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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Top Global MB6800 Supports RealTime GPS Tracking with Novatel Sprint EVDO Modems


Attention: Why 3Gstore stopped selling Top Global routers


With the latest firmware release from Top Global, the MB6800 now supports GPS and GoogleEarth directly. This means that just inserting a Novatel EX720, S720 or U720 into the MB6800 will allow the card to be tracked via GoogleEarth - without the purchase of any additional equipment.

This is amazing news for anyone interested in using their EVDO card for realtime GPS tracking - with no additional fees. Our most expensive router has now become the least expensive GPS system! Just $349.99 will get you everything you need to use your Sprint Novatel card to allow family/friends/employers/etc. to keep an eye on your travels!

There are many reasons for businesses to consider the MB6800 with GPS capability:

  • No more lost drivers and more "On-Time" deliveries.
  • Lower fuel costs and less wasted mileage means overall lower maintenance costs.
  • Improved customer service/satisfaction since you know where everyone in your fleet is at all times.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership, if business already has MB6800's deployed to fleet.
  • And of course, with EVDO through MB6800, staff has unlimited access to internet. Email, chat, google... anything! anytime!

The GPS Module is also great for anyone who just wants to:

  • Let friends and family track progress of your latest adventure.
  • Let bloggers show their audience where they are as they travel to different events.
  • Let RVers track each other as they drive across the nation.
  • Let parents track their children everywhere they go.
  • Let spouses know where their other half really is.
  • See where they are at, while they are driving!

How does our product compare to what else is out there?

When you purchase your TopGlobal MB6800 from, along with the latest firmware, we will include a CD with a 16 page tutorial written by our EVDO experts!

We found some sites selling GPS realtime tracking service that offered a lot of fancy reporting and interactive features. These services all generally charged $20/mo to $120/mo for their GPS specific services and none of their devices allowed unlimited internet access to high-speed 3G EVDO wireless broadband.

We also found sites selling portable battery-operated devices that claimed to offer "realtime tracking with no monthly fees", but these devices didn't really offer what we call reatime tracking. Instead, they collected data into a unit that you had to retrieve from the vehicle and then download the data from, before you could see the information about the trip. Hard to believe they call that realtime.

What we didn't find was any service that offered true GPS realtime tracking and no monthly fees (We do have a similar solution for the Kyocera KR1 and GPS). With TopGlobal MB6800 and a supported card with EVDO service, you do have to pay a monthly fee, but its not specifically associated with GPS realtime tracking, nor is GPS tracking the only thing you can do for that monthly fee.

With our solution, your vehicle/truck/RV is equipped with high-speed EVDO broadband internet access, and GPS realtime tracking, at no extra charge. Attention RV'rs, now you have have a hotspot IN YOUR vehicle AND have others track your real-time location.

If you purchased your Sprint EX720/S720/U720 and MB6800 from, please email support at and we can email you the new Firmware and PDF on how to use this GPS Tracking feature.

All new MB6800 orders will include the necessary firmware and 16 page tutorial written by our EVDO experts on CD.


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Attention: Why 3Gstore stopped selling Top Global routers


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