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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Verizon V740 Rev A ExpressCard

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Thursday March 15, 2007. Verizon today has announced the Novatel V740 Rev A ExpressCard from Novatel. The Verizon V740 is a Rev A ExpressCard/34 that replaces the Novatel V640 Rev 0 ExpressCard/34. The V740 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.8 or higher and will have a retail launch on March 30 ,2007. We received our initial shipment a few weeks early, and started shipping to customers on Monday March 19, 2007 :)

For MacBook Pro users, they can use the included VZAccess Software OR use the latest Apple WWAN Update for even easier use. is selling the V740 Rev A ExpressCard for $79.99 on a new 2 year service plan at $59.99/mo. now offers two different ExpressCard Adapters, the expresscard-to-pcmcia adapter which allows the V740 to be used with older laptops with PCMCIA slots as well as some compatible 3G routers; and a MicroU2E usb-to-expresscard adapter which allows the v740 to be used with any computer with a USB port, and some other  3G routers like the Cradlepoint CTR350 and PHS300!


V740 with Cradlepoint CTR350
V740 with Cradlepoint PHS300
 The Verizon V740 also works great with the new Cradlepoint MBR1000 -- the first EVDO Router with a native ExpressCard Slot!

Verizon direct pricing is $129.99 for the Novatel V740, save $50 by ordering from the EVDO experts (and get our great support too)

If you already have a Verizon EVDO Card and you are looking to upgrade to the latest EVDO Rev A, please contact us after 4/1/2007 for availability and pricing.

Attention MacBook Pro Users. When ordering from us, in the order notes add "Send Apple WWAN PDF" and we will email you tips and tricks on how you use Apple's WWAN Update that supports the V740.

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