Sprint Expands EVDO Rev A Mobile Broadband Network

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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

America's Largest and Fastest Mobile Broadband Network Just Got Even Larger: Sprint Customers Can Do More, in More Places, and at Fast Speeds

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203 Million Reach, 10,000 Cities, 900 Airports

-- Upgraded Network Delivers Customers Fast Access to Information on the Go, Including E-Mail with Large File Attachments

-- Sprint Outlines Mobile Broadband Uses and Benefits Customers May Experience When Using the Enhanced Sprint Mobile Broadband Network

RESTON, Va.--Sprint announced today that it now reaches more than 203 million people nationwide with EVDO (Evolution - Data Optimized) Revision (Rev.) A high-speed wireless Internet access technology.

With this network enhancement, customers can receive and send large amounts of data at broadband speeds. Sprint is the first in the industry to offer EVDO Rev. A technology nationwide. By offering faster mobile broadband service, the broadest portfolio of EVDO Rev. A-capable devices, and the most competitive data plan and device pricing in the industry, Sprint customers can connect in more ways, in more places, at faster speeds and affordable prices.

Uses of mobile broadband service include:

  • Receiving or sending photos, videos, and other large files.
  • Accessing the Internet and applications in real-time, such as online games and videos.
  • Business on-the-Go: Business professionals can take the office with them with fast access to e-mail and other critical information.
  • Managing a Mobile Workforce: With Sprint Mobile Broadband, businesses can be more efficient by locating and communicating with a mobile workforce.
  • Maintaining Business Continuity: Backup access that can be used should landline data connections fail.
  • Establishing new business applications, such as setting up remote or portable ATMs for a banking business.

Benefits customers may experience when using the upgraded Sprint Mobile Broadband Network include:

  • Sending or receiving information fast, such as a 1MB file like a picture or large e-mail in 20 seconds or less (actual speeds may vary)
  • Enhanced quality to enable streaming video and other real-time applications
  • Instant access to the Internet anywhere in Sprint's vast mobile broadband coverage area (connect to the Internet within seconds across the nation)

"Customers want fast access and broad coverage and we're excited about creating more powerful wireless Internet experiences by enhancing the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network," said Kathy Walker, chief network officer for Sprint. "We take great pride in understanding our customers' needs so that we design and enhance our networks to better serve them. EV-DO Rev. A provides customers the ability to connect fast and do the things that they need to do, when and where it's most convenient."

ICOP Digital, Inc. is working with Sprint to deliver a fully integrated, community-centric surveillance and communications solution (The ICOP Solution(TM)) enabled by the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network and optimized by EV-DO Revision A. The solution assists in crisis awareness, response and recovery efforts and enables first responder agencies, schools, banks, commercial and municipal buildings and government facilities to have access to critical information that is vital when responding to a crisis.

"With Sprint Mobile Broadband Service, ICOP Digital can deliver live streaming video and audio, and access to other critical information, between responder vehicles and headquarter locations and Sprint smartphones, laptops and other web-enabled computing devices to help first responders optimize management and outcome of virtually any crisis," said ICOP Chairman and CEO Dave Owen.

EV-DO Rev. A provides users with expected average upload speeds of 350-500 kbps and download speeds of between 600 kbps and 1.4 mbps; peak download data rates increase to 3.1 Mbps and peak upload data rates increase to 1.8 Mbps. These faster speeds are comparable to some DSL offerings and will enable customers to use robust applications and services as they become available, such as a new push-to-talk feature, wireless voice-over-IP (VoIP), high-speed video telephony, music on demand, video messaging, and large file uploads. To compare these EV-DO Rev. A speeds against the speed of their current connection, Internet users can visit

As Nextel created the gold standard for push-to-talk service, Sprint Nextel expects to provide a similar push-to-talk service on the upgraded Sprint Mobile Broadband Network (CDMA) in early 2008. This future service is expected to enable users to have instant access to the largest walkie-talkie community in the world, more than 20 million walkie-talkie subscribers on the Nextel National Network (iDEN).

In 2007, Sprint expects to invest more than $7 billion to enhance its powerful networks and meet the demand for extensive mobile broadband coverage.

Sprint reaches more than 10,000 cities and 900 airports with EV-DO Rev. A technology. The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network reaches twice as many cities and airports as AT&T's BroadbandConnect.

In a separate announcement today, Sprint announced that it is extending its three month Right Plan Promise to six months. This means that Sprint customers can now make changes to their service plans within the first six months of new service or following an extension of an existing contract without requiring a contract renewal.



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