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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

CradlePoint CTR350 and PHS300 Firmware 2.1 Released:
Now Supports More EVDO and HSDPA Devices

Cradlepoint PHS300 and CTR350 Routers

CradlePoint has just released Firmware Version 2.1 that enables even more EVDO and HSDPA devices to work with the CTR350 and PHS300 routers.

UPDATE: 04/15/08 -- at the time this firmware was released, Cradlepoint already knew that it would support the forthcoming Sprint Compass 597 USB modem, but could not say anything until after Sierra Wireless' buyout of Cradlepoint was announced.

This marks the FIRST time we've ever seen a router support a new EVDO device, before the device was even launched! Here's a photo of the PHS300 with the Sprint Compass 597!


Cradlepoint PHS300 with Sprint Compass 597 USB modem


Here is a list of ALL the NEW devices supported by Firmware 2.1:
(complete list of supported devices is at 3G Router Compatibility Chart)

Sprint Verizon AT&T Alltel

SierraWireless 597E
SierraWireless 597U
PPC6700 HTC Apache
PPC6800 HT Mogul
HTC Touch
Motorola KRZR
Motorola Q / Q9c
Palm Centro
BlackBerry 8130
Samsung A900/A900M
Samsung Katana
Samsung SCP-6600
Samsung SCP-8400

Novatel USB727
Novatel V740
Kyocera KPC680
BlackBerry 8130
BlackBerry 8830

SierraWireless 875U


UTStarcom UM150

For those ordering the CTR350 or PHS300 from, starting 03/27/2008, we will automatically include a CD that has the latest firmware.

In addition to the additional devices, the new Firmware enables the "first stage" of an evolving GPS feature set. More information is available in the Full Firmware 2.1 Release Notes (PDF)

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 April 2008 )
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