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Sunday, 31 December 2006

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Alan Alda says thanks to 3GStore crew
Alan Alda thanks the 3GStore crew

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"my first wifi experience"

Just wanted to let you know That I am pleased with the CTR350. This my first wifi experience , I plugged it in and less than 5 minutes it was up and running. Thanks for offering great products.

D. Whorton
emailed - 02/12/09


"superb service"

Just got some phone help installing my Sprint595 AirCard drivers. All I can say is "superb service!" He knew exactly what I needed and how to do it. He walked me through the whole process and I was using the AirCard in my Mac before we hung up! (It's been working just fine for over a year in my TopGlobal Router, I just needed to take my laptop on a trip and had never had the occasion to use the aircard via the PCMCIA slot.)

I am sooooo glad I bought my router and air card through - You guys are terrific. BTW, I am a full time RVer and I spread the word about you every where I travel. Keep up the great service.

Ron S.
emailed - 02/09/09

"What a diffence"

Wow.  I got my UM175 Omni antenna from 3Gstore today. Alltel has given up on helping me, even the rep at 3Gstore wasn't sure the antenna would do much difference. I haven't even started playing around with antenna location, for now it's just sitting on the porch because I can't climb my pregnant butt up on the roof to get a solid mount yet. I had almost zero connection before (thanks to the crappy tin roof)...and now....

Let's hope it improves even more once I can catch the RevA that I used to only see for short moments before.

taelir EVDOforums - 02/05/09

"Kudo's to"

Today I placed my first order with and the entire process was handled exceptionally well.  My call was answered right away.  The expert advice helped me to select the right products for my needs.  My order was ready in just a couple of hours.  Installation was a breeze, thanks in part to the helpful tip sheets that accompanied my order.  The USB broadband modem and 3G router were activated and loaded with the latest firmware when I plugged them in for the first time, and I was on-the-air within a few minutes.

So often we hear people say that you can’t find good customer service anymore.  Well, they only need to look to, talk to the folks on the phone, and make a visit to Cary, Illinois, to find that, in fact, good customer services still exists if you know where to look!

I will visit again for accessories and future orders.  As a technical consultant, I will also refer my clients to when they have similar needs.

Keep up the excellent work and wishing you continued success,


Craig Dieckman 02/03/09
Dieckman Group, LLC

"Great products and great customer support"

I just wanted to let you know that i purchased the Cradlepoint CTR350 from you guys and it works perfectly with the Novatel MC727 with nTelos Mobile Broadband service.  Thanks for providing such great products and great customer support.  You provided great support even before i was a customer, not often that you find that kind of commitment.

R.Shaver - 01/28/09

"Palm and Verizon were no help; you were"

You just sold me a Cradlepoint CTR500. This is to confirm that it did easily allow me to use my Verizon Centro as a modem to get on the net w/ my MacBook Pro, even though the combination was not known to work. Palm and Verizon were no help; you were.

It was quick and easy and I'm getting stronger internet than the FIOS wireless router gives me.

Thank you for your help. The router will pay for itself in 90 days and after that I will save $600/yr by getting rid of aircard service which I only need for about two months of the year.

J.Shuey - 01/26/09

"What a great product"

I received my CTR500 this week and I will say this.....this is the third best invention ever!! The first being the internet, of course. The second being the mobile USB modem and Cradlepoint CTR500 is the third best invention! What a great product!
I live in small town USA in Marion, NC. We have a 300 acre farm with no access to DSL or cable. we have been on dial up service for 17 years and I was so sick and tired of the slow sluggish process I just had to try something new. I went to our local verizon store and got a USB modem with 5 GB plan. I then decided everyone in my household should have this great of a time surfing so I purchased the CTR500, set it up, and it works like a charm. Keep in mind I am a housewife, farm girl, and have no technical skills whatsoever. But I managed to hook our network up without a hitch. Thank you so much for this great product. The only thing I need now is a little antenna so my sons room has a bit better signal. I will order that tonight or in the morning! Thank you again!!

B.Coats - 01/24/09

"Very Smooth, very professional"

I received help to set up my MBR1000 from Dario.  I want to tell his supervisor that Dario did an excellent job.  He was patient with an old man who just learned HiFi and is now finding himself in a WiFi world. Dario explained what steps he was going to take to solve my problem and then he talked me in following those steps which then made my system connect to the Internet through the router.  Very smooth, very professional.  Give him a raise!

Col.R.L.Burton USAR Ret. - 01/06/09

"Thanks for telephone support..."

Good morning Victor,
My wife and I would really like to express to you one more time our deepest “Thanks” for your telephone support 12-30-08. We had been advised and put on a treadmill of wrong information but one session with you fixed all of the dilemmas. Your knowledge and support went way beyond and solved all issues on our router and broadband that had been occurring for three weeks.
As we enter this coming year of 09 your companies name and testimony about employing professional, qualified people will be passed on to all parties in need of your services and products.
Happy New Year and blessings to you and your company.

s.a. carter - 01/02/09

" trained people..."

i just wanted to mention that you have the best support out there and the best trained people working for you...they have assisted me completly and honestly since day one...I also wanted to mention victor helped me out a great deal yesterday over the phone as well as recent thank all of you.

mjpalmer - 12/30/08

"...PRESTO we have wireless internet service now..."

Sharon and I are volunteering at a very remote location in the Florida Everglades. We have been here for almost 6 weeks with no cell phone service and no internet connection. We're not big internet users and we did not think that it would be a big deal having to drive into civilization once a week to check on emails and to conduct on-line business.

You know the old saying "you don't know what you got till it's gone"?

I received our new Verizon USB727, Cradlepoint CTR350 wireless router, Wilson direct-connect amplifier, Wilson RV omni external antenna, and misc. hardware from the 3GStore yesterday 12-24-08. I had already selected and cut a 14 ft. section of cane from the vegetation growing behind our rig and devised a mounting scheme for the antenna installation on our ladder. The total (temporary) installation of all components took less than an hour and PRESTO we have wireless internet service now. Sometime over the next few weeks I'll complete the permanent installation now that I see how the equipment and wiring needs to be placed.

I have not done any speed checks yet but this is like a miracle to us after having absolutely no signal at all here in this remote thicket. A few weeks ago EVDOAlex and I figured out that we are located on the extreme west edge of the Verizon coverage for this area.

Thanks Alex. Thanks 3GStore.

boogity on escapees rv forum - 12/25/08

"Grateful Appreciation"

I want you to know that the Cradlepoint 3G router, Wilson antenna, and Verizon USB727 card arrived with no problem at my father's address in Virginia. I read all of the instructions last evening (while in a campsite at a Virginia State Park). This morning I plugged in the router and installed the card and IMMEDIATELY I was connected. I have not attempted to install he antenna yet. I was surprised that there was enough signal out in this state park to get me connected.
I have been pleased that the Verizon 3G card has brought me to the internet when my AT&T cell phone does not even show that I can make or receive a telephone call. I have asked my mother-in-law to email us rather than phone us!
Thanks for your help. I know that I can call upon you if I need some further assistance.

With grateful appreciation,
Mike Williams - 11/14/08

"Thanks 3G for the great service"

I got my new router today and once I got home I looked at the directions, plugged in the router, plugged my phone into it, plugged my network cable to my desktop, and fired up my laptop and boom it was working. Thats awesome that its a no brainer to setup. Thanks 3Gstore for the great service!


EVDOforums post - 11/05/08

"Great Support from 3GStore"

I recently purchased a Verizon USB727 and a cradlepoint MBR1000 router.
Everything worked great on set up until I tried to get on the router with my desktop which uses a Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter. 3Gstore support spent 45 minutes troubleshooting a devise I did not purchase from them and finally solved my problem and got my desktop connected to the router. Great service which will bring me back as a future customer.

EVDOforums post - 11/04/08


I was having some problems setting up my Ovation u727 .... but a call to 3Gstore support got me up an running in SHORT ORDER .... I called just before closing time and was talking to a support person who was stationed in Sacremento, CA ..... he needed to pick up his son from school, but stayed with me until I was up and running.

I had another minor issue with the MBR1000 router and called the next day .... and got the same tech support person. I asked if he made it to pick up his son OK ... and the answer was YES

3Gstore tech support people are FANTASTIC .....
Dave Kulas

EVDOforums post - 10/24/08

"3Gstore ROCKS"

The company I work for has six rv's that we use for film and photo shoots. The jobs run from a single day to several days. We always have new people showing up wanting to get on to the net with their own computers.

We have been using the Topglobal MB8000 for for about two years. It has been a constant frustration to get any kind of support from them.

Around January of this year I started emailing and phoning the 3Gstore sales section. The owner of my company was not interested in switching over right then as he had spend around $800 for each Topglobal. I kept going back to the 3Gstore to keep up with things. Two weeks ago, the owner decided that he had enough of the Topglobal and wanted out.

Since I was up to speed with what we needed thanks to the 3Gstore's support throughout the year, buying what we needed was quick. In the entire year of asking my questions , the 3Gstore never pressured me into buying anything, they just kept answering my concerns.

We got our order of 6 Cradlepoint routers a few days ago and I called their tech support 3 times to set things up. Their support was a absolute pleasure especially compared to Topglobal. The same kudos to their sales staff.

Thank you 3Gstore.
John DeAngelo

EVDOforums post - 10/22/08

"New User, 3Gstore support"

I got my USB727/CTR500 today, called for help with setting up. Dario answered and in a matter of minutes, had me up and running. Thanks 3Gstore for the excellent support.

Just got my USB727 & CRT 500 router from 3GStore and PERFECT would be an understatement. Ordered on Monday, got it on Wednesday, called CS and in a matter of minutes was set up.

I can not say enough about how pleased I am.

Had Hughes Net Sat and calling India for help. Paid $300 to get out of the deal. Best $300 I ever spent...

(and more, via email - 10/08)
I have posted a 100% positive review. You folks are great. I also posted on the Escapees forum where I
found you folks.

Thanks again for the great service. Thanks Alex for the free freight on my birthday.

You have no idea how much better this is over HughesNet Sat. I paid $300 to get out of my contract early.
Talking to India was just not worth it.

Having some one in the USA that talks ENGLISH is great. Dario was excellect and helped me thru the
security set up, after I screwed it up.

Thanks Again...
Jim Brooks

EVDOforums post - 10/07/08

"Shipping and Returns Departments"

Just a quick note to Thank-You for your great service.
It is not easy to find that kind of service today.

Art R. - Michigan
Letter rec'd - 10/06/08

"Victor from 3GSTORE was a great help!"

Get this last February, I bought a ctr-350 from 3GSTORE and I called 3GSTORE for help with connection problems, and they still helped me as if I bought it yesterday. Victor knew allot about connections to PS3 through EVDO, I'm very happy that there is a company that specializes in this. Not only did Victor help me troubleshoot my connection problems, he helped me get a ethernet switch hooked up that I was having problems with, because last time I called he said I should get one. Note I did not purchase the switch from 3GSTORE, but he helped me get it working anyway, great service! Very Happy

EVDOforums post - 09/23/08

"...I am very pleased with the purchase (the 3GStore rocks)"

Yesterday, I replaced my Wilson Cellular 3 watt direct connect amp with the In-Vehicle Wireless amp, and all I gotta say is WOW, what a difference it made for me.

When CradlePoint routers came out with load balancing for multiple modems, I had to figure out a way to amplify two modems with one amp and one antenna. I could either use a combiner with my direct connect amp, or go with the wireless unit that supports connecting multiple devices.

I spoke with Wilson engineers, and was told that the wireless unit was more powerful than the direct connect (35 vs 40), and that the wireless would connect to the modems just as good as the direct connect, and that they would choose the wireless "hands down" over the direct connect.

All I gotta say is I got a huge improvement. With the direct connect, I was getting 60 to 80db readings, and with the wireless unit, it dropped to -51 for both modems (a Sprint 727, and an Alltel UM-150).

Then we got paid the bonus. Our two cell phones went from 2-3 bars to "all bars", and the dead zones came alive.

I am very pleased with the purchase (the 3GStore rocks), and can highly recommend the wireless amp of you are interested in max performance for multiple devices.

I only wished I had bought the wireless to begin with, as now I am stuck with two amps.

EVDOforums post - 09/12/08

"...I'm sure glad I spent it with 3gstore!"

I ended up calling 3gstore. I got Scott (who told me during the conversation that he was not on commission and was working from home). He patiently listened while I took him through the problem I was trying to solve. Then he laid out the solution. USB modem (he said they don't really recommend the cards any more which is good cause one of my computers has that slot in use) with Sprint or Verizon 5GB service.

He then went on to recommend Sprint because of my usage. I will not use this much but when I do, it might well exceed 5GB. He said Verizon will slap some heavy duty charges (something like $250 if I hit 6BG). He said that Sprint might well do nothing or might send me a hand slapping email. And might take action only after repeated abuse.

I factored my previous satisfaction with Sprint and my brother's true hatred of Verizon into the equation and bought the deal.

I got to 3gstore by reading a fair number go good reviews and forum comments and I may soon be adding my own. Scott offered up all kinds of free support - technical or otherwise. (Maybe next time someone pisses me off about something, instead of whining about it here, I'll just call them for some sympathy.)

And, I have 30 days to try out the hardware and service and cancel if I want. He also offered to take my order or let me do it through the website which I thought was terrific. I chose the website and their ordering process was very straightforward. I got a little itch when they wanted my social security and drivers license number and then I remembered the Sprint contract.

To top it off, I got the requisite order acknowledgment emails, and then an extra one from Scott apologizing for spelling Dennis with one n on the invoice and assuring me that he had caught it and fixed it before it got into the system!

I'm not happy about spending all this money ($70 a month plus about $50 in start up/hardware fees) but if I have to spend it, and I do to keep my sanity, I'm sure glad I spent it with 3gstore!

All in all, I was quite impressed and will definitely recommend you to anyone I discover has similar needs.

Susan Dennis

blogpost  - 09/11/08 

"Tremendous Phone Experience"

I'm a customer experience expert by trade, and I had to contact you to tell you how tremendous my phone experience was today. I called and had virtually no wait before I was connected to Maureen. She was personable and helpful, but then tranfserred me to Victor who had some great technical tips and advice. He was also very easy to talk with.

I was struck with how Victor found out my needs and sold me not on the most expensive solution for my problem, but on the solution I really NEEDED. In addition, he had some great ideas for improving my connectivity speed and online experience--even though the ideas involved making purchases from
other stores.

All in all, I was quite impressed and will definitely recommend you to anyone I discover has similar needs.

Kevin Scoresby, Ph.D.
President, Scoresby Interactive

emailed  - 09/08/08 

"I’m SO glad I discovered"

I’m SO glad I discovered [thanks to my experienced RVer buds at]. offer exemplary customer service as profiled in Seth Godin’s book, Meatball Sundae.

Through, I was able to purchase a Kyocera Router and plug in my aircard to literally create our own HOTSPOT!! We also purchased a small antenna that helps boost the signal.

The fab peeps at 3Gstore helped me with all the set up and configuration to make sure the connection is secured with a key. That way, wherever we go, no one else can tap into our signal.


Ty & Mari Smith
Blogpost  - 09/07/08 

USB727 + IBM Thinkpad R61i + Verizon + 3GStore = Win!

First I want to thank everyone here with their assistance and answers to the questions I had in regards to EVDO and comparison of different modems and types (USB vs. ExpressCard, etc.)

I have friends that live in a great country area that has one major unfortunate problem. No broadband capability through cable, DSL, or FIOS. However, they live within a couple miles of a nice big cell phone tower. Smile

That is where EVDO and 3Gstore came into play. Being in IT, I had never really heard of the technology offered, but my friends were looking for ANYTHING that could be better than dialup internet. So I decided to suggest a laptop for them to buy, and advise them to give EVDO a shot. As it turns out, they don't appear to need a booster antenna, and the laptop with the USB727 (and a short USB extension cable) works wonderfully at all areas inside the house. On the speedtest website I was getting downloads of anywhere from 1500KB to 2100KB while uploading at around 500K. It may not be cable speeds, but its a far cry from dialup which in their case was never even close to 56K or even 28.8.

Thanks again 3GStore, and thanks to the members of EVDOforums.

EVDOforums post - 09/05/08 

3GStore Goes above the rest with Unmatched Customer

I had called the 3Gstore and spoke to Victor about a product I had already purchased. The product was a Linksys WRT54G3G-ST. I purchased this product online. The product support was in INDIA and I could not get anyone who was knowledgeable about the product I had purchased. After being on hold for 35min and speaking to two support people I was disconnected when they could not answer my questions on compatibility issues. They told me prior to me purchasing a Sprint air card that is would work. Come to find out Sierra cards will not and only a few Novatel cards will work.

I called the 3Gstore which I had come across online. I spoke with Victor who explained why I was having issues with the router I had purchased and what my best course of action would be.

Victor never told me to send my item back and buy from him. I was treated as if I purchased the router from his company. I did in-fact send the router back and took Victors advice on my application and purchased the CradlePoint MBR1000. I also purchased the USB device for another desktop in my home.

I had the shipment Fed-Exed and was here the next day.

I spent some time trying to figure out how to get into the router and decided to call 3G support. I spoke with Victor again who helped me set up 2 desk tops and a laptop. Never did he get frustrated as I was nor did he say sorry its 5:00PM and were closing. Victor continued to help me till we finished and that was 5;45PM. He even made sure he had my phone number in case we got disconnected. There is not a price you can put on support like the 3G store has.

I'm sure you have felt helpless after hours or on the phone with someone in another country and you can not get a US based support staff. Well I know 99% of these items are not made in the USA but if we can no longer buy AMERICAN at least we can use the USA customer support offered by the 3GStore. I would have paid double what my item cost for the support I received. So when you shop online don't just look at price there is US customer support, the price is not everything at 5:01PM.

EVDOforums post - 09/03/08 

Thanks Victor

I too, wish to express a hardy thanks to Victor for his outstanding support from the 3Gstore. My wife utilizes a 5 yr. old laptop which demanded additional tinkerings to co-exist in a wi-fi environment. Victor's ability to successfully navigate me through the computer settings was stellar. Whenever a company follows through on their "tech-support promise", loyalty will prevail. I happen to be one of the many satisfied customers. Thank-you-kindly for your efforts Victor and congrats on becoming a dad!

scott m
EVDOforums post - 09/02/08 

AMAZING Technical Support from Torrey at 3GStore

I was extremely impressed with the quality of service combined with the extreme knowledge of many products. Additionally, Torrey went beyond the call of duty to contact my Satellite internet provider (HughesNet) to get all necessary information to configure my Kyocera KR2 Mobile Router with both the HughesNet Modem and to extend my WiFi network with an Apple Airport Extreme. Apple was unable to do this.

I am very happy with the WiFi network in my home as well. The Kyocera KR2 solved my problem connecting to a VPN network at work, by allowing me to use an Aircard on the desktop computer.

Thanks Torrey for all of your help!

EVDOforums post - 08/27/08 
My Success with USB727, omni antenna and amp

My story starts off with the Verizon usb727. Nearly 4 miles from Evdo tower. Got nearly 2 bars of signal and over 105-115 db Jumping all over. Slow download and upload but still faster than dialup cant remember exact but around 500-800 down and 100-200 kbs up. So i decided to order a wilson trucker antenna, very big help!!! After spending an hour or so inside my house I managed to get it down to around 75 db using my laptop as a signal meter. Than I hit very good speeds over 1000 down and 250 up ever time. So very happy with that I decided to order a amp, ordered the 3 watt wilson amp I think the (811201) dual band. This was the best upgrade yet, I was not expecting much considering my gains already but as soon as I plugged it in I hit 55 db, Wow!!! Very fast now everytime over 1900 down and 450 up, Peaked once at 2200 d and 550 up. Also I am now running a cradlepiont 350 router which is good but my evdo still runs faster threw the laptop directly connect with an usb extension cable. I have yet to try a old sate dish to pick up some more signal but my friends have had very good results. As the main purpose for my evdo is for online gaming here are some results that I have came up with.
Call of duty 4 on xbox 360- a constant 3 green bars very playable all day long as long as you get a good host.
World of Warcraft on PC- a green signal ranging from 150-250 ms depending on how much is going on.
Overall very impressed coming from hughesnet!! Thanks for all the help evdoforum and 3gstore!!!!

EVDOforums post - 08/22/08 

Great Purchase Experience

Just a not to say how pleased we are with the purchase of our CTR500 router.
Scott took the order and was very helpful. After receiving the router I had both of our computers up and running on the network in less than 30 min. Thanks for a great purchase experience.

Barry and Joyce C.
Tillamook, OR

email rec'd 08/20/08
CTR500 using KPC 680 on Alltel

Just wanted to let the group know I've been using a CTR500 now for a few weeks with great success. I'm a former KR-1 user and since I've been using the CTR 500, I've not looked back. Quick positive blurbs I can report to all of you are:

  • what feels like a 2x performance increase over the KR-1
  • KPC680 Expresscard works great in the onboard Expresscard slot. (If the latch doesn't work, you've not pushed the card in far enough....)
  • DHCP works right,
  • WiFi works right, whether you are using the onboard ethernet LAN or not.
  • I'm feeding the one ethernet LAN port of the CTR 500 to a local switch, providing DHCP and internet access to multiple systems and it's working like a champ.
  • Using an iPod Touch via WiFi with my CTR 500, no problems. (I'm using it only in WPA mode....)
  • No more power-cycling like the KR-1
  • Admin web pages work like a champ!
  • Cisco v5 VPN client works w/no mods to the CTR 500
  • FINALLY, Skype works reasonably well over my EVDO service. No VoIP voice options worked at all over the KR-1

It's an excellent product. Bought mine from 3Gstore and they filled the order quickly and got it to me next-business day. 3Gstore ROCKS!

EVDOforums post - 06/28/08 
3GStore Tech Support

I am extremely impressed and pleased: I, like "Momzilla," am in a rural area and have had to operate my home business without high speed access for years. I have been thrilled to finally find an affordable solution through the cellular technology that's finally coming around. 3G Store was recommended to me by Sierra Wireless, with a Sprint representative on the line. I had been trying for two months to find a wireless access point to hook up one of the newest EVDO phones and had spent hours talking to every manufacturer plus a few computer stores. Many were full of complements for my efforts to make this work, and they all wanted to come up with a solution, but none could get past the fact that Sprint had changed its hardware without waiting for manufacturers they "supported" to make their equipment and software/connections compatible. Once I made it to 3G Store, I was able to very quickly find compatible devices, find helpful information about how those devices were working for real users, ask for specific advice and get a great response within 24 hours, call a line which easily directed me to a "presale" option, order the right part for a good price, and have it delivered immediately. And here's the best part - when I called for technical help to set it up (the hold music was much more tolerable than any I've heard in a long time), somehow, I managed to call in just when you were having a meeting - I did hang up after a half an hour of waiting (ran out of time), but someone called me back and apologized!!! That's a first! When we did finally connect, the process was enjoyable, efficient, and extremely successful. This operation is 100% Class A!!!! And the price was very competitive and the shipping options were fair and secure. I am truly impressed and pleased! I wish I had known about 3G Store when I first started on this crazy endeavor!

EVDOforums post - 06/28/08 

"Buy from 3GStore, you won't regret it!!!"

I just want to take a couple minutes to let guys know that if you are out there trying to figure out who to buy you EVDO parts from or where you are going to go for tech support, your search is over. The guys who are running this site and the the folks at 3GStore really know what they are doing and what they are talking about.

I had some issues with the hook-up of my UM150 modem and CTR 350 router, mostly because I just wasn't tech savvy enough to figure things out. The group of people that helped me from tech support were fantastic, they spoke on my expertise level which helped me out tremendously. I can't say enought about how much they helped me, and I am online today because of their help. When we thought that there was a problem with the router I sent it back to them and had a brand new one overnighted to me, how cool is that.

So if you are considering going someplace else to buy your EVDO products just so you can save 3 bucks....don't! You will be very thankful you went with 3GStore if you need any kind of tech support what-so-ever.

EVDOforums post - 06/06/08 

"You guys get a gold star..."

Bob, thanks so much for the call last night. By the time we got home, it was too late to try to reach you.

Wonder of wonders, the FedEx delivery guy put a tag with his cell # on it on our door, took the call, and arranged to meet us for delivery. Turns out he knows someone in the family, so he was willing to take extra steps.
I grabbed the device, plugged it into my laptop, and was able to connect with no problems. It's terrific, gets a good signal in our notoriously-bad reception area, and all it takes to install is to follow the steps in the booklet.
You guys get a gold star for following through on this as well. It's so reassuring to have someone like you in the business. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Best wishes and hope for a long and pleasant relationship,
email rec'd 05/28/08
"It has been a pleasure doing business with you..."

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the personal service and quality of the product I just received. The Novatel U727 modem and the Sprint broadband service worked first time out of the box. The Cradlepoint CTR-350 is a great Wi-Fi hot spot product. Lynn promptly replaced a small adapter cable that had a bent pin. Everything I have received from you is exactly as Vanessa described it to me in my phone calls. It has been a pleasure doing business with you over the NET and if you need an endorsement please feel free to use me as a reference. The Sprint broadband service in the Bay Area is grea. I am showing off my new toys to everone who will listen (I'm such a tech geek), and I always tell them about where I purchased it from. Once again thanks. I look forward to doing more business in the near future.

Sincerely Robert Shafer
Engineering Technician PLX Corporation
rec'd 05/20/08

My experience with 3GStore and my PHS300

I recently purchased a PHS300 from and I must say I am well pleased with the service and product I received.
The item shipped when they said it would.
When I opened the package, all the items were included like I was promised. The PHS300 was updated to the latest software.
Set up was a breeze. Just followed the instruction sheet and I was up and running.
Issues were as follows; HPnc6400- no issues whatsoever
Wifeys Dell 600M- I had to uninstall the wifi card and then allow Win XP to reinstall. After that there were no further issues. By the way, I did get the "windows can not configure the......" message, but the reinsstall solved the issue.
All in all, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and will tell any one I know that needs EVDO service about this store.
PS. It does seem that my internet works faster with the wifi pipe then with just my Verizon UM150!

michael s
EVDOforums post - 05/14/08 

Very Happy with EVDO!

I live in a rural area where the only internet access was dialup! The only other option was satellite which works well but because of lag I was getting owned when playing first person shooters on my ps3. I stumbled upon and as a last ditch effort to make it work I called and got set up with sprints sierra compass 597 usb modem, CTR-350 wireless router and a booster antenna. After calling the support line and getting help (thanks Torrey) settin it all up and playing I can tell any non-believers that it is truly high speed. The lagging stopped and it's as good as advertised.

EVDOforums post - 05/12/08 

From: John S.

Hi Scott,
I went from 0% - 10% signal at the desk I wanted to setup the aircard to 80% -100% with the antenna, cabling and hardware. I mounted the antenna to a 6 ft fiberglass, former rake handle. Purchased a 12.95, antenna pole mount from Lowes, and then mounted to my chimney. Wow I have high speed internet! I can even play world of Warcraft online and my latency is so much better than dialup! The cradlepoint router setup in a snap. I now have wifi for my iPhone, ps3 and wii.

All-in-all I'm absolutely ecstatic about this equipment and You have saved me form the kiddies at best buy and their lack of knowledge.
Thank you,

email rec'd: 05/12/08

From: Mark C.
Email: macbarb85@**********

Hello, I would like to thank 3Gstore for the great service and excellent support! My home was struck by lightning,and my phs-300 was also hit along with many other items. I called on 5-5 and ordered a replacement. Scott took my order close to 4-pm and we were up and running in less than 24 hours!!
Victor walked me through the setup. We love the 300-phs. thanks 3Gstore.

email rec'd: 05/07/08


I live in a rural area where cable or DSL is not available. Most people around here have dial up service and a few have satellite internet. We had purchased new cell phones and a Sierra Wireless 595U Aircard. The new service was better than dial up but our reception was not very good, sometimes leading to dropped connections. While surfing the web I found the EVDOinfo site and purchased the omnidirectional external antenna from the 3GStore. Once connected our reception was improved dramatically. The wife and I however had to share our connection by sharing the Aircard. So then I purchased a MBR 1000 router from the 3GStore, I am now connected by ethernet on my desktop and the wife has a wireless connection for her laptop. This is the first time I set up a network like this and everything is working great! Thank you EVDOinfo and 3GStore for finally allowing us to have broadband. Your service is exceptional! Keep up the good work! Very Happy

EVDOforums post - 05/05/08 

From:    John P.
Email:    jp*****

Just a note to let you know that I received my MBR 1000 Router two days after ordering and it works great with my Sprint 595U and the Omni directional antenna that I also purchased from 3G Store.  We live in a rural area with dial-up as the norm, but thanks to EVDOinfo and 3G Store we now have a wireless broadband internet connection.

Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

email rec'd: 05/04/08 

The Right Equipment with EXCELLENT support

My wife and I each have our own computer, but have shared a dialup internet connection for many years. We took turns by one logging off and then the other logging on to the internet on their own computer.

DSL, cable, etc. are not available in our area but a Sprint tower was built near us. Trying to get assistance from the Sprint people and Best Buy etc. got us nowhere; just confused and a different answer everytime on what we should buy.

After calling the 3gstore, Alex and Torrey helped us buy the CORRECT equipment for our situation from We have a Top Global 6800 router (thankfully with no problems) and an antenna extension and a Sierra AC595 Aircard and new desktop and new laptop ALL working perfectly.

Point 1: Torrey's customer service is SUPERB, PATIENT, COURTEOUS and technically always right!

Point 2: We both enjoy over 500 times faster internet SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Point 3: Today Torrey helped me install Sprint's upgrade to Rev A. It's been eight months since the original setup and he treated us SUPERBLY again today. Thanks.

We are EXTREMELY satisfied customers and our loyalty will not waver due to their customer support that helped us buy and setup what is best for us.

EVDOforums post - 04/25/08 

A note of appreciation from a satisfied customer

Hello 3GStore.  I wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation for your great way of running a business.

I ran across your Blog a couple of months ago.  Great reading.  You actually offer real informed, valuable opinions, even when that means you might sell less of a particular product.  What a refreshing change from everyone else!  Anyway, I first ordered the Cradlepoint PHS300 from you after reading your review.  It arrived the next day, and is about the coolest thing there is.  I've made extensive use of it.

Then I saw on your site that the MBR1000 came out.  I ordered it.  It also arrived the next day.  Installed it two weeks ago.  My home network has never been better.  I live way out, with no cable service available and the DSL I have tops out at about 360k down.  I put the MBR1000 in my attic with my Novatel 720 and switched everyone over.  I have better coverage throughout the house than I had previously with both a Linksys wireless router and a Linksys access point.  The usable speeds I get from the EVDO card approach 4x what I got with my slow DSL.  And the user interface to that router - wow!  What a change from the cryptic Linksys routers that I have been using for years.

Had it not been for your Blog and your reviews, I might never have known about Cradlepoint.  So thank you again.

By the way, My family and I drove back to Indianapolis from Florida a couple weeks ago.  A 15-hr drive.  In that past that has been an excruciating drive.  This time - I had my Novatel 720 connected the the PHS300, sitting on the dash.  My wife drove most of the way.  I had my laptop, and three of my four kids had their laptops.  We all had internet connectivity the entire way.  What a great way to pass the time.  The kids were IM'ing their friends as we passed landmarks, they had video iChat going with various friends, I got some work done, we watched YouTube videos when we were near bigger cities with EVDO coverage.  It was great.  That 15 hours passed very quickly.

Thanks again.  I look forward to doing more business with you.


Tom B.
Zionsville, IN
Emailed: 04/21/08

Success in the woods of Maine

I would like to thank everyone at 3G who helped me get the right equipment to enable me to get EVDO. I initially went with Verizon as they have equipment on a tower within 200 yds. of my house. With 3 laptops and an xbox 360 we went through Verizon's 5 Gig limit in 4 days. The staff at 3G suggested I try Sprint as their coverage map was close to me, but I was not in it. After researching tower locations through and using Google Earth for elevations I found the Sprint tower 6.5 miles away. There are two mountains between my house and the tower at almost the same elevation as the tower. The elevation at my house is 600' below the mountains.
My setup consists of a Wilson Omni-directional antenna, a 3 watt amp. and a Sierra 595U USB modem connected to a Cradlepoint MBR1000 router. All items bought from 3G at their recommendation. Early testing with minimal tweaking on antenna placement is producing 700kbps - 1000kbps down, 150kbps - 350kbps up with a 70 - 100ms latency. Signal noise 85-105db.
This is heaven compared to Wildblue. I repeat with two mountains in the way and 6.5 miles away from the tower I was very skeptical.

A VERY VERY happy customer in Maine.

EVDOforums post - 04/14/08  

Emailed: 03/31/08

Received and installed my first Cradlepoint MB1000 router and was troublefree. Tested on one Vista laptop, one XP laptop and one Vista workstation. The laptops were connected via Wi-Fi and the workstation was connected via a LAN port.

Very impressive and have ordered a second MB 1000 unit for a separate office location.

Thanks for your support and great products.

Best regards,
Bob M.

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:42 pm
subject: I can take my VOIP VideoPhone anywhere now!!

I want to express my sincere thanks to Michael and and the entire crew at!

I am an independent rep with a telecom marketing company and the star of our wide range of services is a fantastic VOIP videophone.

I am using a Verizon USB720 modem in the Albuquerque, NM EVDO coverage area. Michael guided me to the CradlePoint CTR350 that I bought from 3Gstore because it has the external ethernet port. I just plug the ethernet cable from my video phone and it is up and running.

A VOIP video telephone is a high bandwidth device but the USB720/CTR350 combination actually performs better than the USB720/COMPAQ Presario-F500 that I was previously using.

Other benefits:
1) I eliminate the laptop and replace it with the MUCH smaller CTR350.
2) I can have everything up and running in seconds as opposed to minutes with the laptop (starting up / logging in Windows / starting VZ access manager and so on)
3) Most importantly I avoid all the hassles with Windows Vista and setting up the internet sharing to allow the Video Phone phone to access the the USB modem.... I am not that IT savvy and sometimes I can get the laptop to share, sometimes not. With the CTR350 it connects every single time.

An important part of my business is the ability to showcase the video phone with a live demonstration. The CTR350 is instrumental to being able to do this ANYWHERE.

Thanks Michael &!!!!


(March 27, 2008 - EVDOforums post)

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 15:10:16
Subject: thank you

I really cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave in setting up the router, and truthfully, the entire network for my mobile veterinary clinic.
It has been 4 months since I purchased the clinic, and have been unable to run the computer system at all. Luckily I came across EVDOinfo, and after speaking to the sales team, knew I had finally found the solution. I had no idea I would also be finding the people who would FINALLY get all the blood machines, computers, multiple printers and a digital xray system to work effortlessly. Everyone, from the pre-sales team, to the order desk, and finally to the tech support were absolutely fantastic. They all went above and beyond, even to help set up equipment that fell outside the scope of their products.  I am eternally grateful for all you have done, and Paw Prints can finally take flight.
Thank you
Amy Coulter, DVM Truck, powered by

Oh, I forgot to mention that the 3G store is absolutely second to none when it comes to service, support, shipping, returns, and the lord only know what else.

I have placed many orders with these guys, often on the road, and the stuff ships out like magic, and arrives every time, right on time, at our next stop. Seriously, I often get a tracking number within minutes of an order, and not just some "billing info received" notification, but a real "we got it in our hands" Fed-Ex notification.

The shipping rates are fantastic.

I buy almost everything online, and the 3GStore is nothing short of amazing. Seriously. I have over a hundred pounds of cardboard boxes just from all the stuff I have ordered online since January. I deal with a lot of online retailers. You don't have to believe me when i say the 3GStore is #1, just look around these forums for all the others who post the same reports.

I have even received support emails replies within minutes, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

The return process is perfectly flawless.

Seriously, you are not going to be able to better than 3GStore, no way, no how, not even if your "local guy" is your mother.

These folks know EVDO, and they will do you right.

I stake my name on that fact.

Joe Hecht

(March 12, 2008 - EVDOforums post)

I had a client ask me when I mentioned I like to buy from "You guys are engineers, why don't you buy direct and do it yourself?."

To be honest, he's right, this stuff is simple if you know how to do it, I had no problems at all programming a CTR350 or setting up my first EVDO card.

But, I can pay a fair price for a preconfigured device from and I know for a fact that it will work. I don't have to be bothered doing it myself.

The main reason we do our own configurations is that most distributors are completely ignorant of equipment they sell. We'd never consider letting them flash the firmware upgrade or activate a product. Well, unless that distributor is 3Gstore. You see these guys are exactly what a VAR (value added reseller) should be, they know their products well so they save me time.

Some examples:

I designed a configuration for an automatic failover to EVDO from T1 and emailed a drawing to the guys at They reviewed it for me and made some hardware recommendations. I took their advice, it was sound, and the test went perfectly.

I Purchased a CTR350 from 3Gstore, and paid a few extra dollars to have it flashed to the latest firmware. The device came updated and with a 3Gstore cheat-sheet that allowed me to set in up in under a minute. I never bothered to open the pdf manual. I could have read the manual and done it myself, but I didn't have to because these guys knew what I needed and made it conveniently accessible.

Last week I purchased a CDU-680 + 2-yr contract, again I paid the few extra dollars to have it activated by 3Gstore. It came with the latest software and was completely up-to-date. No 18-month old CD, it was setup with the newest updates. I plugged it in, hit "setup" then "yes" to reboot and one minute later it was running. Perfect, absolutely perfect.

It's this kind of attention to detail that separates a mediocre vendor from an outstanding one.

Oh, and I get an email about every stage of the process.
I know when they order the equipment, I know when it arrives at 3G, I know when they've got it configured, and I know when they ship it, with a tracking number supplied.

3 months ago I'd never heard of these fine folks. Now I don't buy EVDO equipment anywhere else. I don't want to be a wireless broadband expert, I have a challenging enough career.

I have a very wise business partner who's always said; "Find the experts and use them. Don't reinvent the wheel." It's good advice, I took it. I use


EVDOforums post - February 28, 2008

I purchased a CTR350 from 3G and it worked great except for not allowing me to VPN to my company intranet. Since I work from home and purchased the router just for that reason, I contacted 3G support with details of what I had tried, asking for guidance. I was more than surprised when I got a phone call from Victor to work on the problem with me. He and Cradlepoint worked together to put some beta firmware on my router and I can now connect via VPN through the router.

I am absolutely blown away by the customer service this company provides. I wish more companies took half this much interest in taking care of their customers.

Thanks again Victor, for taking the time and intitiative to work through my issue.


EVDOforums post - February 01, 2008 

I also recommend that you do some research first. The best place to do this is at a forum on the Internet: You will find many discussions of Verizon and Sprint, which one is best, and what hardware to purchase. I also bought my hardware from their affiliate, . If you purchase your hardware and service from a reputable and expert reseller such as, you will get better tech support and more services than you will if you go directly with the cell companies. Or to put it in plain words, how would you like to press a number and talk to a live person, an expert, able to solve your problem, or push a series of buttons and wait on hold for someone from the cell phone company that can‘t in the end answer your question?

Source: Keith Vincent / web site for Court Reporters, eTip 63 - February 2007

"it was great to be able to ask some questions from someone who really knows the space."

Alex King - March 13. 2007, Sprint EV-DO Again

"I just bought my first EVDO cards (Merlin EX720/Sprint) from these folks. One in my MacBook Pro, one in my wife's tiny carbon fibre Sony Vaio (running Vista) Neither config is Sprint supported. The cards came on Friday, these folks "held my hand" by email on Saturday(!!!) as I got them installed (it was easy, I am just overly anxious).

I like knowing that a real person is at the other end of my support request, and that he is likely the same person who helped last call."

Tom M. - March 26, 2007, EVDOforums post

"My buddies at EVDO Info took care of me"

Guy Kawasaki Blog August 30, 2006

" is the single best resource for Mac (and Windows) users trying to figure out how to se the latest cards, networks and software from U.S. carriers"

MacWorld Magazine - August 1, 2006

"But at - a great site for EV-DO news and instruction - Mac OS X fans can find step-by-step instructions..."

David Pogue, Washington Post - Beyond Wifi: Laptop Heaven but at a Price

"exhaustive resources on the sister-site EVDOinfo and EVDOforums... The trio of sites are definitely the places to go for EVDO Apple support, questions, and concerns."
- Derek Punsalan

"So the wonderful guys at EVDOinfo snuck me a new driver, due out next week, to make my high-speed Verizon card work on the newest Macs..."

Jeff Jarvis, Buzz Machine - June 30, 2005

"I got the KR1 from Booster-Antenna who have always been a top-notch operation"
- Bullrun Driver - blogging at 200mph

"The evdoinfo advantage is that they know Macs, unlike most of the people you’ll find working in Verizon stores."
- The Jt EV-do Report

"the price and service were excellent"
- MaissonBisson

"they are very cool and will help you every step of the way"

"a bunch of wireless internet experts"
- Friends of the FJ

"their sales person really knew the tech"
- Luke and Beth's Excellent Adventure

"They are very helpful, Mac-friendly and super knowledgeable"
- Macintouch: Wireless Networking Comments

"Make sure you purchase EVDO equipment from"
- Notes from a Macintosh Computer Guy

"person I talked to was clued and the answers were what I wanted/needed to hear"
- Karl Lehenbauer - LiveJournal


Date: April 14, 2007
Subject: Thank you

If you check my email address, you will see that I have been talking to you back and forth for the last 2 weeks about being able to receive Sprint PCS EVDO at my new Greenville, Ohio home which is WAY out in the boonies.
If you recall, I live about 1/4 mile away from an Orange area on the EVDO map and wondered if this service with antenna, amp, etc. would work for me.

Every question I asked, you replied to in a timely fashion and most importantly, you DO know what the hell you are talking about!!! You said, "if anything, those maps are conservative and usually a 1/4 mile is nothing."

You were so right.

I bought the whole enchilada from you:

I bought the Sierra Aircard 595 and 2 years Sprint service.
I bought the Omni antenna
I bought the Wagner Amp
I bought the Linksys wireless router (WRT54G3G-ST wow is this nice)
I bought the 5.5 DB upgrade antenna for the router
I bought 15 feet extension cable.

Today I got it all hooked up properly, antenna on the roof to amp inside to router and aircard.
Setup was WAY easier than I expected and the end result was 4 BARS !!
Four bars in an area with NO bars (or maybe 1/2 a bar if I lean just the right way..this was checked prior to putting the Sprint card into the router)

EVDO service, broadband speed and my own wireless hotspot that to my surprise covers all 5000 square feet of the house, garage and basement! I can even roam around the yard a little bit.
This router is simply amazing! I can't believe the range it has.
Is that a new thing? Seems my old router I have for my old broadband really starts to peter out if you go into the next room but this new Linksys you guys sold me seems just as strong at one end of my house as the other! Amazing!
Linksys says they have a 'N' model with even more range and 12X speedmark and 4X you plan on selling it 'cause I might be interested! 8)

In fact everything you guys sold me was amazing (can you tell I am a happy customer?) and it turns out I needed each and every item.

My only other options out here were dialup or satellite.

Neither worth even having the internet IMHO. I would rather pluck my eyes out!

Thank you so much, I am 100% happy after day 1 in full operation.
As long as Sprint doesn't start limiting bandwidth like Verizon, I think I will remain a happy customer for years to come!

You guys rule!

Jim Cantrell

 On 6/1/07 5:17 PM, "Kent Love" wrote:


I can't thank you enough for the above and beyond support you
provided with my iChat AV problem.  Not only were you patient, you
stuck with it until the job was done.  I live in an area where the
only viable option for broadband is EVDO.  I'm telling all of my
neighbors about  There is only one place to buy EVDO!

Thanks again,

Kent Love
Rockville, VA



From: David Vogel

Damn. I love this store. Everything I or family have ordered from here has been shipped out same day, usually less than 2 hours later and received 2 days later. I love the "send me an email if this product receives updates" feature. The EVDO information and links to other EVDO sites are by far the most comprehensive collection of information on the internet. No flashy ads, no spam, no crap; just info and good products reviewed by people who know their stuff.

Thanks for great service!

Dave Vogel

From: Nick Selby

Folks, just wanna say WA-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO about the CDU 680 I bought from y'all a couple of weeks ago. Blistering fast, and worked out of the box with Ubuntu Edgy on a Panasonic CF-WF toughbook

Thanks for getting this thing all packaged up and provisioned so fast for me
From: Doug  Simpson (10/23/07 via Escapees Forum Post)

I went to the local Verizon store today - not one of the mall kiosks but the big store with several sales persons, a Customer Support counter and a tech support staff. I asked about a broadband USB card and the sales person directs me to the USB 720 modem.

I ask about an external antenna connection. She flips up the little external antenna. I say, "No, I am talking about a jack to plug an external antenna into." She gets this blank look on her face. I see the rubber cover and remove it, exposing the antenna jack. She surprisingly says that she has this card and never knew that jack was there.

I ask if they sell routers with a USB jack that will allow me to plug the USB 720 modem into the router and share the Internet connection with more than one computer. You could have heard a pin drop.

To make a long story short, follow Jack's advice and stay far away from a Verizon store when seeking information about broadband access. This forum, with input from EVDOalex, and the folks at 3gstore have proved to be a much better source of information. I came straight home and ordered my modem and router from the 3gstore. Plus, I got a free antenna and adapter cable.

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