OpenDNS Speeds Up Mobile Broadband

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Friday, 09 March 2007

Change DNS to Speed up Your EVDO Card - Using OpenDNS

Some of our customers have experienced problems with Sprint / Verizon / Alltel / AT&T DNS. You enter a web site to visit and it seems that your browser just sits there for 5-10 seconds before doing anything. On the internet, whenever you enter in a domain name such as, a DNS Server has to change the name to an IP Address. This happens every time you visit a web site, send an email or type any internet address.

If a DNS server is down, it will appear as the internet is down. If a DNS serfer is bogged down with requests, it can take time to resolve your request. Some users have reported, that Sprint had some DNS slow down issues.

There is an easy way to fix this problem for mobile internet DNS slow down issues. Don't use the default DNS servers that carriers provide, take control and use faster ones (that are free too).

We recently started using OpenDNS and we have been completely amazed how much faster our mobile broadband experience was.

Setting up Open DNS is easy, just enter the following two DNS entries as your DNS Servers:

If you are using on a Mac, your Network Settings should look like this:


If you are using Windows XP, your Network Settings should look like this:


If you don't now exactly how to make these changes you can visit:

It is FREE to use OpenDNS. How do they make their money? If you have a typo when entering a domain name in a browser, instead of displaying an error page, they will display a page by paid advertisers that might be similar. If you never have a typo, you will never see the page.


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