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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Verizon Updates Overage Charges On EVDO Data Plans


(in effect with NEW contracts, and may NOT apply to existing contracts!)

Verizon EVDO Plans and Overage Charges

New, lower overage charges started 05/17/09

Verizon's BroadBandAccess EVDO Data plans created after March 1, 2008 were the first to be subjected to overage charges. When these overage charges were implemented, a customer's monthly bill did NOT have a ceiling/cap, making it possible for customers to end up with insane monthly bills that they would not be able to dispute.

Effective June 22, 2008, Verizon has now changed how overage charges will affect those who exceed allotted usage per month. The new implementation provides for:

  • reduced overage rate. all plans now subject to standardized $0.25/MB charge.
  • a temporary "usage limit" of $250 for monthly fees. (essentially a cap on monthly charges)
  • verizon will contact customers who hit the usage limit and advise them to evaluate and adjust usage or suggest they move to a higher plan (if available).
  • a message will be included with each bill when the usage limit comes into play
  • all customers will only have three monthly bills subjected to usage limit of $250.
  • after the third bill to have usage limit applied, there will no longer be usage limit on monthly bill, and the customer will be responsible to pay for all actual usage charges incurred on their monthly bill
  • customers who use up all three available usage limits will receive a notice/letter advising that their bill will no longer be subjected to a $250 maximum.

In addition to the changes in overage charges to existing 50MB and 5GB plans, a new plan is being made available to customers who have used up all their 'usage limits'. This new "save plan" provides 10GB of data usage for $199.99/mo and the same $0.25/mb overage charge after the alloted data usage.

As a reminder, we repeat the following information on how customers can monitor what Verizon lists as their current billing month's usage.

The latest versions of Verizon's VZAccess Manager software feature a "Usage" button that will allow a customer to see what the current data transfer that Verizon has associated with a particular line of service.

VZAM Usage Feature
VZAM Usage Report

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