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Friday, 30 March 2007

CISCO 3G WAN Interface Card for Verizon or Sprint

Product Overview

The Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs are the first enterprise-class 3G WWAN solution. Suitable for both backup and primary applications, the Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs support the latest CDMA and GSM/UMTS standards (EVDO Rev A and HSDPA) and are backward compatible with the widely deployed networks (1xRTT, GPRS/EDGE). The Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs are tightly integrated with the services provided on the award-winning Cisco Integrated Services Routers, which deliver secure data, voice, video, and mobility services. The Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs are supported on the modular Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router and Cisco 2800 Series and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers.
Enterprises are looking for ways to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve business continuity. The Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs, when coupled with a service provider wireless data plan, provide a cost-effective, rapidly deployable, reliable, and secure backup solution for remote sites and branch offices. With data rates approaching T1 speeds, 3G Networks provide an alternative to wireline backup solutions such as ISDN, cable, and DSL. In the event of a network failure, the Cisco Integrated Services Router routes mission-critical data to the Cisco 3G WWAN HWIC for transmission across the wireless infrastructure. In addition, the router can distinguish different types of traffic and allow only mission-critical traffic to flow over the backup interface.
The 3G Wireless WAN HWICs are available in two different SKUs. The CDMA SKU is called HWIC-3G-CDMA-x

  • HWIC-3G-CDMA-V (Verizon)
  • HWIC-3G-CDMA-S (Sprint)

Primary Connectivity

For applications that have low data usage but high security requirements such as bank ATMs, gas station kiosks, and telemetry sites, the Cisco 3G WWAN HWIC offers a secure, simplified, and cost-effective WAN alternative to DSL or Frame Relay. In areas where terrestrial broadband services (cable, DSL, or T1) are not available or are expensive, 3G WWAN connectivity can be a viable alternative.
For businesses requiring rapid setup or temporary connectivity, 3G WWAN offers the capability to bring up a new site quickly and cost effectively. Using the integrated services available on the Cisco Integrated Services Routers, Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs can provide instant and mobile communications during disasters and service outages.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrated 3G WWAN broadband-With the 3G WWAN modem integrated into the router, customers gain the benefit of simplified installation and management. In addition, the Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs are tightly integrated with Cisco Integrated Services Routers, which run the industry-leading Cisco IOS® Software, giving customers access to all the advanced features of Cisco IOS Software such as quality-of-service (QoS), intelligent network queuing, and robust security.
  • Short installation time-Businesses sometimes wait for weeks or months to get data circuits installed at new locations. For temporary or seasonal sites, wireless data services allow instant connectivity anywhere there is cellular coverage, and rapid deployment allows customers to quickly set up networks with WAN connectivity
  • Network resiliency through WAN diversity-WAN connectivity is crucial to the functioning of businesses, and any downtime means a loss of productivity and lost of opportunity. Staying connected and operational during a network outage can be vital. A wireless connection for backup to a remote site provides protection against line outages and an additional level of redundancy as the 3G WWAN infrastructure is often served by separate facilities, providing redundancy for the entire local loop.
  • Reduced cost-The emerging 3G WWAN cellular data service plans are competitively priced with existing wire line services (ISDN, DSL, and cable). 3G WWAN solutions also allow customers to consolidate their service providers across large geographical areas instead of having service contracts with multiple service providers.
  • Portability-Wireless routers and Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs can be easily relocated wherever coverage is available.
  • Performance-With data usage on the rise and the proliferation of Web-based applications at remote sites, there is an increasing need for high-speed (broadband) data connections to run mission-critical applications at these sites. 3G WWAN services promise low-latency links at speeds app

The 3G wireless high-speed WAN interface cards (HWICs) offer a compelling alternative to traditional wireline backup solutions for the Cisco 1800 Series, 2800 Series, and 3800 Series integrated services routers. The 3G wireless HWIC provides WAN backup using terrestrial cellular technology. This results in a true multipath WAN backup solution that delivers higher performance over ISDN solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Ideal for primary broadband connections, the 3G HWIC delivers WAN connectivity in a fraction of the time required to install a traditional wired WAN connection. Configurations include:

  • HWIC-3G-CDMA supporting 1xEV-DO Rev A, 1x EV-DO Rev 0, and 1xRTT
  • HWIC-3G global system for mobile communications (GSM) supporting high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), universal mobile telecommunications service (UMTS), edge networks, and general packet radio service (GPRS)

The 3G wireless HWIC automatically selects the best available service based on wireless network availability in the service area.


  • WAN backup: Deployed as a secondary WAN connection
  • Primary WAN link: Benefits areas where traditional wired solutions are unavailable, infeasible, or costly
  • Mobile Business: Supports businesses that require frequent set-up, tear down, and relocation
  • Flexible, Anyplace Connectivity: Ideal for low data volumes and high-security applications, such as bank ATMs, gas station kiosks, and telemetry sites



The Verizon & Sprint version includes an embedded Sierra Wireless Module and will have an estimated retail price of $850 (may be more after adding additional accessories). We will know more after Cisco ships the device. Also, we may be reselling this device along with activation. More on this as the product becomes available. The HWIC-3G-CDMA-V is for Verizon and the HWIC-3G-CDMA-S is for Sprint.




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