenna and base fit easily in any briefcase or laptop bag (even a purse!).

Read some additional customer comments here:

Purchase a Booster Antenna for your Data card, PDA or Phone

Last Updated ( Saturday, 17 June 2006 )
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