PC 5220 and Dell Latitude 600 Series

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Monday, 21 March 2005
Even though this story cannot be 100% confirmed, we are posting this, so that it may help someone or at least cause someone to look into this further.

While surfing the different threads, on found this interesting information. So, if you have one of these laptops and considering a PC 5220 card, do your research.

Warning to Dell Latitude 600 Series customers:

DO NOT try the Sierra Wireless card in your Dell. The bus voltage of the PCMCIA slot is slightly different, and it will hose you like a fireman on a burning house. We called Verizon, and they said "oh, that's a known issue". Known issue.......ummm.....I never saw it ANYWHERE on the web site.

So, we've got some of the Novatel cards on order, we'll see if that doesn't work a little better. We'll let you know if the Dell likes them any better.

We called Verizon Wireless Tech Support (866-658-8823) to confirm. They told us as long as you are using PC 5220 Rev P8A, you will not have a problem.

So, we have 2 stories, not sure which one is correct. If you have one of these laptops, and it works OR doesn't work, please report your results to EVDO Forums. We have had others report that this is a known problem.

ImageListen to our phone conversation

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