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Monday, 30 June 2008

CradlePoint CTR350/PHS300 2.2 Firmware Adds Support For Bell/Telus EVDO Devices

Cradlepoint PHS300 and CTR350 Routers

CradlePoint has just released Firmware Version 2.2 that enables even more EVDO and HSDPA devices to work with the CTR350 and PHS300 routers.

Here is a list of ALL the NEW "U.S. Carrier" devices supported by Firmware 2.2:
(complete list of supported devices is at 3G Router Compatibility Chart)

Sprint Verizon AT&T nTelos

BlackBerry 8330
Samsung SPH-m520

Palm 700w

HP iPAQ 910
GT Ultra Express
(requires adapter with
proper voltage)

Franklin CDU680

There were also many "International Carrier" devices supported with this new firmware release:

Generic GSM*

Novatel MC950D
Novatel X950D

Sierra Wireless 595U
Sierra Wireless 597E

Huawei E220
Novatel MC950D
Sierra Wireless 880U
Sierra Wireless 885U
Sierra Wireless 880E

*These devices were tested using the AT&T network in the United States and may or may not work with other UMTS/GSM carriers internationally.

Canadians! -- Don't forget that 3GStore now ships to Canada!

New features added in this release:

  • RNDIS modems added to failover.
  • Automatic Configuration Saving. When uploading new firmware versions, the router attempts
    to save off any configuration changes the user has made and then adds those settings to the new
    firmware's configuration. For safety, it is recommended that you save a copy of your modified
    configuration to a host PC just in case this does not work correctly for your specific
  • GPS. Added GPS support for a number of additional USB modems. GPS now works with
    Google Earth Plus, Microsoft Streets and Maps, and Delorme Street Atlas Plus. At customer
    request, GPS may be enabled on the WAN interface (previously, it was only enabled on the
    LAN/WLAN ports). If enabled, someone who knows the IP address of the router and the
    configured GPS port can track the movement of the router.
  • Added PIN support for SIM cards under Advanced -> Modem Settings. The user can store a
    PIN for his modem along with the password. If the router detects that the attached modem's
    SIM card requires a PIN, it will use the entered PIN. If the router detects that an attached
    modem requires a PIN entry and no PIN is entered, a bounce page will be provided to allow the
    user to enter a PIN without having to go through the Admin pages.

Additional UI/usability changes:

  • Disabled Advanced -> Traffic Shaping -> Automatic Uplink Speed measurement as a default
    setting. If Enabled, Uplink Rate Estimation should not cause a modem to lose its connection,
    which used to happen in some cases.
  • Added APN (Access Point Name) entry under Basic -> WAN. This can be used if your cellular
    provider requires an APN that isn't associated with one of the profiles on the SIM or modem.
  • Added Cellular Signal Strength bars (4 bars maximum) to Status -> Device Info page to quickly
    show the signal strength.
  • At customer request, added direct RSSI reading to Status -> Modem Info page. This page will
    now show Signal Strength as a % and as dBm (negative values). 100% = -74 dBm
  • Status -> Wireless (Wi-Fi) page has been modified to allow easier management of associated
    wireless clients.

For those ordering the CTR350 or PHS300 from, starting 07/01/2008, we will automatically include a CD that has the latest firmware.

More information is available in the Full Firmware 2.2 Release Notes (PDF). 

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