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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Sierra AirCard 595U Battery Charging Problem

Since the introduction of the AirCard 595U, we have been interested in the internal battery design and what would happen if you were permanently in a 'fringe area' and the battery wouldn't have a chance to always charge. Perhaps we don't know the answer to that question, BUT we learned something about the 595U recently. NO routers currently support the Sierra Aircard 595U.

There are 2 EVDO Routers that currently have USB Ports:

The Kyocera KR1 does NOT support the AirCard 595U (and will most likely never), however the MB6800, at first testing, DOES support the 595U. However, after additional testing, we found a major problem. The USB port on the MB6800 does NOT charge the internal battery of the 595U. After around 2 hours of usage, the battery drains, and the 595U shuts off and you cannot use it anymore. Plugging the 595U into a laptop OR powered hub wlll recharge the battery - hardly a pretty solution.

We purchased a Belkin powered USB hub, plugged the 595U into the powered hub, plugged the powered hub into the Top Glovbal MB6800 and that combination did not drain the battery. A powered USB hub is currently the only solution to use the 595U with a router.

So, if you purchased a 595U and you require a router, your only solution is to purchase a powered USB hub.

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