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Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Sprint Novatel Ovation U720 and Mac


Sprint has a USB device called the Ovation U720, but there are a few problems for Mac users. Sprint doesn't provide support for Mac OS, so the U720 that you purchase at a Sprint store OR directly from Sprint will not "work out of the box" with your Mac. Apple and Novatel both released Mac drivers recently, and this makes the process a little easier, BUT there are still a lot to make it work. Also, Apple doesn't support Sprint cards and Sprint doesn't offer Mac tech support.

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We have been providing Mac support for EVDO cards since 2005. When you purchase your Sprint U720 from us, you get the same pricing as buying it from Sprint directly, but you get these important differences:

  • pre-activate card for Mac Use (adds 1 day and extra shipping, no charge for our service)
  • include all needed Mac software on CD (for intel and PPC G3/G4/G5 Macs)
  • include 8 page instructional PDF on CD
  • provide free support  by phone/email/iChat. ($75 per incident if you bought elsewhere)

If you have an iBook, PowerBook, or any other Mac laptop or desktop (even intel based), drivers are included.

If you should need help, our sales and support team are your Mac EVDO experts. You will be up and running in minutes and our PDF will explain tips and hidden features of using your Ovation U720 with your Mac.

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EVDOinfo recently became a Sprint Master Agent, which means we can:

  • honor corporate discounts you may already get with Spint
  • honor employee purchase programs you may qualify for with Sprint and your employer
  • offer discounts on antennas and amplifiers (currently 50% off our booster antenna!)
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If you already have access to a Windows PC (or BootCamp on your intel Mac), you can activate the U720 yourself and we will email you the drivers and PDF (don't request 'Mac PreActivate' on the order form). However, if you want your card to come pre-activated with the latest firmware, PRL and ready to plug and play, just request "Mac Pre-activate" on our order form.



Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 May 2007 )
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