Kyocera KR1 Now Supports More EVDO Rev A Devices

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Friday, 04 May 2007

Kyocera KR1 Now Supports More EVDO Rev A Devices, Including U720/USB720

Verizon USB720 and PC5750, Sprint U720 and PX500

Firmware version RK1010 supports: U720, USB720, PC5750, PX-500, KPC680


Kyocera is about to release RK1010, the latest version of firmware for their KR1 EVDO Mobile Router. This updated firmware adds support for the following EVDO Rev-A devices:

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Recent KR1 / PC5750 hardware has new issue.
For more information, please read this post

In previous firmware versions, we often found that un-supported EVDO devices would still work, just not at full speeds. For example the Novatel 720 USB Modem worked, but the speeds were limited to about 500kbps. Clearly, the latest firmware fully supports the Verizon USB720 & Sprint U720, based on this recent speed test at showing 1605kbps download and 430kbps upload speeds on the Sprint EVDO Rev-A network in Chicago:



Important Note:

The Sierra AirCard 595 PCMCIA for Verizon & Sprint is not supported and does not work in KR1. Using an ExpressCard (V640, V740, EX720) with an ExpressCard Adapter does NOT work in KR1 with RK1010 firmware. The ExpressCards do work with older firmware RK1008 but with limited speeds. So, if you are using a Novatel ExpressCard with adapter, DO NOT INSTALL RK1010.

Many customers have long anticipated Kyocera's support for Rev-A USB Modems, simply because of the fact that a USB device works with practically every modern computer. The combination of the KR1 and the Sprint or Verizon USB Rev-A modem is going to be a very popular solution.


Here is a picture of the Kyocera KR1 recognizing the Novatel Ovation U720 from Sprint.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. is making it easy for new and existing customers. All new KR1s will include our "Router Firmware CD", which includes the latest firmware release (along with ALL previous versions). Also, if you do not want to worry about the hassles of doing a firmware upgrade, for an additional $15, we will do the upgrade before shipping to you. Finally, if you are a previous KR1 customer, we offer a mail-in firmware upgrade.

If you purchased your KR1 from, you can download the Kyocera RK1010 firmware directly from our server. This download is ONLY available to those that purchased their KR1 from Kyocera will be making the RK1010 firmware available next week on their web site. Send an email to sales at (include full name, and your invoice number) and we will email you the username/password to download RK1010. Once you get your password, you can download RK1010 .

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