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Thursday, 10 July 2008

3Gstore ensures online security using leading EV-SSL "Extended Validation Certificate" technology.

FireFox 3 Site Identification feature
GREEN means the site is as safe as it gets!

UPDATE: As of 11/13/08 EVSSL is now supported by Apple Safari 3.2

Every week there are new reports of internet security issues and unscrupulous criminal masterminds will continue to find more and more ways to take advantage of the uninformed, ripping off countless websurfers and in some cases even stealing their identities and ruining lives and families.

Many consumers believe that simply seeing a "padlock" when surfing a website is enough to assume that its safe to give up personal info, social security numbers, credit card info, or other vital information-- but thats simply just not true. Its very easy to set up a site with minimal information that will cause a browser to display a padlock, and fool the uninformed into a sense of security.

Web browser companies continue to improve their software to plug the holes that theives use to trick consumers into doing the wrong thing, and the latest form of web security is know as an EV-SSL Security Certificate.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates (also known as EV SSL) were created in direct response to the rise in internet scams and online fraud. Every company will want to qualify for these certificates to use on their websites, but the requirements set forth by the Certification Authority Browser Forum (CA/Browser Forum) are so tough that not every company will qualify.

Extended Validation Guidelines
The issuance process of EV Certificates is strictly defined in the EV Guidelines, that specify all the steps required for a Certification Authority (CA) before issuing a certificate, and includes:

  • Verifying the legal, physical and operational existence of the entity
  • Verifying that the identity of the entity matches official records
  • Verifying that the entity has exclusive right to use the domain specified in the EV Certificate
  • Verifying that the entity has properly authorized the issuance of the EV Certificate

Because the process to obtain EV-SSL security certificates involves much more stringent validation of the company applying for a certificate, the EV-SSL certificate provides a way for businesses to prove to their customers that they are who they say they are, and dealing with that website is as safe as possible continues to meet the most stringent authentication and validation processes needed to offer the highest level of online security, and we are one of the first wireless broadband companies to be implementing EV SSL technology on their online store's site.

What does it mean?

This additional security EV SSL provides will not negatively impact your shopping experience. The only difference will occur if you are using Internet Explorer 7 or FireFox 3 when you connect to During that connection you will notice the following in IE7:

  • The browser's address bar will turn green when you are on a page that asks for confidential information, like when placing a Verizon or Sprint Order.
  • The security status bar will clearly identify that you are dealing with "", and
  • The security status bar will also tell you that has been identified by GoDaddy for Extended Validation.

So when you see green in the address bar you will know that 3Gstore has the highest possible level of security, verified by an independent company. You'll know then that it is safe to enter your details and are protected against online internet fraud, phishing, and other scams.

Greenbar - EV SSL

For users of FireFox 3, the left end of the location bar will turn green and display the authenticated company's name, as shown in the screenshot below:

FireFox 3 Site Identification feature
Clicking on the company's name will display more details about the company that has gone through the validation process to provide you with secure online transaction.
FireFox 3 Site Identification feature

When you are surfing with FireFox 3 and the left end of your location bar is Grey or Red, you really need to be very careful with what information you supply. Blue is somewhat safe, but only GREEN indicates that the website has been validated to the most stringent of standards, and can be trusted to keep your information safe.

For those wanting to read more about FireFox 3's Site Identification feature, check out this informative article:

UPDATE: Users of Apple's web browser Safari starting with version 3.2 -- the EVSSL feature is supported and displays the verified site operator in the upper right hand corner, above the search entry box.

click for larger image
*** Warning ***

Many shopping sites may be collecting your personal information (credit card, social security number, etc.) and then emailing this confidential information over the internet using 'clear text', which is very bad. One way to determine this is to look at the URL/domain that you started with and see if it switches to another site. If it does, then it is likely that the "order form" information is being collected by a different site or company... one that you may not have intended to deal with! Additionally, many sites may show the padlock that indicates the connection is SSL encrypted, BUT that doesn't indicate the company has gone through the rigorous 3rd party validation that is required to get an 'Extended Validation' SSL certificate, like we have done at


Last Updated ( Friday, 14 November 2008 )
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