MacBook Sharing EVDO with Parallels

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Monday, 13 November 2006

Sharing Your EVDO Connection with Parallels

Once you plug in your Novatel V640/V740 ExpressCard on Verizon or your Franklin CDU-550 USB Modem, Merlin EX720 on Sprint, your Mac has wireless broadband internet, BUT many have found that running Parallels cannot access the internet, even though your Mac has an internet connection. This technote will step you through, the settings to allow your single EVDO connection to be used from your Mac or Windows running under Parallels.

Note, this technique as been tested with the following EVDO Cards:

Latest Update - it also works with the latest Rev A ExpressCards:

  • Novatel V740 Rev A ExpressCard - Verizon
  • Merlin EX720 Rev A ExpressCard - Sprint
  • May work with others  devices too


1. Update your Parallels software to the latest workstation to build 1970 October 31, 2006 (or greater)


2. Be sure that your Ethernet/Network Adapter is set to Default in Parallels

If you are using the Franklin CDU-550 skip to step 5.

3. You must Have VZAccess Manager (vs. using the built-in Apple EVDO Driver Support) installed and running (e.g you must be connected) for this connection work around to function properly.

4. Verify your port settings in System Prefs-→Network→Location→National Access- Broadband Access→Show→Port Configurations→(Verify that QLM-640-pccard-modem0000105 is checked)

If you do not see a "QLM-640" option, you need to do the following: Uninstall VZAccess, Remove V640 Network Ports, Restart MacBook, Re-install VZAccess 3.0.1, rerun Activation and then you will see a "QLM-640" network port. If you do not see a "QLM-640" port these steps WILL NOT work.

5. Next, go to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet (tab)

6. If using the Novatel V640 ExpresCard:

Choose from the Drop Down Selection: Share Your Connection From: QLM-640-pccard.

If using the CDU-550:

Choose from the Drop Down Selection: Share Your Connection From: CMOTECH CDMA Technologies.

7. Check the on box for the ethernetport of : Built –In-Ethernet

8. Click the start button to begin sharing the Internet connection via the V640 (or Franklin CDU-550)

9. Open a terminal window (Applications→Utilities Folder→Terminal)

10. Type the following to obtain your carriers DNS information.

11. more /etc/resolv.conf You should receive a listing for your Primary and Secondary DNS servers, record them for later use.

12. Start up you Windows Connection and once booted, navigate to your LAN connection TCP/IP settings. Start -> Network Connections -> Local Area Connection -> Properties ->Internet Protocol TCP/IP -> Properties -> Use the following DNS server addresses

13. This is where you will need to enter in the manual DNS information so that your connection can resolve Internet requests in Parallels.

Here is a snapshot of Parallels running with internet connection on a MacBook Pro 15".

In our testing, performance was about the same when accessing the internet through Parallels.

We do not provide telephone tech support for this tech note or Parallels. We do have a discussion thread on this topic on EVDOforums (see link below). If you purchased your EVDO card from us, we will provide priority support on the discussion forums.
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