Novatel U720 USB720 Whats Inside?

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Tuesday, 03 April 2007

Inside the Novatel U720 / USB720

Ever wonder why the Sprint Novatel U720 or the Verizon USB720 is so large?

In order for Novatel to be first to market with a Rev-A USB device, Novatel took their Expedite E720 embedded module and built an enclosure and added a USB port.

This picture below was what we found when we recently took apart a Sprint U720 EVDO modem:

[Per Novatel Request - Image has been Removed]

[Per Novatel Request - Image has been Removed]


Notice how similar the device is to the picture below? It is the same embedded device!

[Per Novatel Request - Image has been Removed]

Some people don't like the size of the device and may prefer to go with a PCMCIA or ExpressCard solution. There are also newer USB solutions coming out that are much smaller than the Novatel USB EVDO 720. One thing that we were very pleased with the Novatel USB 720 is the performance. This device performed as well as the PCMCIA or ExpressCard EVDO modems.

An EVDO USB modem can do something that an ExpressCard or PCMCIA can never do. Use the included USB cable to move the EVDO modem away from the RF noise generated by a computer. By moving the USB Modem at least 6 inches from a computer, you can sometimes measure a 3 dBm gain in reception.


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