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Friday, 25 April 2008

Activation Issues With Compass 597 USB EVDO Rev A Modem


*** UPDATE ***


The activation issues have now been resolved. Compass 597 orders are no longer delayed.


Sprint's latest USB modem for their EVDO MobileBroadBand network is the Sierra Wireless Compass 597 which went on sale just last weekend. Being the newest and the tiniest USB option has resulted in high demand for the Compass 597 and its turned out to be a hot seller.

Past product launches of Sprint EVDO devices have met with peculiar issues, and this time is no exception. See screenshot of 'Error 3' message, below (when trying to do first time provisioning of the Compass 597 with the SmartView software).

This graphic will help explain what it takes to get a Sprint EVDO data device initially activated for use on the Sprint MobileBroadBand EVDO network:

What we're seeing is that Sprint's provisioning servers are having difficulties with the Compass 597 provisioning process. The process that usually takes just a few minutes in our warehouse is taking hours... and sometimes DAYS to complete. We know it has to do with the Compass 597 specifically, because we're activating all other Sprint EVDO devices without any issues whatsoever.

As a premium service to our customers, 3Gstore takes the time to activate all Sprint devices in our warehouse before we ship new orders to customers.

We do this because:
  • it prevents all DOA (dead on arrival) deliveries.
  • some customers may be in coverage area where they cannot activate a device.
  • we are better at dealing with Sprint for activation issues, than a typical customer.

When a customer orders a Sprint EVDO device with service from, we will only ship them after they are properly activated and provisioned and tested to work. This is a service that only we provide which helps to ensure that our customers will have the fewest possible problems.

If you would rather not subject yourself to the game of "agent roulette" after receiving a device that won't activate... its best you buy your Sprint device and service from the EVDO Experts at!

Compass 597 NOW SHIPPING -- Get it for $19.99 after rebate with 2yr service.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 April 2008 )
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