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Tuesday, 08 January 2008

3Gstore provides customers Sprint EVDO connection fix

Sprint Connection Error - Port 80 Blocked
For months now, many Sprint EVDO users have encountered much frustration over an intermittent inability to surf certain webpages, yet still having connectivity to do other activities and even surf other sites. An EVDOforums thread on this subject was started back in August 2007 and has grown to over 120 posts and has been viewed over 12000 times.

Over these past few months, the EVDO Experts at 3GStore have spent countless hours on endless phone calls with every level of Sprint tech support trying to understand and isolate the problem. It has been a difficult problem to reproduce because the condition can have multiple causes and starting over with each customer's specifics with Sprint tech support, is absolutely maddening.

Some of the Sprint tech support geniuses went deep into their scripts to recommend all sorts of off-the-wall suggestions, none of which ever came close to solving the issues, even for a short period of time. This leads us to believe that they don't have an answer, or its possible they know what the problem is but aren't willing or capable of fixing it.

3gstore is confident that we've identified at least one very common cause of these symptoms and we have developed specific troubleshooting procedures to see if certain reproducible problems exist. If they do, then we can provide our Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista customers with a solution for this condition that should provide results very quickly. 3gstore has created a PDF document that will be made available exclusively to 3Gstore customers who have bought their Sprint EVDO device with service through and are suffering from these specific types of connection issues.

We can only provide this PDF document to 3gstore customers because even with this potential cure, there will be a significant amount of tech support needed, and we simply cannot afford to provide that support to non-3gstore-customers.

Naturally, 3gstore's customers would prefer a real solution from Sprint, rather than have to deal with using a workaround provided by 3gstore... but when our customers are paying $60/mo for "unlimited" service, they expect to be able to use it without limitations and we strive to provide superior customer service whenever we can.

If you bought your Sprint EVDO device with service from 3gstore and are experiencing intermittent connection issues, contact and provide us with your Name, invoice number with Sprint Card and Service and in the subject request 'Sprint Port 80 Workaround PDF'. We will send you a 3 page PDF:


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