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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

3GStore has CTR350 EVDO Router firmware to enable Ethernet-As-LAN port

When we first received and reviewed the Cradlepoint CTR350, we found very little about it that we didn't like. One of our only dislikes was how the single ethernet port was only useful for incoming WAN connections, and not for client LAN connectivity. Of course, having the WAN input made a lot of sense, but for our audience it would be better if that ethernet port allowed sharing the EVDO connection to desktop computers and other devices via ethernet cabling.

The reason we think its important the ethernet port have LAN functionality is that many of our customers still have older desktop computers that do not have any WiFi capabilities, and those computers would not be able to connect to the CTR350 unless the customer went out and bought a WiFi adapter. In addition, some customers don't trust secure encryption options of WiFi enough to want to use it, and prefer a router with ethernet ports for peace of mind when they do their online banking.

In the time that we've started selling and supporting their routers, we've developed a terrific relationship with CradlePoint engineers and sales staff and have become a 'Strategic Partner'. In doing so, we learned that the CTR350's ethernet port could be made to work the way we (and our customers) wanted it to... all we had to do was demonstrate that the demand warranted the programming and testing that it would take to enhance the product's firmware.

To prove our point, we asked Cradlepoint to establish an email address that we could have customers and potential customers send requests to, and they came up with

We then took it a step further and created a poll for members of to participate in, asking what feature they would most like to see added to the CTR350.

The results of the poll and the emails that Cradlepoint recieved made it pretty clear that ethernet-as-LAN was a highly desired feature for the CTR350.


UPDATE: Latest firmware for CTR350 / CTR500 enables use of ethernet port for LAN or WAN use


All CTR350's that ship from 3Gstore include the latest firmware on a CD that we provide. The firmware is easily installed using the web admin for the CTR350 and, once installed, it will provide DHCP capabilities to the ethernet port, allowing a user to easily "hard-wire" a desktop computer that does not have built-in wifi and would not normally have been able to connect to the CTR350, without the special firmware.

3Gstore customers who have already bought a CTR350 can request a copy of our exclusive firmware by emailing and providing their full name and invoice number.

For those that purchase the CTR350 on or after 12/20/2007 will automatically get a CD with the firmware when ordering the CTR350 from

It is important to note that Cradlepoint will not be releasing this firmware to the general public until 2008, and 3GStore will not provide the firmware to anyone other than customers who have actually bought a CTR350 from

UPDATE: Latest firmware for CTR350 / CTR500 enables use of ethernet port for LAN or WAN use

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 February 2009 )
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