Sprint Releases Mac GPS Support For Novatel EVDO Modems

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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Sprint Releases Mac GPS Support For Novatel EVDO Modems

Sprint has recently released Mac GPS Support for the following Novatel EVDO Rev A Modems:

There is still NO MAC CONNECTION MANAGER, but this is a step in the right direction. Previously, the Franklin CDU-680 was the only EVDO Modem that provided GPS Support for Mac Users.

Here is how it works.

Run the "Sprint Location & Search" application that is installed into the applications folder. This is the same interface that one would see when running under the Sprint Windows Connection Manager GPS Option . This program read ths GPS location directly from your EVDO card - no need for an external GPS box - use the one already built into your card.

Click on one of the preset options (e.g. Find Nearest Gas Station) or type in a business name of what you are looking for.


Depending on how your Preferences are set will determine if you see a map in Google, Yahoo or MapQuest.



We have been unsuccessful at getting the GPS to be used by external applications like GoogleEarth (no problems on the Windows side - we have asked our friends at Novatel if this is possible). Also, your Sprint EVDO modem must be activated in order to read GPS.

For our Mac customers, we will now include the GPS software when ordering your Sprint Novatel card from When ordering, just ask for our Mac CD and your purchase will come with the latest software for your Mac.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 December 2007 )
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