3Gstore offers MicroU2E - USB to EVDO ExpressCard adapter

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Monday, 07 January 2008

Quite often, our EVDO customers ask us to help them choose between an ExpressCard that will fit in their laptop's card slot or a USB device that will work with both their laptop computer and their desktop computers that do not have an ExpressCard slot.

Many of these customers were ecstatic when they found out we had a USB-to-ExpressCard adapter that we started selling back in June, 2007.

The only complaint we ever received about the adapter we were selling is that it seemed larger than it needed to be since it was designed to accept both 34mm and 54mm ExpressCards -- even though all 3G/EVDO ExpressCards are only 34mm. With their Sprint EX720 or Verizon V740 inserted, many customers wondered why the adapter had to be so wide.

Today, 3Gstore is happy to announce that we've tested a new "MicroU2E USB to ExpressCard Adapter" and have added it to's product offerings. Take a look at how much smaller it is, pictured below with a Verizon KPC680.

MicroU2E with KPC680 from 3Gstore

The new MicroUSB adapter has been tested with Verizon's V640, V740 and KPC680, as well as Sprint's EX720 and AirCard 597E ExpressCards. With the adapter, the ExpressCards worked in every situation we expected them to work, except one. No problem found using with Mac OSX and Windows desktop or laptop computers, or even with the CradlePoint CTR350/PHS300 routers. (see photo of PHS300/MicroU2E/KPC680, below). Where it didn't work was with the Kyocera KR1, an older EVDO Router thats getting more and more obsolete with each passing day.

PHS300 with MicroU2E and KPC680

Now, our customers who struggle with the decision to choose between ExpressCard for their laptop slot and USB for their desktop, will be even happier since the MicroUSB adapter's smaller size removes the one quirk everyone expressed concern over with our previous adapter.

The MicroUSB adapter draws its power from a standard USB port which only provides a maximum of 500ma to the ExpressCard. That's normally enough for EVDO ExpressCards operating in good/great signal coverage areas. Weaker EVDO signals in more rural areas away from cell towers can mean that the ExpressCard requires more power than is available from a single USB port. In those weak signal situations, an optional Y-cable allows for additional power to come from a second USB port as shown in photo below.

MicroU2E with Y cable

The sleek MicroUSB adapter takes much less space and is a more elegant solution for EVDO ExpressCard users, and we're sure our customers will be happy with it.

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