BlackBerry 8830 Q & A About The New EVDO PDA

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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Blackberry 8830 smartphone Interested in purchasing the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition? Have questions about domestic and international usage? Customers who want to use the 8830's multimedia functions and EVDO compatibility domestically, can also use the BlackBerry 8830 for their international needs as well! is here to provide some answers to your questions about this impressive new device.

Q - Does the 8830 work domestically?
A - Yes, the 8830 will work on the Sprint CDMA network while in North America.
For a full coverage map, please visit the following link:

Q - Do Sprint BlackBerry’s work in Canada?
A - Yes, Sprint/Nextel BlackBerry's fully work in Canada.
For a full coverage map, please visit the following link:

Q - How do I get the SIM card out?
A - To remove the SIM card, follow these steps:
1) Remove the battery door 2) Remove the battery 3) Slide the SIM card down out of the slot.

Q - Does the 8830 support bluetooth BlackBerry as modem?
A - Yes, the 8830 supports Bluetooth Phone as Modem. For instructions on how to use this feature, please click here.

Q - Does the 8830 have Sprint TV or Sprint Music store?
A - The 8830 does not support Sprint TV or the Music store at this time. Media can be copied to the 8830 using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or by simply copying files over using the 8830 as an external hard drive.

Q - If I insert a local GSM SIM card, can I use another carrier while in North America?
A - No, the 8830 will only work on a GSM network internationally on the 900/1800 MHz bands. North America uses 850/1900MHZ. For a full list of countries, please visit the following link:

Q - What advantages does a SIM-Unlocked BlackBerry have over locked?
A - A SIM-Unlocked BlackBerry will accept any SIM from any carrier. By using a local SIM card internationally in the 8830, the user will not have to pay roaming charges because they are using a local account on a local carrier. If the SIM is BlackBerry-enabled, then data will work as well.

Q - Will BlackBerry data work with non Sprint SIM cards while traveling internationally?

A - YES, as long as the SIM card has a BlackBerry data plan activated on it.

Q - What is the enterprise play for memory cards and media player?
A - Think corporate training! Corporate pod-casting! Enterprise users can also use the BlackBerry 8830 as an external harddrive to store documents and other items on the MicroSD card. Keep in mind that only music, videos and pictures can be viewed from the MicroSD card using the BlackBerry.

Q - What are the enterprise advantages of the new 4.2 OS?
A - The biggest 4.2 feature is the ability to listen to WAV files that are attached to an email by a Unified Voice Messaging service. NOTE: The customers BES server must be version 4.1.2 or later.

Q - How do I transfer media files to my 8830?

A - There are two ways to transfer/synch media files with the BlackBerry. The first is to use the device as a removable harddrive and just copies the files over. The second is by using the new Desktop Manager version 4.2.2 which now includes a media manager to transfer music, videos and pictures to the 8830. Please click here for more information:

Q – Where can I find more product information on the 8830?
A – The Solution Selling is a great resource for 8830 information and can be viewed on line at Also please review the product information in the following guides:

Q – Does GPS work internationally?
A – No, the GPS chipset on the 8830 is disabled when the device is in GSM/GPRS mode due to Qualcomm requirement.

Q – Will Phone as Modem work internationally?
A – YES. Phone as Modem will work internationally. Keep in mind, the device will be in GPRS mode internationally, therefore the connection speeds will be far less than those experienced while in North America.


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