Sprint Expands EVDO Rev-A Throughout Connecticut

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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Sprint Enhances EVDO Rev-A Network, Expands Coverage Throughout Connecticut

Sprint Connecticut EVDO Coverage

Connecticut Customers Reap the Benefits of 36 New Cell Sites Statewide

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Sprint customers throughout Connecticut can enjoy the benefits of speed with Sprint in more places than ever. During 2007, Sprint added 36 new cell sites to its Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel National Network statewide.

Sprint is constantly working to enhance and expand its networks throughout Connecticut and across the country, said Maureen Link, area vice president for Sprint. Sprint offers customers the largest voice calling area, the nations largest mobile broadband network, the worlds fastest push-to talk network and the largest push-to-talk community. This gives our customers the ability and tools they need to stay in touch with their family, friends and business associates on the go.

Sprint customers in the Connecticut area can take advantage of the recent enhancements at the following key locations in the market:

East Windsor
New Fairfield
New Haven
North Franklin
Old Lyme

Sprint continues to make great strides in network performance, and nationally, Sprint's wireless networks are performing at best-ever levels, Link said. We continue to invest in Connecticut and work aggressively to ensure Sprint customers have the enhanced networks they want and need.

Nationally during 2007, Sprint added more than 4,000 cell sites to the Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel National Network. Internal performance metrics show double-digit percent improvement year-over-year for dropped and blocked calls on both the Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel National Network. For the Nextel National Network, customer issues related to dropped and blocked calls, and voice quality, have decreased more than 60 percent from December 2006 to December 2007.

Additionally, Sprint offers the nations largest mobile broadband network. And, the vast majority of the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network has been upgraded to faster EV-DO Rev. A technology.

Current and prospective customers can view coverage maps using the Sprint Coverage Tool, which is available at and at self-service touch-screen kiosks at many Sprint Nextel retail stores. The tool equips customers with knowledge about network coverage in the areas where they live, work and play, and helps them make informed decisions regarding services from Sprint. By entering an address or ZIP code, customers can check the availability of wireless coverage and recently added cell sites on the Nextel National Network, Nationwide Sprint Network or Sprint Mobile Broadband Network.

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