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Saturday, 07 April 2007 Helps EVDO Customers Use GPS

The latest Novatel Rev A cards have built-in GPS and with the latest firmware and connection manager upgrades from Sprint, they offer a simple taste of the built-in GPS features. You can find the nearest Sprint store, restuarant, bank, hotel, gas station or coffee house. Since GPS is built-in to the EVDO Card AND you are already paying your $59.99/mo fee for unlimited internet access, you basically get GPS for free.



As of April 7, 2007, the following Sprint cards support built-in GPS

  • Novatel S720 PCMCIA
  • Ovation U720 USB
  • Merlin EX720 ExpressCard

We like the built-in GPS option in the Sprint Connection Manager (pictured above), but we want more. So, we figured out a way to use the GPS that is built-in to the Sprint Rev A Cards with off the shelf Mapping and tracking software that supports GPS.

Below we have a Sony Vaio with a Merlin S720 EVDO Rev A Card and we went driving around to see what software we could get to work with the Merlin S720.

With only using the built-in GPS of the Merlin S720, below is a screen shot of GoogleEarth running and if you notice there is a green icon of a car that states "Position". This was the actually position by only using GoogleEarth and my Sony + S720 sitting on the passenger seat. All the features of GoogleEarth now become very usable. Getting directions, see a path of the route that you took and much more. To use GPS, you need to download the free GoogleEarth and pay $20 to upgrade it, in order to use GPS.

Next, we took Microsoft's Streets and Trips and configured it to use the GPS of the Novatel S720 card. We can use this software to get turn bu turn directions that are actually spoken. You can purchase these cool GPS devices for $500 and some require a monthly fee, but now you can use the equipment you already have. Microsoft Streets and Trips sells for $39.99.


Other Windows based GPS software that supports "Garmin" devices should also work without a problem.

If you are an RV'r, trucker or spend a lot of time in you car, take family vacations or always getting lost, you really should consider a Sprint EVDO card with built-in GPS. Not only will you get internet access while on the road - but you will also get real-time mapping and directions without purchasing any additional equipment. Also, this is EVDOinfo's first option to help customers use GPS, look for some more exciting options to be announced in the near future.

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Since, Sprint doesn't offer a Sprint Connection Manager for Mac, there is currently no way for Mac users to access the built-in GPS. However, the Mac EVDO Experts at are working on trying to make this work with Macs.

To simplify the use of GPS, we are offering a EVDO GPS Tip sheet for our customers.

Starting Monday April 9, 2007, the tip sheet will be available to anyone that purchases a Sprint EVDO Card that supports GPS from our sister site:



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