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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

V740, EX720, KPC680 or 597E Rev-A ExpressCards in laptops with PCMCIA (PC Card Slot) using Novatel PCMCIA to ExpressCard Adapter.

There is a big dilemma for owners of older laptops. Your older 15/17" PowerBook or older Windows laptop has a PCMCIA slot, but almost all the newer laptops only come with an ExpressCard slot. If you were to purchase an EVDO Card in the PCMCIA form factor now, you would NOT be able to use it in a new laptop (if you should upgrade during your 2 year contract). This dilemma has kept many older laptop users from buying an EVDO card. So, what do you do? Turn to for the solution, of course!

For the past few months now, we have been selling and supporting an ExpressCard Adapter which allows an ExpressCard/34 card to work in a PCMCIA card slot. It works great. More importantly, if you have an older laptop (e.g. 15/17" PowerBook) and you may be upgrading to a newer laptop soon (e.g. MacBook Pro), you can purchase ONE mobile broadband card NOW and have it work with both laptops.

If you purchase a PCMCIA mobile broadband card now, it could cost you $329.99 or more to buy a Rev-A ExpressCard as an upgrade to a new laptop that only has an ExpressCard slot. Instead of getting stuck with a high-priced upgrade, buy your ExpressCard today with the ExpressCard adapter added to your order. Later, when you upgrade your laptop, just remove the ExpressCard from the adapter!

Below is an example of Sprint's Merlin EX720 inserted into an ExpressCard adapter, which is inserted into a PowerBook G4 15 inch. Sprint's Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E and Verizon's KPC680 and V740 work the same way.

XCA3 ExpressCard to PCMCIA adapter next to Verizon V740

When you want to use your 597E, EX720, KPC680 or V740 in a new laptop with an ExpressCard slot, just remove the ExpressCard from the adapter.

XCA3 with Verizon V740

Some folks have expressed concern that using the adapter will reduce the potential speeds from the ExpressCards... Our tests have proven to us that it is not the case. There is no loss of speed that can be attributed to the use of the Novatel ExpressCard adapter.

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