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Thursday, 13 September 2007
Sprint Worldwide
Tips for Traveling with the Blackberry 8830 / EVDO & GSM

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Here is our 2nd Tip on the BlackBerry 8830, our first was: BlackBerry 8830 Q & A About The New EVDO PDA


Before You Travel

þ Activate Phone – Ensure phone is active; be sure to place a call and initiate a data session from your device prior to departure. Services must be accessed on-network to be able to access while roaming. You will also need to be sure international services are activated if not completed at time of purchase. Call 1-888-226-7212, option 2, to request international capabilities.

þ Insert SIM (if not already in device) - Your SIM card should be preinstalled. If you need to reinstall your SIM card, please follow the instructions below.

n Press the battery cover release button, slide off the battery cover, and remove the battery.

n Hold the SIM card so that the metal contacts on the SIM card face down and the cutoff corner points toward the lower-right corner of the BlackBerry® device.

n Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot until it stops.


þ Check Coverage –

n The BB-8830 will only work in 800/1900 CDMA and 900/1800 GSM; it will not work in 800 or 1900 GSM locations.

þ Check Services & Features

n Making Calls – Be sure you know how to dial prior to leaving. When calling country-to-country, dial the international access code, plus the country code, plus the phone number.

- CDMA Mode - When in a country with CMDA service you must first dial the international access code. The international access codes are listed on Sprint dotcom on the international coverage page under the coverage map once a country is selected. ( After the international access code you will need to dial the country code (also listed on dotcom) for the country you are calling then finally the number. Example: Calling Sprint Worldwide Customer Care from Mexico dial 00 (access code for Mexico) 1 (Country code for US) then 817-698-4199 (customer service), 00 1 817 698 4199.

- GSM Mode - While traveling to a country with GSM service the + sign will be your new best friend. To call back to the US from overseas, enter the phone number as +1 area code number. To get the plus sign simply press and hold the zero key on your phone until the + appears on the screen keypad display then 1 and the number. Example calling back to the US from the UK: Dial “+” (automatically dials access code), then dial 1 (country code for US) then the number you wish to reach, + 1 817 698 4199.

n Receiving Calls – That is the easy part.

- Your phone must be turned on.

- No dialing changes are needed for your callers to reach you and they will not pay anything extra.

- Roaming rates apply to you only and not anyone who dials you.

n Voicemail – You MUST know your voicemail passcode prior to leaving the US. If the passcode is unknown, it can be reset by going to

- Sign on to My Sprint Wireless Account (Manage)

- Select “Account Management” from top of page, Click “My Personal Information” from left menu

- Select Voicemail Passcode and enter new information

n Data – Must be working in the US prior to travel.

- Data features limited to web browsing & e-mail.

n Text Messaging - Not available while roaming even though you may receive a welcome message upon arrival in each country.

n Emergency Services - The local equivalent for emergencies in most countries is 112 which will be routed to the appropriate emergency services. Please note that 112 works in many but NOT ALL COUNTRIES.

n Periodic Phone Updates - The Blackberry 8830 comes with the latest software and Preferred Roaming List (PRL) for voice roaming in over 35 CDMA countries and data roaming in Canada & Mexico. However Sprint will continue to launch coverage in new countries for both Voice and Data. To ensure you will receive this new coverage it is always best to call the dedicated international roaming care team prior to traveling to a country with CDMA / EVDO service or go to a local retail store. They can ensure your account has the newest PRL updates.

When Traveling

þ Set Your Global Roaming Options – Your phone will automatically search for networks; however, it may be necessary for you to manually select a network if data service is not offered on the network your phone registers with or if you register on CDMA network and need data service available via GPRS.

- Click Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options

- Select Network Mode and click the trackball

- Select an option and click the trackball:

-GSM to allow connections to GSM networks only.

-1XEV to allow connections to CDMA networks only.

-Global to allow connections to available CDMA or GSM networks

- Press and click Save to save the setting

n Note: Phone will not work in the US in GSM mode.

þ Accessing voicemail while in GSM areas

n Press and hold the “+” key on your GSM Phone until a “+” appears on your phone display.

n Enter 1 plus your PCS number (for example "+" 1-913-638-5555)

n When voicemail answers, press "*" (star) and enter the voicemail pass code followed by pound "#".

Note: Some carriers may not support voicemail indicators. It may be necessary to call your voicemail to see if you have any new messages.

þ Manually Selecting a NetworkWhile traveling you may need to select a different carrier or technology to be able to access data features. A list of carriers that provide data services are available at

- Click Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options.

- Select Network Mode and click the trackball.

- Select GSM to allow connections to GSM networks only.

- Select Network Selection Mode and change to Manual. A list of available carriers will be presented.

- Select the carrier that offers data service according to the link above.

Contacting Sprint Worldwide Customer Solutions

þ From your Sprint Phone - +1-817-698-4199. This call will be free.

þ From a landline phone - 1-817-698-4199. Access or connection fees may apply. The toll free numbers below can also be used to contact customer solutions from a landline phone in the following countries.

n Barbados 1-888-226-7212

n Cayman Islands 1-888-226-7212

n China 00-1-800-713-0750

n France 0800-903200

n Germany 0800-180-0951

n Italy 800-787-986

n United Kingdom 0808-234-6616


Roaming Partners offering Voice/Data Service New carriers added monthly -


Country Carrier
Albania Vodafone
Antigua Digicel
Aruba Digicel
Australia Optus Mobile
Austria ONE GMBH
Bahrain MTC
Barbados Digicel
Barbuda Digicel
Belarus MTS
Belgium BASE
Belgacom Mobile
Bermuda Digicel*
Brazil TIM
British Virgin Islands CCT
Bulgaria Mobitel
Cambodia Samart
Canada CDMA Mode Only
Cayman Islands Digicel
Chile Telefonica*
China China Mobile
Colombia Colombia Movil*
Croatia T-Mobile
Cyprus CYTA
Czech Republic T-Mobile
Denmark Telia Nattjanster Norden
Dominica Digicel
Dominican Republic Orange
Egypt Vodafone
Estonia EMT
Finland Finnet
France Orange
Germany T-Mobile
Greece Cosmote
Grenada Digicel
Guernsey Cable and Wireless
Hong Kong Hutchison
New World PCS Ltd
HK Telecom CSL
Iceland Siminn HF

India AirTel Himachal
AirTel - Kerala
AirTel Punjab
AirTel – Tamilnadu
AirTel Upwest (Uttar)
BC-AirTel Andhra
BC-AirTel Chennai
BC-AirTel Delhi
BC-AirTel Karnataka
Hutchinson – Kolkata
Hutchinson Essar Delhi
Hutchinson Essar Ltd Mumbai
Hutchinson –Gujarat
Hutchison Haryana
Hutchison Andhra
Hutchison UP East
Hutchison Rajasthan
Hutchison Chennai
Hutchison Karnataka
Hutchison Punjab
Hutchison UP West
Hutchison West Benegal
Bharti Airtel – Maharashtra
Bharti Airtel – Gujarat
Bharti Airtel Haryana
Bharti Airtel - Madhya Pradesh
Bharti Airtel - Mumbai
Indonesia Excelcom
Ireland O2
Isle of Man Cable and Wireless
Israel Cellcom
Italy Telecom Italia Mobile
Jamaica Digicel
Japan NTT Do Co Mo**
Jersey Jersey Telecom
Cable and Wireless
Lichtenstein Tele2
Lithuania Omnitel
Luxembourg Tango
Macau CTM
Malaysia Malaysia Mobile Service
Mexico CDMA Mode Only
Netherland Antilles Digicel
Netherlands KPN Telecom
New Zealand Vodafone
Nigeria GLO
Norway NetComm
Pakistan Ufone
Panama Cable and Wireless*
Philippines Globe Telecom
Poland Plus GSM/Polkomtel
Portugal TMN
Reunion Island SRR
Russia Beeline
Saudi Arabia STC
Singapore Singtel
Slovenia Mobitel
Spain TME
Sri Lanka Dialog
St. Lucia Digicel
St. Vincent Digicel
Sweden TeliaSonera
Tele2 Sverige AB
Telenor Sverige
Switzerland Sunrise
Taiwan Taiwan Mobile
Thailand Thailand Orange
Trinidad & Tobago TSTT
Tunisia Orascom
Turkey Turkcell
Ukraine Kyivstar
Astelit LLC
United Kingdom O2
Venezuela Corporacion Digitel
Vietnam Vietnam Telecom Services

800 / 1900 GSM Network – The BB-8830 will not work in countries with GSM service in the 800 & 1900 frequencies. Customers will be able to access CDMA voice service but not GPRS data in these countries. For customers to access data services in these countries they must rent a GPRS device.

**Japan - will not work with the BB-8830. A separate device will need to be purchased or rented.


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