EVDO For your iPhone?

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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Its amazing how many phone calls we've already taken from folks asking us how to get EVDO speeds out of their iPhones. Most of the callers are folks frustrated with the lack of speed on AT&T's EDGE network, and would love for their google maps to take less than 2 or 3 minutes to load on their iPhones.

Do we have a solution for them? Of course we do. Add true High-Speed, BroadBand, 3G EVDO capabilities to their iPhone.

What's that you say? There is no way to add EVDO to an iPhone? Well... technically thats correct. But that doesn't mean you can't get your iPhone to surf at EVDO Rev-A speeds. All you need is a dedicated EVDO device and an EVDO Router like the Kyocera KR1.

Through you can get a free-after-mail-in-rebate PC card that works with the KR1 from either Sprint or Verizon, on a 2-year contract for service at $59.99/mo.

The KR1/EVDO card combination provides EVDO speeds to anyone within range of its WiFi signal, including users of the iPhone.

For convenience, we ship all our KR1 routers with both AC and DC adapters, so where ever you go with your EVDO and iPhone, you're all set.

The KR1 with proper firmware already installed to support the free PC cards from Sprint/Verizon, sells for $214.99 at, but customers who buy their KR1 with card and service contracts through save $35 on the KR1, bringing the price down to just $179.99 plus shipping.

Want to track your vehicle's progress in realtime within Google Earth? Then check out our optional KR1 GPS Add-On module. It even allows your friends/relatives/employer track your progress in realtime, using Google Earth and an internet connection.

Best of all, buying from assures you are dealing with real EVDO Experts who actually use the service to the fullest, and provide the best possible customer and tech support!

We look forward to serving you as our customer!

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