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Wednesday, 05 March 2008

Verizon Wireless EVDO Data Plans Now Have Overage Charges

UPDATE 06/25/88: New Overage Charge Info Detailed in THIS ARTICLE!

Verizon's BroadBandAccess EVDO Data plans started after March 1, 2008 are now subject to overage charges. Both the older $59.99/mo for 5GB plan as well as the new $39.99/mo for 50MB plan will now charge for each megabyte beyond the alloted data usage per month.

For the 50MB plan, each megabyte over the first 50MB in a billing month will cost $0.99 and for the 5GB plan, each megabyte over the first 5GB will cost the customer $0.49

The overage charges do NOT have a ceiling, which makes it possible for customers to end up with insane monthly bills that they will not be able to dispute. A mere doubling of the 50MB plan will result in a bill for nearly $90 and should you have a 5GB plan that goes over by 1GB, you would owe a whopping $560.

New versions of Verizon's VZAccess Manager software are being released that now feature a "Usage" button that will allow a customer to see what the current data transfer that Verizon has associated with a particular line of service.


VZAM Usage Feature
VZAM Usage Report

Do these changes affect any Verizon Broadband Access customers that signed up prior to March 2, 2008? We believe that if Verizon tries to change an existing contract that this will be a "material change" to your contract. Verizon will have to notify you in writing AND if this is "material change" then you may have an option to cancel your contract without an early termination fee (ETF). Please check for the latest news.

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